Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thoughts on 2012 before the world ends

So, according to the Mayans, the world ends on December 21. Well, that just means it's a good time for me to share quick thoughts about 2012. Well, here it goes.

CCM's Hardships

It was a terrible year for CCM. First they lose their biggest cash cow, Hwang Jung Eum, to Sidus HQ.

Then Kim Kwang Soo kicked Hwayoung out. While I thought most people would have been happy with her being kicked out, the exact opposite happened. When I woke up and saw the news, I was like "Fuck yeah, finally, now Boram and Qri are next." Then a lot of people suddenly became Hwayoung fans, which surprised me.

Next, Davichi left CCM, only to come back recently, but that was a big blow to CCM at the time. Hwang Jung Eum left, T-ara was the most hated group (and probably still is) during the summer, and their next big cash cow left. They were stuck with 5dolls, which had their own bullying problems, and SPEED, which no one really cares about. CCM did debut The SeeYa, proving that Kim Kwang Soo can still make good groups, as long as they're not idol groups.

The Return of Talent To Kpop

What really sets 2012 apart from the last couple of years is that groups/acts with some actual fucking talent debuted. 2012 saw the likes of Busker Busker, Ulala Session, Ailee, Spica, Juniel, J-Min, The SeeYa and others that I can't think of right now. While I didn't enjoy all of the songs that come from these acts, I liked the notion that some companies didn't forget about actual talent.

Even More Idol Groups Debuted This Year

If you thought 2011 was fucking ridiculous, 2012 was even worse. At the beginning of the year, there were a few idol groups debuting every fucking week. My first thought was "Where the fuck are all of these kids coming from?" By the time summer came when there was a new idol group debuting every day, my thought process went to "So, when are entertainment companies going to snatch kids out of North Korea to put into idol groups?" Hell, living in North Korea would probably be preferable to being an idol. They eat the same amount of food per day. The North Koreans would just have to ask themselves: "Would I rather be hounded by military personnel or fucking insane fangirls?"

Year of the Scandal

There were a shitload of scandals this year. They were as big as 2010 and 2011 scandals in terms of impact, but there were some scandals from 2012 that were way worse. The worst scandal has to be the Open World Entertainment scandal. I never covered it because I actually had no idea that it was happening until it was over and read about it on Asian Junkie.

The biggest scandal in terms of fans going fucking nuts was the T-ara scandal. That topic has been covered to death here already, but it should have never been a scandal if Kim Kwang Soo knew how to keep his mouth shut. My hunch is that Hwayoung had an attitude problem and the other T-ara members gave her shit about it, and instead of talking to her in person about it, they chose to air it out over Twitter. It's just a hunch and I don't pretend to know what actually happened unlike so many fans out there who tried proving that their argument was correct based on pictures and videos that were totally unrelated.

There were some sex scandals this year. Apparently Seungri likes to jizz on titties. People seem to think IU and Eunyuck fucked too. Until there are actual sex tapes, I really don't give a shit about sex rumors.

Fuck you, Epik High

I got into Korean music because of you guys and then I wait for three years for all three of you to make a comeback and it was like a buffalo took a diarrhea dump in my ear.

Good Comebacks in 2012

While Epik High's comeback was a colossal failure, there were good comebacks in 2012. I enjoyed the comebacks from Shinhwa, Younha, BoA, Nell, Dynamic Duo, Leessang, Baek Ji Young, Lena Park, etc. etc.

So here's to 2013. Let's just hope less fucking idol groups debut. I think that would be a good fucking start.


  1. my top singles of 2012
    1. younha- run
    2. sistar - alone
    3. seo in young - anymore
    4. ga-in - bloom
    5. ailee - heaven
    6. spica - russian roulette
    7 apink -- hush
    8 taetitseo - twinkle
    9 crayon pop - dancing queen
    10 t-ara sexy mouse

    not kpop - the Nell Holding onto gravity was greatness

    1. Seconded for Nell's Holding onto gravity. It was released only a few weeks ago but it is reaching #1 on my most played. That, white night by Nell and I need you by Sungkyu are so perfect.

  2. I'll second the call for fewer new groups. In fact, in 2013, I hope they start getting rid of some. It can be like idol spring cleaning. f(x)? Don't need this anymore ...

    1. There needs to be something like Battle Royale for the rookie groups sometime in 2013.

    2. I third this. There needs to be a call for fewer agencies too because what they're doing with debuting all these groups is a complete waste of time, money and space.

    3. Cage Match Idol Rumble. Only 5 will (literally) survive.
      To over-competitive primadonna groups cat-slapping each other, while shitty hair dyes and breast pads fly off in all directions.

  3. damn right she's their biggest cash cow

    I'd milk those tits any day...every day in fact

  4. pls review new soshi song/mv b4 world ends pls & ty.

  5. Hyan Hyo Joo, i love you. I watched Ad-lib Night at least twice a year.

  6. Pfft. It's already the 21st here in NZ :) But the way I see it, CCM's just graspin' on straws to stay alive.

  7. I pretty much agree with you, epik high's comeback was quite a disappointment, don't hate me was quite ok, the song with bom is just no.

    Kim tae woo's comeback was quite meh too, didn't like the song.

    The good comebacks imo are from December, T-ara, kim
    jong kook, k.will, ailee, f.t. Island, orange caramel,miss a, 4minute, and much more

    And hooray for the talented rookies like ailee and lee hi, which really sets a higher quality to kpop, was getting bored of kpop with those sm talentless groups

  8. Shinhwa's comeback was the best thing that happened to kpop in 2012


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