Friday, September 6, 2013

Perfect Response to All of the Netizens Hating on Kara

So yes, Kara is receiving shit for their stint on Radio Star and Netizen Buzz translated comments from Korean netizens here. Bless her poor heart, as she must have lost some brain cells while translating that shit. However, instead of writing a long article as to why these netizens are retarded, this video should more than suffice.

This goes to every Korean netizen for their blind hatred of Kara.


  1. Been a while since I used a Billy Madison video here.

  2. Actually this is also a perfect response to all of the netizens hating on [insert anything you want here].

  3. Hmm.. I am not going to write about netizens as it would be a waste of time. The comment from the Suju idiot was way out of line(I would have punched him in the face tbh) but Hara is a public figure on a televised show, she should know better.(Im just saying she certainly isn't without fault and I'm only referring to the water bottle incident). Seungyeon and Jiyoung are non issues.

    I think Kpop companies bring this kind of situations upon themselves. They protect these idols' image/personal life so much that even the smallest situation becomes a big issue. I remember reading about an SNSD interview where the reporter would ask them question about their rivalry with WG, their relationship status and other personal/potentially controversial issues. The SM representative interrupted the interview 3 times before finally shutting down the whole thing. Last month Apink had an allkpop live interview and every question that wasn't about aegyo/talents/their new song was filtered out. I also saw a video (prolly here can't remember)of an Infinte interview where when asked about girlfriends and relationship the interview was promptly cancelled. Likewise ever variety apperance is scripted* creating an unsustainable image for these idols producing also jealousy and envy from non-fans. It's a lose-lose situation.

    *Kyuhun's comment was most certainly not scripted hence Hara's surprise and subsequent reaction.

    1. But KARA doesn't really have an "image" to protect. What's their image? Aside from being pretty and having decent songs? They aren't considered "Nation's girl group" or anything. They are just KARA. Popular with oppas and sometimes unnies but mainly oppas.

      KARA has also been one of the more natural/honest groups on variety/talk-shows in general unlike SNSD and WG, KARA don't seem as bland and manufactured.

      People have been hating Seungyeon and Hara for ages now so it's nothing new. Seungyeon is a bitch and Hara is a ho. It's nothing to do with DSP protecting KARA's image and more to do with the MC's being total assholes. It's not like Hara wasn't cooperating before. She just got tired of the BS. Netizens are weird. They hate KARA but obviously tuned in. RS earned the #1 rank in it's time slot with this episode and got a ratings boost of about 2% and this is BEFORE people knew what the episode was about.

      I felt bad for JYP. Here he is a grown man with his own company having to take a back seat to some 22 year old idol and her dating life. WTF. Some respect for his seniority right there. Netizens are tards. If they really cared about seniority they would be pissed that JYP was basically ignored so that they could talk about KARA's dating life and ability to do aegyo.

    2. As honest/natural as Kara may be they are still bound to the unrealistic standards set by the industry themselves. There is a reason they are called idols. The industry creates puppets to please everyone and when someone voices a complaint (as irrational as that complaint may be) the companies rectify the behavior in the malfunctioning puppet. The industry itself is a facilitator to this kind of behavior(from netizens) not only do they give ammo to the netizens(by setting lofty standards idols will most certainly not meet) but by also pandering to any complaint so as not to set the public against them. Fuck 'em! Last year at the height of the T-ara controversy 300000 people joined the T-ara antifan group yet only one went to egg CCM HQ. It was a telling sign of what power netizens really hold.

      Also this kind of behavior is common towards female idols not only Kara.

  4. I don't get it (why the Kara girls cried and why people hate them for it).

    1. -Hara probably cried because she is dating someone and Kyuhyun went further than he was supposed to in pressing the issue, which made her feel in danger. One slip and her relationship could be ruined just form people knowing about it, which is probably part of what happened last time.
      -Hara really seemed to stop thinking it was funny and wanted them to lay off or tease about something different and said a few things to this effect, but they didn't take the hint.
      -They also framed this teasing in a "she gets around" sort of vibe, which is completely bogus to do just because she tried to date a guy or two in her life to find someone special while she is still young.
      - This is tied to girls in Korea basically being considered old after 25 (I have female Korean friends who were open with me about this pressure) so she just doesn't want her career stealing any chance of love in life, something which Hammie is VERY empathetic about, which is why she cried and defended her (plus she is Kara's defender)
      -Jing probably refused the request and was emotional because she also felt for Hara and didn't feel like putting up with shit anymore.
      -They probably got used to Japanese shows where the hosts are actually professional and treat you with dignity and respect, like human who has feelings, and something probably went off script here, and there could even be a lot that was edited out we don't know about. Kyuhyun might have actually been dumb enough to open his mouth about something private. They would never let that out, but Radio Star apologized so....

