Saturday, September 7, 2013

EXOtics are ruining my search results

God damn it, fuck you EXOtics. I can't search for "Han Ye Seul" on Google or tumblr without Kai's name showing up. Thankfully the Korean search results haven't been tainted (yet).

You can see the search term "한예슬 움짤". 움짤 doesn't really translate well into English, but pictures/gifs make everything easier to understand. 움짤 example one and 움짤 example two.


  1. Apparently Kai is in the search results because his ideal type is Han Ye Seul.
    Hate EXOtics, but that boy has good tastes.

    1. if Shitdong said his ideal type is Lee Minjung he's not gonna gain any more fans anyway. Not me, certainly.

  2. Wah, oppas never did anything wrong to you, why you constantly bash???!!1!1!!1. Just kidding, EXO fans have gone very far down the delulu path of no return. Wonder what they're doing with photos of Han Ye Seul anyway..?

  3. wow i'd like to formally request a gif and picture heavy post of han ye seul.

    loving the lee da hee background too. worst thing about actors/actresses they never go on tv cant find shit to fap to.

  4. LOL. it's always the same story; delusional fangirls trying to get with kpop dudes trying to get with famous korean actresses.

  5. Heh @ the Han Ye Seul Yuri option. We all know what's up.

  6. I hate EXOtics! Why? Because fuck them! That's why?


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