Monday, December 24, 2012

YG stanner to the extreme

At some point, I thought SM stanners were a crazy bunch but given that this year hasn't been exactly much of a good year for SM, it all probably goes to safely say that YG stanners have replaced them in terms of delusionism. Of course, there's EXO as well but for all intents and purposes, not every SM stanner probably likes them anyway, not to mention Emperor_Ryu's batshit imagination. Then there goes the SM vs YG fanwars, which tend to bring out the worst of your typical average fangirl (and fanboy in some cases).

I'm no fan of SM but I dislike YG a lot too over a variety of reasons. Butchering Epik High to the point of mutilation is one of them. And anyone should know that YG stanners can be a fucking crazy bunch up to the point they need to be put down like rabid animals.

So here's a notorious case of YG delusionary moments, all credits going to the anonymous informant that was kind enough to provide me the links to print screen and capture and crop. Prepare for a massive series of posts showing idiocy.

Even just reading the headline makes me shiver and cringe.

.....This is all I have to say in regards to this post.

Moving on....

There is so much wrong with this that I'm not even sure where to start.

The average American or even hell, the average citizen in whatever country there is in Earth who's watched Gangnam Style doesn't give a single fuck's damn about YG and probably never even heard about it either. Hell, they probably don't even give a single damn about K-pop as a whole and last I checked, Psy ain't any K-pop figure either since idols are what pretty much defines it.

Further down below.

Of course MAMA is a fucking joke, genius. No surprise there ever since so many idol groups started popping out of nowhere at a rate faster than I could hatch zerglings in a game of Starcraft 2.

So I guess YG is heaven compared to SM? Lol.

Big Bang isn't any different to other boy groups out there, aside from being more wannabe-ish, overrated and dressing up as clowns of the sort. The way I see it, YG is equally as fucked as SM is, if not more since it tends to brag about everything more than anyone else unless one thinks about CCM.

If you're gonna throw a table at someone, go check yourself out to a psychologist.

But wait, it gets worse!


At this point, I feel like I'm reading something out of what a 10 year old wrote. The poster is probably one of the more newer YG stanners. Anyone who's been around K-pop for some years at the earliest would know why BoA is considered a 'legend' and why she can easily eat any idol for breakfast, lunch and dinner anytime, any day.

I could probably apply the words 'powerful', 'fierce' and 'strong' to any other group from such logic and for one thing, hip-hop and rap aren't exactly what YG does good at.

Huh....yea, I'll admit it's strange to have f(x) really winning anything but come on, how is featuring in an Adidas commercial with Nicki Minaj an argument to why 2NE1 should even win jack shit? They're comeback this year was shit so it'd be unnatural they even win as so much as a single award.

I swear, people take the MAMA awards way too fucking seriously, considering the legitimacy of the whole damn thing is pretty fucked up to be honest.

Not that I want to defend Girl's Generation or its subgroup TTS but the ignorance in this is just astounding. I actually liked Twinkle, at least compared to that mess-up of a shitfest 2NE1 pulled off at their comeback in July (and the only thing ever redeeming of it was Minzy's ass to some). Besides, their shit was going down the hill and the only stuff I ever enjoyed from 2NE1 was 'I Don't Care', 'Fire' and 'In the Club' - which happened to be released during their rookie months.

Want to know why 2NE1's doing a global tour? Because they realized they've become irrelevant in Korea and failed so bad in Japan that even SECRET did better than them. SNSD doesn't even do global tours because SM is at least fucking smart enough to know that their main source of cash lies in Asia. Not the whole goddamn planet.

Talk about bloody hypocrisy, when one thinks about Park Bom. Then again, considering YG stanners being a bunch of delusional crackpots, I guess they probably think Bom is 'natural' or try to come up with whatever silly excuse there is to deny that their beloved unnies are 'perfect'.

Someone needs to overdoze this girl with chill pills or something.


  1. SNSD > 2NE1

    And why dafuq do you care if people get PS. It's their body, let them do whatever the fuck they want.

    And bitch, you better go study cause obviously you got a class a case of stewpud.

  2. ...does she think plastic surgery is actually plastic? Does she... is she for real?
    Oh sweet lord in heaven someone douse me in lava because reading this bullshit hurts so fucking bad.
    2NE1 is overrated to shit. SNSD too, but that's a different story.

  3. Psy's success with Gangnam Style was remarkable but it doesn't transcend to success for YG as a whole. I am positive that SM still has more clout in Korea, China, and Japan. If SM continues on the path they've been taking (shitty box MVs, half-assed recycled concepts, shitty songs) YG might be able to overtake them in Korea. Japan has already proven that they only want Big Bang in small doses and no parts of 2NE1.