      People hate them for it for a few reasons.

      1) They are fucktards who have nothing better to do than hate idols and try to ruin their reputation/lives.
      2) They think idols should be inhuman stoic slaves, ready to eat up anything that is ever dished out to them with a smile, letting their whole personal lives go without flinching, no matter how long they have been in the industry or proven themselves already.
      3) They think idols need to respect their elders, like the hosts of this show, at all costs, and that being old is basically a free license to be a complete asshole for no reason and be respected for it.
      4) On some level they are racist against Japanese and either consider Kara as traitorous or at least more compatible with Japanese people, which means they must no longer be good in Korea.
      5) A clear double standard against girls, as guys do shit and are either forgiven immediately or if it was illegal they lay low for a bit, and come back to complete support, but girls have antis that latch on and jump at any chance to ruin them forever.
      6) The show is known for being harsh, so simply because it is expected, they should be happily okay with being mistreated.

    2. "This is tied to girls in Korea basically being considered old after 25" - It's the same in Japan. There's the term クリスマス・ケーキ (Christmas cake).

      Interesting, thanks for all the details !

    3. "On some level they are racist against Japanese and either consider Kara as traitorous or at least more compatible with Japanese people, which means they must no longer be good in Korea."

      this is 99% of the reason why netizens are bitching

    4. 3) They think idols need to respect their elders, like the hosts of this show, at all costs, and that being old is basically a free license to be a complete asshole for no reason and be respected for it.

      It's the same in my country.
      Based on my past sufferings, maybe I should audition to be a kpop idol too.

    5. Agree. I respect my elders but being old is not a free pass that gives you room to say and do whatever you want to others just because. Especially in Korea where old people can say some pretty rude/harsh/hurtful things. No one should have to sit there and take that.

  5. What I hate is the netizens hating on Seungyeon for sticking up for Hara. Obviously she was mad, and she gets slammed for that? Fuck that shit.

    Yeah, criticize idols for being manufactured and fake and when they actually show that they're human, hate on that too. These people are so fucking retarded. SuJu being douches again. Okay sometimes it's funny to give people shit, but some people are sensitive to this sort of thing. Hara obviously knows people are gonna give her a bad reputation so no wonder she was defensive.

    This should really be a non-issue. Guess what, some people get upset when you delve into their personal lives. It's called respecting privacy. Netizens are just so comfortable sitting behind their screens slinging out insults, when I know they would shit themselves if someone posted their personal information online for everyone to see. The hypocrisy is astounding. Some of these comments are just fucking obnoxious I'd throw someone through a drywall if they said that in real life.

    1. Seungyeon is Good womin, Fuck the suju pice of shit.

  6. Poor Hara, those things must hurt her family a lot, but why her company let her go to the show? Everyone knows what kind of questions you will have to answer!

    But I couldn't understand Nicole's crying... I mean I think it was for the atmosphere, got really awkward

    1. Nicole is a very sensitive girl.

    2. It got awkward cause it's never funny when people cry. Honestly the whole point of RS is to get reactions out of people and they knew with KARA coming viewership would be higher and since people already are gossiping about her dating someone new of course they wanted to try and get something out of that. It backfired cause crying isn't funny. Also they don't "know" the questions, they know the topics and Jiyoung said that Hara told Kyuhyun she didn't want to talk about certain things, but he was being a douche and went full steam ahead anyway.

      Anyone who thinks implying that someone "gets around" is OK because it was meant for laughs is an idiot. They basically called her an easy lay on national TV. That's low. And all for some laughs....fuck that shit.

  7. Some even called them dogs, people. They called them dogs. If it was my ten year old writting those things on the internet I would slap the stupid out of him and would only allow him to go online when he was like 40!

    1. Sulli and i eat the dog, make it 보신탕 in 창녕

  8. what we have here folks is a classic example of hate dehydration. since t ara went on a long job vacation around asia the netizens have been waiting for anything to quench their thirst to insult anything.they even stoop so low to the point that they turned clara's recipe on happy together into a scandal. and yes u guessed it, the scandal wasnt based off of what she said from her own mouth, but what the netizens believed she "implied".

  9. Poor Hara , I don't know why they're getting flack for being honest :| It's her personal life and it's really no ones business. I guess idols don't have the right to a private life anymore, smh. Sungyeon just became soo much more awesome for sticking up for Hara, fuck netizens, any normal person would have done the same. Also, I LOVE THAT VIDEO.

