Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Brown Eyed Girls Plagiarize Themselves Consistently

Have you ever just sat there and watched all of the Brown Eyed Girls' dance versions of their music videos back to back because you find them so sexy? (totally not because you are trying to learn their seductive dance moves to bring to the club or anything)


Just me?

Okay well, you all knew I was super awkward from the beginning so. This should not surprise you.


Well, I noticed something relatively consistent in each music video. I like to find anomalies in my daily life. So, this is just one of those things I like to point out.

The music videos in question are as follows:



Kill Bill

At some point:

1) one of the girls is sitting on a male back up dancer - using him like a tool chair (like, "Bitch! Act as my throne."):
     a) Abracadabra @ 1:07 - 1:12
     b) Kill Bill @ 2:23 - 2:30
     c) Sign @ 2:35 - 2:37 (to be fair, Ga-In just uses him to lean on)
     d) Kill Bill @ 1:20 - 1:21 (Ga-In is actually using him as she pees like a dog!)

2) someone is standing straight up and is held by a male back up dancer as he tilts her so she is on a 45 degree angle:
     a) Sign @ 1:48 - 1:53
     b) Kill Bill @ 1:15 - 1:18

3) one of the girls is completely surrounded by the back up dancers, covered-up by another member (also usually surrounded). As the one in front moves away, the second one is magically revealed as though it were some big surprise (no shit she's there):
     a) Sign @ 1:58 - 2:03
     b) Sign @ 2:03 - 2:08
     c) Sign @ 2:30 - 2:34
     d) Abracadabra @ 0:50 - 1:09 (omfg this one is a TRIPLE member-behind-member-BEHIND YET ANOTHER MEMBER SURROUNDED BY BACKUP DANCERS-ception)
     e) Abracadabra @ 1:43 - 1:49
     f) Kill Bill @ 1:14 - 1:17
     g) Kill Bill @ 2:20 - 2:22
     h) Kill Bill @ 2:29 - 2:31 (Narsha switches it up here as she goes INFRONT of Ga-In in retaliation. Fun fact: if you pause at JUST the right time (at around 2:30, it looks like Narsha is flipping you off! Fun activity to do with the kids. Finding inappropriate paused moments in sexy music videos.)
    i) Kill Bill @ 2:38 - 2:40

So yeah. I know these girls are not the first and/or only idols to ever do these moves (and all the times I have pointed out are just nitpicks). All I am saying is that they could switch it up sometimes. But I actually kind of like it, so I honestly don't mind. It works for them and I guess it is sort of "signature move"-like; so keep doing what you do and keep being famous. And beautiful. And wonderful. And my girl crushes. 

If someone would like to make a .gif of any of the aforementioned dance moves, please feel free to send them to me in the comment section below, by email (, by (/akfshinbi), or by twitter (@akf_shinbi) and I will add it in and credit you. Thanks in advance.


  1. I personally like how they do all that. When I first got into kpop I thought "why do they have they exact same choreography for all of their performances? Switch it up girls!" But then I realised how it made them more iconic and It's my favourite part aboute their mvs. However, I can't deny that it is still absolutly hilarious how they contantly plagurise themselves.

  2. Yeah they've never been known for their choreography. I remember a time when BEG was faceless, that's no dance choreography, none of them appearing in MVs, whatever.

    I still like these moves though, Especially Miryo's lean-move in Sign.

  3. I personally wouldn't call it plagiarizing, it's not exactly the same to me, it's the same idea but executed differently, and I really don't mind it.

    Don't take my word seriously though since I am quite a BEG fag

    And I, too, tried to learn their dance in my alone time, I can remember a good part of Abracadabra and Sign, let's dance together sometime.

    1. I shall take you up on that offer. Would you like to borrow one of my fans for "Sign", or do you already have your own for that?

    2. You are correct - it is not legally plagiarizing. I only worded it as such for the sake of writing an "extreme" article. I too am a fan of Brown Eyed Girls.

  4. SM also frequently plagiarise their own dance moves amongst their own artists, plus there's the yawn-inducing Dance In A Box to keep you bored.

  5. omigosh, SEXO just released a drama version for Growl PLZ REVIEW!!!!

    1. Perhaps a Freudian analysis? I'm sure at least something in that video resembled a dick.

    2. trust me nobody wants to watch that their acting only gets worse with time

      lu han faints and some girl carries him home hoping to rape him and he wakes up so she starts crying and then he DIES because some high schoolers kick his ass and kris is mad

  6. Hey, hiring new choreographers for every new song is pricy, you know.


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