Monday, December 17, 2012

Would ANTIKPOPFANGIRL smell this butthole?!

Sometimes I miss chitchatting with my good friend Antikpopfangirl. I wonder what he's up to, how his life is, and what inspires him to continue this blog.

I remember those days when we would get together in our blog's chatroom and discuss politics, the military, gun control, food recipes, Korean music, Japanese music, impressionist era paintings, freud vs. Jung, the economic policies of mercantilism in England during the Pre-Revolutionary War Era and how it corresponds with Corporate Welfare in the United States today.

Well, honestly we never talked about any of that. All he ever wanted to do was fap with me in the chatroom. Well, today's the day I take my pants down and bring out my Unagi.

So, i'm ready me in the chatroom right now. My penis is throbbing.

December 17, 2012 Antikpopfangirl Chatroom Transcripts:

Sullifag=S; Antikpopfangirl=A

S: Hi hehehee
A: Hey, I just saw your blog post...shit I'm horny. heheh
S: Me too. hope people don't think I'm gay. It's just, I  have a condition where I have to CUM 3 hours a day or risk diabetes.
A: Diabetes!? oh shit!!! Really? I have a condition where someone has to CUM ON ME every 3 hours or I may go blind.
S: Seems we were meant to be :)
A: I guess. So you wanna play, brutha?
S: Yeah, let's do it. Are you looking at Gain's ass? Seriously, this ain't gay...(let's go private)
A: :) :) I know it's not gay...hmmm.. unf! And Yeah, I'm looking at her bend over, but I wish her panties were white.
S: Nah man you don't want her panties to be white...most the time women don't even wipe their buttchecks correctly and they get brown streaks on their panties...looks weird.
A: I thought you liked shit and buttholes
S: I do but...really I just like to lick butts, not really look at shit. Looking at bent over asses pleasures my senses. Anti, her legs look really nice huh! Don't you just want to lick them...lick them all the way until you reach her pubes.
A: She probably shaves!
S: yeah, but leaves a bit of fur...just enough to get into my beard. Getting horny now!?

A: Yes, OPPAR, my pants are down! :)
mmmmmmmmm rahhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmm squeak!

S: oh shit....i haven't even got hard yet.

A: rummmm rummmm gain gain gain mmmmmmmmmm want to put narsha's finger in your butthole rummmmm nom

S: oh shit! fag!


I need to get my lube or my dick won't stay up.

A: grahhhhhhhh


S: Dumb ass



  1. i cracked the fuck up at unagi lol

  2. I need to take a shower. And not a cold shower.

  3. Oh yes, discussing psychosexual stages of life

  4. so both you guys cummed on your monitors

  5. THIS IS PURE GOLD MAN!!! cant stop tearing up from the beginning to the end n that nicolas cage gif is awesome, soo beautiful ( T ^T)

  6. surprised they are not dating yet

  7. Still a better love story than twilight

  8. Man BEG are really putting out some Sharon Stone esque shit!

  9. If she never turns around then I will bang that piece of ass at all cost. But her face is such an erection annihilator, I bet that she's got more virility in her than her fuck buddy Jo Kwon.....

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