  10. I will fucking warn all of you once, before you click on the link that takes you to that NB articld, make sure that you aren't within a mile of anything harmful, because once you see the comments you will lose absolutly every single shred of faith you have ever had in humanity and want to kill yourself, because what kind of world are we living in if people like THAT exist?

    1. This! I've been popping blood vessels left and right for the past two days over these dumb ass comments. It's so fucked up.

    2. It's fairly obvious that the Human Race was NOT the correct species to invest in.

    3. Eh, I'll stay away thank you very much. Last year was annoying enough.

  11. holy shit that NB round-up is RUTHLESS. i feel like i shouldn't be surprised anymore, but christ, sometimes Koreans just hate on their own for the dumbest shit waaay too much. i've lived in a lot of asian countries in my lifetime but man, that ruthlessness and lack of empathy that permeates from the cutthroat competitiveness in Korea is just too much sometimes.

  12. I guess kara really now, the Damaged Lady lol :-Pp



  14. Just fat ugly bitches doing what they do best, what do you people expect?

    1. I'm referring to the retarded fangirls btw

      My statement was so ambiguous

    2. i thought you were referring to Kara hahaha

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Wow, seriously this "incident" was so fucking tame I can't even believe these people making any kind of deal out of it at all. Hara "throwing a bottle omg!!!!11!" is more like, she nudged it and it was mostly empty so it rolled across the table. She barely came across as mad, not even sure if I saw a single tear leave her eyes. Jiyoung's crying was SLIGHTLY more visible but again she held it in pretty well I'd say, you couldn't even hear her or anything. Where exactly was the part where Seungyeon was getting mad and defending Hara? Seungyeon didn't say much at all from the clips I saw, and she certainly never seemed mad. If this is all it takes for netizens to go apeshit, Korea has a serious problem on it's hands.

    If you want to watch happy interesting people on your programs, don't force them to be robots at the same time. You can't have both. Fuck.

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  17. I clicked into the link, hoping for some cheap laugh. But I am actually disturbed by the amount of naked jealousy on display. My two cents: instead of bitching about how much (and how undeservedly) money others have made, why don't you bitches just move your lazy fatass off of the keyboard and start making some of your own?

    P.S. some Economic 101 for those bitches: if Hara was paid $600,000(the denomination, I surmise, is USD) per CF, that is because the advertiser thinks she's well worth the price. They will recuperate the initial financial outlay in the not-so-distant future through boost to either brand goodwill or sales. The demonstrated ignorance, stupidity and crap mentality are beyond belief........

  18. Article:Kang Jiyoung's tears "I don't have aegyo but people keep making me do it" -- whuut????

  19. Finally, I'd been waiting for Kyuhyun to say something dumb and get embroiled in a "scandal" (by now it's a rite of passage in SJ). It's all fun till the tears start streaming... or in the case of idol talk shows, that's when it starts! Reminds me of when Girls' Day were the victims of that terrible prank on Beatles Code 2, aside from this being an accident.

  20. What bothers me the most are the non-korean NB comments. They think they're so cool and korean and that they "understand" the industry with the only super argument they have: "If they knew they were gonna get those kinds of questions then why did they bother going? Im so korean!"

  21. [THE Truth Behind Radio Star Incident]

    CREDIT: Ultraman88 @KH/AKP/1H
    This is a translation of a post done by a KKamilia. Her Naver Blog is called “Infinite-dol and Growth-dol (Kara)”

    She is a fan of both Infinite and Kara. She knows a lot about fandom stuff.

    Here is the link to the post:

    Here is the screen shot of the post (the blog is right-click disabled).
    (she posted on 9/7/2013)

    My translation is below the image.

    She is mostly talking to the Elves, who are going bat nut over this Kyuhun thing.

    Translation begins:

    I’ve been feeling really awful since last night. I am writing this because I was just going to ignore it at first but felt I had to clear the misunderstanding.

    Please watch the video clip that is causing the problem.

    Some people are saying that at the 4 minute mark Seungyeon is saying let’s got out, how unlucky, and how annoying and such. (In Korea, to say they are unlucky and how annoying in front of the senior is reallllly rude. Although, to say unlucky is the same [same words] in Korean, it’s the connotation and situation that matters and to say it in front of them in this situation would be like a total rudeness, including ‘how annoying’.)

    I’ve listened to it over and over but I don’t hear it. I don’t hear her saying ‘unlucky’ but I hear let’s go out and clean your face. And I can’t understand where you are hearing ‘how annoying’.

    I agree that KARA may have made a mistake on RS but the way people are accusing them as if Kara committed a murder or something is totally out of line. It is absolutely unbecoming.

    And they even issued an apology but you guys keep at it. They are sorry but I think the Elves with no right mind are much worse. I was not going to say this, but I’ve decided to write this after a much thought.

