Saturday, September 14, 2013

CL is a Tramp Because of... Jeremy Scott??

CL's well-documented friendship with long-time boothang Jeremy Scott is no secret to anyone who's even a casual fan of 2NE1. The group can usually be seen clad in Jeremy Scott "creations" from head to toe, and he's even appeared on 2NE1 TV a bunch of times too. The man is literally CL's gay best friend, and you would think if the "International" Kpop community knows this, then surely the Korean Kpop community does too? l0l nope.

CL recently uploaded these pictures of herself sitting in Jeremy Scott's lap, and Korean netizens were not having any of it.
1. [+1,685, -51] I really don't get the point of uploading pictures like this

2. [+1,524, -63] Her clothes, the position of his hands, the guy's facial expression......

3. [+1,468, -64] ㅡㅡ I thought she was sitting on top of him in her underwear...

5. [+253, -3] Just looks like they're sitting in a drug house ㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+205, -6] I can understand her being open minded and everything since she lived abroad and all but she should keep these things to herself. Why make others see her dirty pictures? She's doing a fine job chipping away at her image. As a girl, I love CL and everything but in pictures, she looks like a cheap sl*t. 

7. [+183, -5] Gross ㅡㅡ

8. [+179, -12] She looks like a sl*t
1. [+904, -122] How can anyone call those pictures cool? They're gross and disgusting 
2. [+873, -162] They totally did it
3. [+764, -86] What's wrong with them... 

L0L wat. The point of uploading pictures like this is to show you that CL has a lively social life outside of doing idol zombie shit. American culture IS like that, bros. People do that stuff all the time. Maybe I'm just nit-picking, but this all seems like netizens being prudish again.

When same sex idols do the same thing, it's "aww" and "cute" and "wholesome skinship" but when CL and her OPENLY GAY FRIEND do the same thing it's being slutty? The best part is, Knetizens think Blackjacks are inventing that fact to make CL look better better.
6. [+67, -1] CL fans keep saying that Jeremy Scott is gay but it hasn't even been confirmed ㅋㅋㅋ Just all rumors ㅋㅋㅋ You guys really want to protect her like that?

-- Jeremy Scott, 2013
I don't even want to pretend to understand why it's okay for Koreans to get mad at International fans when they judge Korean culture by "Western standards" or when International fans make broad sweeping generalizations about what they think "Korean culture" is, but turn around and pull the same shit themselves.
4. [+255, -5] American culture? My husband's American and I'm pretty sure he'd divorce me if I took a picture like that with another man
5. [+95, -7] It doesn't matter if they're both foreign because I'm pretty sure other foreigners don't even act like this together with their friends... Especially sitting on their laps in those poses. 
7. [+54, -1] I don't get why people are defending this picture saying foreigners act like this all the time. You really think foreigners are animals like that? If you're not lovers with someone, you wouldn't let them sit on your lap unless you're going to have a one night stand with them. 
Judging Western culture by Korean standards? Check. Making broad sweeping generalizations about what they think Western culture is? Check. Maybe it's just Southern California but I'm pretty sure people aren't being stoned or slut-shamed in public for platonic best friends sitting on each other's laps. Heaven forbid they watch Will & Grace.

-- Korean netizens, 2013
It's like these people are simultaneously white knighting Western culture AND slut-shaming CL at the same time, it's completely mind-boggling.

I think the worst part is the implication that CL's "artistic credibility/accomplishments" (and I use that word EXTREMELY sparingly) are suddenly thrown out the window because of this whole thing.
4. [+97, -8] I used to think CL was amazing in the past... but lately, she just seems like a promiscuous woman. She sings and raps to songs written by others.. Has she ever written her own song? I'm beginning to realize the limits to her talents and who she is as a woman...
Okay, I'm not going to be one to say CL is an amazing artist or that she makes amazing music or that she's a wonderful singer or that she raps like a beast or that she's the freshest thing that happened to Korean music or she makes her own music, but to throw everything's she's done in the garbage bin simply because she SEEMS (for the wrong reasons) to be a slut? They're accusing CL of singing/rapping songs written by others BECAUSE SHE SITS ON PEOPLE'S LAPS (as if the majority of idols DO sing/rap/write their own music as opposed to getting it from "sitting on people's laps" if you know what I mean)? It's one thing to throw those accusations at the idol industry as a whole with unsubstantiated evidence, but using photos of platonic lap-sitting as proof? Bullshit.

I'm fine with not liking CL's music because you think it sucks, that's your opinion (and mine) and you're entitled to it. But not liking CL's music because she sits on people's laps? That seems ridiculous at best.

The ONLY thing I can agree with them on is it does look like CL's in an opium den. l0l

But dis is YG and dey r all druggies b/c Gdruggin l0l amrite


  1. "5. [+95, -7] It doesn't matter if they're both foreign because I'm pretty sure other foreigners don't even act like this together with their friends... Especially sitting on their laps in those poses. "

    lolnobitch, me and my friends do this shit all the time >_<

  2. let's just be thankful it wasn't Terry Richardson's lap she was sitting on

  3. This coming from a culture, where men frivolously touch each other:
    Ctrl+F for "holding hands", if TL;DR

    Still doesn't explain, why CL is trying to hide her boner...

    1. True, and let's not talk about the night life.... (props to a comment on asian junkie)

  4. Netizens saying stupid shit and being oxygen-wasting idiots who should be pushed under a bus is a foregone conclusion in 2013, given how much they've done to trash their own reputation over the past year or so. I'm more offended that Netizenbuzz asterisks out the "u" in the word "slut".

  5. So much 2ne1 related article lately. These netizens are beyond retarded, guy is gay, he's not gonna fuck cl even if she asked him to.

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  7. Coming up next on "Bored Netizen's finding dumb crap to call a controversy"... The scandalous case of CL and her completely straight guy "friend", Jeremy Scott.

  8. the real crime is those hideous fucking clothes

  9. Well, I don't see anything wrong with sitting on some random dudes' laps, gay or straight. But why does CL always look like she's on crack?

  10. I wouldn't mind having CL's ass on my lap.
    Based Jeremy.

  11. after seeing that photo of her sitting on Jeremy Scott and what she is wearing just make me lost interest in her ew man seriously disturbing sorry not sorry.

  12. You have no idea how much I loved this post, everything about it is spot on. I'm an older kpop fan and being American i've known about Jeremy Scott since the 90's, if people didn't know he was gay then they are probably blind or just oblivious lol I enjoyed this so much I must share it... :)


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