Wednesday, December 12, 2012

SPEED to comeback in early January. Lawl.

Yea, it's 3 days old but since nothing'd been said much about it, whatever goes.

It's surprising SPEED is actually doing a comeback (sorry to you niggas that try to claim its their official debut. It doesn't count as one in my book so deal with it), since the last time they ever did shit was doing that shitty remake of Lovey Dovey about 10 months ago. And how did that turn out? A terrible experience for the eyes and ears for the sane - and supposedly, the renowned Horse of T-ara (Hyomin/Horsemin) was part of the lot that made this shit.

For those that never heard of SPEED, it's basically the male counterpart to that failure known as 5dolls, both which in turn are subgroups of Co-Ed School, which practically went dead years ago due to shitty management while 5dolls itself pretty much shot itself in the foot thanks to that bully scandal that can be seen as a foreshadowing of T-ara's one that occurred a month later.

"Core Contents Media is reportedly pouring their all into SPEED’s upcoming album release through the aid of Shinsadong Tiger."

Didn't know pouring all their shit into this album also included recycling shit from the past either. Lol. Here, it looks like they just edited a cancelled photo used from the Lovey Dovey remake MV.

"The song is produced by Shinsadong Tiger, to be an addictive, powerful melody as a dance track with R&B and synth elements. The group will release both a dance and drama version music video."

Golly good God. This must be the gazillionth time CCM's using Shinsadong Tiger again for promoting their shit. Not that I got anything personal against the producer but a lot of his tracks are a huge clusterfuck that makes people sound like chipmunks. 'Powerful' is probably not one of the best words to describe something from Shinsadong.

And as usual, they're making another unnecessary as fuck drama version MV of the song with Park Bo Young being featured.

Someone must've paid her shitloads to even think about being in a music video made by CCM because if the male lead (assuming there is one) is a SPEED member, chances are she'll have her regrets of taking up the offer.

Given that CCM tends to overhype its shit to the extreme, it wouldn't be surprising if the MV turned out to be equally as shit as T-ara's Cry Cry MV anyway, in which not even the almighty Cha Seungwon was able to save. Nor would it be surprising if the song turns to be just as bad as Gangkiz's debut song or T-ara's 'Bo-peep Bo-peep'.

I'm actually surprised that SPEED even had fans to begin with, much less Co-Ed as a whole. You'd think with only one lousy debut that they'd just fade away to oblivion, not to mention constant member changes but no, CCM seems to think that promoting SPEED will give them a ticket out of the shit it is in.

Guess this is where all the money T-ara made has gone to - promoting flops. Seems like CCM's gotten desperate to try delay its impending and inevitable collapse in the future. I better stack up on the popcorn and soda.


  1. Lovey Dovey Plus or whatever the fuck that's called raped my ears and my eyes. Them kiggas can't dance.

  2. One of them is wearing fake boobies.

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  4. To be very honest, I liked some parts of the lovey dovey remake, the non rapping parts are quite ok imo. The video though is a massive total failure.

    I posted a comment about how Hyomin should just stick to singing, and nothing else, she attempted(and failed) to design a costume for 5dolls comeback, which is a total rip off from SNSD's Genie except that it looked shittier:

    1. Hyomin the cam whore thinks she is smart and talented. But she is long overdue for a reality check, the harsh truth is that Hyomin should stick being ridden bareback.

  5. *sees Park Bo Young*
    At least they'll get one person from AKF to watch the MV.

    1. Pffft, you could always watch her in movies instead. There's a part where she has a bubble bath early on in a horror movie with another actress :)

    2. I'll be watching the MV. I dunno why i like most of CCM's artists/groups.

  6. Here's hoping Tiger fucks up, so I don't have to compliment the song on good structure.

  7. It's taken a year, but they're no longer called SPPED on CCM's website

    ... in fact I can't even find them on there now

    ... and their website's title is "CORE CONTENTS MEDIA-hacked"

    ... and maybe they're on the GM Contents Media site, but I can't figure out what's going on
    clicking 'artists' has this URL

    wat is this even?

  8. It's terrible how KKS companies treats his flops. He's not even trying to pretend to make it about art, he's just doing business.

  9. Am I the only one who can't get over the fact that one the member's is actually Zico's brother?

    One of the most talented people in kpop is actually related to one of these talentless shits? How in the world did that happen?

  10. They will revolutionize Korean music, just like Shin Hae Chul, Taiji, Kim Kwang Suk, Yoo Jae Ha and few others I forgot to mention.

  11. You can't call it a debut when the group themselves market the upcoming song with "SPEED IS BACK."


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