    I have an acquaintance who works as a staff on the show Radio Star. When I was talking to the staff, subject of Kara incident came up. Per the staff, this is not Kyuhyun’s fault and much of this incident’s fault lies with the show staffs.

    The staff stated, DSP refused many times when we were trying to get them on the show RS because they knew that the obvious dating issue of Hara would be brought up.

    However, RS promised that they would not bring up the dating rumors, and DSP said that they will have KARA on the show but you must promise not to bring up the dating issue.

    And during the pre-taping interviews, the Kara member insisted many times NOT to talk about the dating rumors. The staffs indicated that they understood but during the actual taping, they talked about the dating story/rumor for almost 40 minutes.

    The members just acted cool about it when it first came up, but the members became much more flustered and panicked when the dating rumor talks got more intense and pointed, and it lasted and lasted.

    Therefore, the emotions of all came at once and they started crying. And, Hara did not throw the water bottle but it was rolled.

    PART 1

  22. PART 2
    What Seungyeon said about ‘we hear the stories as well’ is NOT what that they hear stories of SuJu dating rumors at all, but that Kara members also hear the mean comments and dating rumor related stories about Hara.

    Furthermore, about Jiyoung, Jiyoung cried due to many other reasons.

    After sudden breakdown of Hara, it was an extremely awkward moment considering the atmosphere when they asked her to do Aegyo. Plus Jiyoung got flustered when they all of sudden asked her to do aegyo when they were talking Hara’s rumors.

    And, it seems to be edited out but Kim, Gura pressured Jiyoung with scary and harsher speech. Jiyoung got upset and emotional because she got flustered at the moment. It was first for her to see him act angry way (somewhat). But, most important thing is that after that incident, she apologize on the show and even after the show she apologized again to all the MC’s. I don’t understand why people are all after Jiyoung when she even apologized on the show.

    Furthermore, I was told by my staff friend that after the taping and once the show was broadcasted, one of the staffs of RS and Kyuhyun were exchanging some texts. That is, my friend’s colleague was sending texts to Kyuhyun and while exchanging some words, the issue of Kara’s attitude on the show.

    Kyuhyun said that he watched the broadcast as well. He also felt that the viewers may have felt somewhat disappointed and annoyed; however, from his point of view, Kara is one of the most respecting and polite idols out there. And he also accepted the incident as a joke and all but he is feeling quite frustrated and concerned that the hoobaes that he cares about are getting this kind of hate for just one incident. He said that he felt multiple instances to write about (on SNS) how KARA girls are the most polite and nice girls but felt that that might cause more problems for the girls. So, he decided not to write it.

  23. PART 3

    The girls are so polite that they would bring drinks to their seniors in waiting rooms, concerned that they might be thirsty, so even all of SuJu members are flustered with this situation.

    Plus, on the day when this whole issue blew up, Sungyeon and Jiyoung called him again to apologize; however, when he sees this situation, he is quite worried that KARA might become afraid of variety shows in the future.

    *My acquaintance staff asked the other colleagues what did Seungyeon say when she was comforting Hara after she cried. They indicated Seungyoen said, “let’s go out, go clean up your face”. And she was going to turn around and ask the show staffs nearby to ask if it was okay to go to the restroom but one of the staffs brought some tissue papers. So, they didn’t go to the restroom.

    This is all I heard from the staff.

    I admit that KARA made some mistakes on the show. They will have to reflect on it. However, I think it is totally wrong to criticize the girls as if they committed a murder or something.
    People make mistakes.
    Idols are people so they also make mistakes.
    Didn’t Shindong even praise Jiyoung the last time?
    No, when you see how KARA treats their fans, they did not forget their early days.
    Why would an idol group that forgets their early days hand out a pack of Dunkin Donuts to each of several hundred people, buy ice cream, give lunch packs?

    It could be that their conditions were not the most optimal that day. But most of all, I don’t feel that they deserve to be getting so much hate like this when they all apologized toward the end of the show.

    As I stated above, Seungyeon apologized to Kyuhyun, and even Nicole and Gyuri took up responsibility and apologized as well. As a fan of Kara, I feel awful to be witnessing them this kind treatment as if they are impolite girls when they are the nicest ones.

    It is appreciative to point out someone’s mistake; however, if too much, it can become poison.
    If you all act so emotional wouldn’t the SuJu members feel worse when all of SuJu members think of Kara as very good hoobaes?
    Both Yoon, Jong-shin and Kim, Tae-hee PD said the taping was finished well. It is totally unnecessary to send this kind of overwhelming criticisms like this.
    Thank you for hearing what I had to say.


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