Wednesday, December 26, 2012

SNSD + politics = fail


If there's anything idiotic what people would write with too much spare time in their hands and heads, it's making connections between idol groups and politics.

1. The GNP (Korea's closest counterpart to the Republicans in the US) doesn't give a flying fuck about SNSD as a whole, especially when they're too damn busy fighting amongst themselves and against their liberal rivals who are equally as batshit as they are, much like any other politician. Since when the hell did American politicians and those in the Vatican City even give a damn about SNSD anyway?

2. Wearing military-style uniforms doesn't mean you're necessarily glamorizing the military. The only time they even bothered wearing military uniforms was during the Genie era and even then, it's not like they went around doing CFs for the ROK military - which has yet to happen and probably never will since most people in Korea see military service as a national duty anyway.

From that logic, I guess having airsoft gun fights in the neighborhood in plain clothes with my mates years back counts as glamorizing terrorists or lunatics *shrugs*.

3. The South Koreans haven't contributed very much in support of US-led missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, even with the GNP in power. Hell, the majority of members of the EU contributed more than they did, yet not all of them are run by conservatives. There's little to no reason for them to deploy thousands overseas anyway, considering they have a lunatic neighbor next door.

Oh man, this reminds me of the shit Emperor_Ryu writes all the time.

Remember folks, don't stay on the Internet for too long!


  1. Seems like an excerpt from a Tom Clancy novel.

  2. Don't you remember:

    It's all true, Illuminati, Bilderburg, Rothschild, G20, 9/11, flat earth, Atlantis, reptile men, etc

  3. I sincerely doubt that the OP was being serious when they wrote this post.

  4. Pretty sure they're either trolling or meth'ed out of their god damned minds.

    Still gonna wait for the breakdown of EXO. Can't wait to see that shit.
    "...Creating aggressive, reality delusional, and antagonistic teenage girls; the perfect super soldier"

  5. It's so funny xD! But srsly tho this shit and illuminaty crap make me want to punch everyone. On YT there's a religious channel that does videos of why kpop is bad and are with the illuminaty. My face: °_°…wut. Lol It's entertaining until people take it too serious lol

  6. I, for one, welcome our new android super-tuned overlord waifus.

  7. This conspiracy theory shit has invaded kpop too? Jesus fucking Christ.

  8. This is laughable, yet scary. SNSD HOW COULD YOU! I'm leaving my position as a sone! >:-(


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