    YG stans can not talk shit about plastic surgery because Park Bom is packing more plastic than a Mattel factory. Bitch's face is so stiff I'm surprised it doesn't smash into a million pieces when she talks. LBR YG stans only pop off about YG being looks over talent because they know that label possesses the ugliest motherfucking idols in Kpop.

    Looking forward to the next phase of Tiffany's face is the most thrilling thing about SNSD's comebacks tbh.

  4. The only YG artist so far that interest me is PSY, Wheesung and Lee Hi. While I have no idea of 2ne1 got even close to being famous, I have to say Big Bang still has some good tunes. That being said, Big Bang is the extreme American wannabe (besides 2PM) that makes me really cringe, even PSY himself said smth about being wannabes.

    Did someone just tried to compare SNSD and 2ne1? Hm.. lets see, SNSD has actually legit cute girls(minus hyogre), a decent vocalist with decent backing vocals, super catchy songs (all song including Mr. Taxi and before up till Gee), they do well in reality shows(including RM), and does not try hard to look fashionable and still be famous(well maybe not for this upcoming song).

    2ne1 has.. I don't know man, the only close to cute there is Dara, can hardly sing, american wannabe fashion, song aren't that good, little to no reality shows

    I know this sounds more like a rant, but damn people are comparing these 2. SNSD>>>>>2ne1, heck, even SECRET >>>>> 2ne1

  5. I still find it hard to believe that people like this actually exist on Earth. How delusional can someone be?
    Anyway, 2NE1's and BIGBANG's style pisses me off. They try too hard to be..."American" and "full-of-swag". Guess YG stans love it, though.
    Also, I'm pretty sure the only reason 2NE1's and BIGBANG's vids have more views than BoA's is because their fans are crazy 12-year-olds that do nothing but watch their unnir's and oppar's videos all day.

  6. lol. writer complains fangirl's grammer is terrible when their grammar is just as awful.

    1. Says the one who didn't start 'l' and 'w' in capital letters :P

    2. there is only one writer of this article, hence using 'their' is not appropriate

    3. it's appropriate when you want to avoid using "he" or "she".

    4. tearful heart sounds like an offended YG-stan

  7. Wow, that was just horrible i thougt people that retarded didn't exist. I'm glad thoughwhen she was naming YG she didn't name Gummy or Jinusean Stonyskunk, shows how much she really knows only knowing BigBang 2NE1 and se7en and faux Epik High doesn't show how much of a "Stan" you are but it shows how freaking mentally challenged you really are. And calling BoA anything but a legend is just, no just stop it. It honestly annoys me how stupid some people are knowing nothing and being this, stupid.

  8. I'm a YG stan tbh (please don't hate me LOL) but whoever is the writer of this post has gone out of hand and is literally insane. -_____- Sometimes I feel embarrassed liking YG because of this shit. Seriously some people need to grow up and socialize with actual people and not their laptops/computers.

  9. ....I stopped reading after that BoA bash... really? REALLY? Everyone declines.. Even the great Ayumi Hamasaki is but pfffftttttt YG artists don't have crap on her nor BoA. Just... ugh

  10. I got cancer... from reading the first picture D:

  11. ...I found it.

    the rest of his/her posts are just....oh god why

  12. YG, his idols, and his stans take themselves wayyy too seriously. At least SM has no problem admitting they aren't original or the best they put out their music and make money of catchy tunes, they aren't trying to convince people that they are these deep artist that deserve so much respect. Even with the trashy outfits BIGBANG and 2ne1 have been wearing recently they try to convince others and probably themselves that they are "reineventing themselves" and not just changing there concept with every album like every other group because they think they are more serious then that. They are just like every other idol, it annoying they have convince themselves and their fans otherwise. It one of those things that if you say it long enough people start to believe it. Im saying this as a fan of both BIGBANG and 2ne1 although not as much recently because of how try hard these groups have gotten I mean they've alway been kind of try hard but its gotten worse over the years, I liked them more during there earlier days. And don't get me started on Epik High...they were my favorite group.

    1. I want to marry this post and have it's nappy-headed bastard children. A+ comment and I couldn't agree more.

  13. YG stanners are the juggalos of kpop fam it's official. Sorry but a group of talentless rappers and sideshow skanks like parkbomb sounds like the insane clown possee to me.

  14. I'm Malaysian and K-POP was very big here... To the limit of the person who write in that pic... Probably more(seriously, using religion to legitimize it?)... I'm not into this thing(Good song was my target), but most of my friend was poking fun at the fanboys(and unfortunately, fangirls)... Here's some of our take of the fans(don't be offended)...

  15. meh.. this so suspicious.. i dont think this real yg stan,, just troll


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