Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Setting a Good Example With Kim Kwang Soo

Earlier today, Core Contents Media released a statement saying T-ara wouldn't endorse any alcoholic beverages.

That just means more money for the ho train. woot, woot

Apparently, the company didn't want to set a bad example by encouraging underage drinking to T-ara's legions of impressionable fans by having the group model for soju and such. (But what about the legions of old creeper dude fans like Kim Kwang Soo himself?)

With Core Contents' often questionable decisions, you might wonder where is the line between good example and bad example.

Alas friends, I have come to clear up any confusion. The following guidelines come from the company handbook that I was able to buy on the black market in exchange for my naked Uee photos.

Issue 1: Overworking idols
CCM Ruling: Sets a good example.

Issue 2: Disregarding the health of your group.
CCM Ruling: Sets a good example.

Here, let me not carry your bag for you.

Issue 3: Snatching random middle-schoolers off the street and putting them in a group of late teens and twentysomethings that dances to songs with titles such as "Sexy Love."
CCM Ruling: Sets a good example.

Issue 4: Public humiliation
CCM Ruling: Sets a good example.

Issue 5: Airing it all out on Twitter
CCM Ruling: Only management, not idols, can call out company's weaknesses and personnel problems. Sets a mixed example.

Issue 6: Endorsing alcohol
CCM Ruling: Sets a bad example.

There you have it: guidelines about what makes a good role model. And this is why Hyorin is detrimental to children world-wide.


  1. For some damn reason, Hyuna in that pick creepily reminds me of corpse girl. Fuck.

    T-ara doesn't even have a snowball's chance of getting alcohol CF deals anyway, even if they did want to take the offer.

  2. Well, KKS is indeed an idiot and a piece of turd. We all know that Korean advertisers stay away from T-ara like plague after the Hwaderp scandal. So what is the point of releasing a statement effectively telling everyone that "I am sour and bitter because my pet project T-ara has lost all endorsements due to my idiocy and lunacy"?

    P.S. Yes, Hyuna indeed looks like a zombie, the devastating effect of Botox overdose is for everyone to see.....

    1. When I meant corpse girl, I was referring to someone I personally know lol...

  3. God I love Hyuna and Hara in that commercial, but that round 2 Hyuna version.... has her ribs popping out...

  4. It's because T-ara members would get drunk and piss on Hwayoung.

  5. Hyorin is the only one werking eet! Eww Hara and Hyena look so unappealing

  6. there are a great many things i would give for naked uee pics

    fuck u and ur stupid company handbook >:(

  7. Eunjung's mouth is ready........

  8. Why is CCM lying about getting CF offers anyway? As if anyone would offer T-ara a multimillion dollar CF deal, come of KKS, come on. I'm so tired of him and his "T-ara got offered this million won deal but turned it down" when we all know they haven't been offered a damn thing, it's getting old.

    Mainly he's doing this because Hara is in it and Hara is in KARA and KKS/CCM hates KARA and is still paying Newsen to hate KARA aswell.

    Hara's CF is the best...just saying. Over-all, I think it's the concept they were going for. Hyuna...ugh, the girl has no sex appeal. Hyorin...she did well but I still thought Hara was the best.

  9. Who needs alcohol, Boram's already got the weed.


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