Thursday, September 13, 2012

South Korean Special Troopers

After the death of their beloved Kim Jong ILL (Also their best emcee), the North Korean has been trying to avenge for their leader.

Now, most of you guys know he had a heart attack, but we were able to discover the cause of the incident.
His death came a few days after the release of  Snow Pink. Rumor has it, Na Eun has been a nationally celebrated hero/hitgirl/slut....since that day.

While on its way to the a secret national building, a report from Cube's headquarter describing the situation was intercepted by our intelligence. The letter clearly described how emcee Ill died on that day. While on his train to some event/meeting/god knows where, Kim Jong ill was extremely bored. He then checked out youtube for news and fapping materials. Luckily,  he stumbled upon A Pink's comeback video- the My My MV. It was a good video, and many comrades recommended it for some good fapping materials.

Well...poor old man fapped and couldn't take his gaze off those cute eyes below ( WARNING: DON'T STARE AT THOSE EYEZ IF YOUR HEART IZ WEEK, OR UR NOT PREPARED ENOUF). Ya'll know what would happen. When old age + bad health + gang life + party all dayz+ fugly wife = heart attack

Being in A Pink is just a side job....but seriously...who can resists this cute little thing :3?

Yea...not creepy at all

Angry by the death of his father (who fapped violently on the train before a heart attack came along), the current North Korean leader Kim Jong Un tried to launch an explosive gift toward its neighbor.

Too bad, SK has safeguarded themselves with another elite troopers of gangsters.

A high ranked rocket engineer named Dr. CL has already calculated the projectile motion of this projectile. She also claimed that there is nothing to worry too much about. Tiny G's basketball should be able to hit the object within minutes.

"The basketball and our poor black guy have had enough verticle as well as the horizontal velocity and time to destroy the wicked missile."
-Dr. CL the baddest female

While waiting for the feedback from our brave astronaut, please see the hidden message below ^.^


The basketball had destroyed its target as planned. Our astronaut guy, who was caught in this incident had reported to back  a few minutes ago....

And those are his last words in life
" I am I can't fulfill your dream. Already failed at basketball, selling crack, be a rap star...and now, I can't be the next kpop star like you've hoped. QQ T.T. Please forgive me, and thank you...Tiny G, for teaching me how to be a true gangstarr."

Poor guy.... he sacrificed himself for the good of many others. 

Meanwhile in North Korea....

"The bitch fight isn't over yet!" - said Emcee Ill's successor.


  1. excuse me if you are offended....otherwise, enjoy

  2. prease forgive meh sullifag opparzhan!

  3. God Bless poor black guy for sacrificing himself, he will not be forgotten.

  4. Naeun cute???

    She looks like a fucking alien that stares into your soul....that is pretty cute, and weird...

    Sergio would just make NK blame others for its mistake...its the pitch, I promise!!!

  5. We should just send Stelio Kontos up there

  6. OMG I lmao'ed from start to end reading this.

    Just in case Kim Jr. is pissed again, someone oughta send Taemin over as a gift. I heard Jr. likes flower boys and desires to be one himself.


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