Saturday, September 8, 2012

[MV Review] Kim Jin Pyo - I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry

Kim Jin Pyo is back with his sixth album....if you hadn't noticed the "JP6" liberally placed throughout the MV. I didn't know who Kim Jin Pyo was before I heard this song, so I went and wiki'd him and found out he was part of Panic with Lee Juck back in the 90s. Yeah, way before everyone's time. I'm just assuming that you guys have heard of Lee Juck by know, he was in that song with Yoo Jae Suk a couple of months ago. Anyway, the review after the jump.

First, I want to address the little issue that Nara and G.NA fans had on this MV. I know, why isn't G.NA featured in the video? She is so pretty!

Yeah. Reportedly, Kim Jin Pyo wanted Han Ye Seul to be in his MV, but when he learned that she wasn't available, he went with the next best thing.

That sums that up. Onto the song. I liked it. I didn't find it to be amazing or anything, but it's an enjoyable song to listen to. Thankfully nature gave G.NA a good voice. They couldn't troll her existence completely. Kim Jin Pyo's rapping is good, but it sounds ten years from the past. Korean rappers have changed their rhyming structures and Kim Jin Pyo never changed. Well, there's always a good and bad side to that. He probably just wanted to stay in his comfort zone.

Nice try, Daesung.


  1. Thats one person daeseung aint killing. Dude got legendary frogger skill!!!

    Also, the MV totally reminds me of MIA - bad girls with the standing on cars shit, except the driving is bland.

  2. daesung oppar was just under GD unnir to attack that oppar okay do not send him hate pls.

  3. Not a bad song. The rap is average at best, but it doesn't hurt the song that much, as a whole.

    1.15 finger-guns

  4. "She is so pretty!"

    ^ LOL. FOUR WORDS define G.NA

    MV is shit. Rap is okay


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