Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Yura Gay for Suzy, Netizens Don't Approve

Yura of Girl's Day was spotted this past weekend ogling Miss A's Suzy during the Idol Olympics event.

Interest piqued by the Fat Whore of Bablyon's pink-clad ass, Yura understandably had no choice but to check her out from head to toe. Unfortunately for her, this is the internet, so everyone thought Yura was giving Suzy the stink eye.
1. [+513, -41] She's probably embarrassed after getting caught giving Suzy the once over

2. [+390, -36] If you look at IAC fancams, other girls were giving Suzy the once over too. You girls all know that two second scan that I'm talking about. 

3. [+449, -223] She didn't glare, just gave her the once over. Either way, whether she did it because Suzy's pretty or because she's jealous, it's a bad habit she should fix!

4. [+64, -13] It's obvious she gave Suzy the once over because she's jealous. If she looked at her purely because she liked her, you couldn't be making a face like that. There are girls at school who look at the popular pretty girls like that. 

5. [+61, -11] Anyone who's seen the video will know that Yura gave her the once over not once but three times and even glared. I liked Yura because I thought she was nice but I guess you can't judge someone on the outside. 

6. [+60, -12] She did look at Suzy in a rude way, though...

7. [+49, -6] Even if she didn't glare at Suzy specifically, giving people the once over is not a good habit. She's the one who brought this misunderstanding pon herself. 

8. [+45, -9] How can you look at someone you like like that? ㅋㅋㅋ It's obvious she doesn't like her, it's written all over her face. 
NO YOU FOOLS, YURA WANTED TO SLAP DAT ASS SO BAD BUT SHE COULDN'T CAUSE SHE WAS IN PUBLIC. NOT BECAUSE SHE HATES SUZY. Based on how open she is with her affections towards Minah and everyone else in Girl's Day, that scowl/squintduetosuninhereyes/ambiguousexpression was actually a look of resentment towards the world. The world that doesn't let Yura grope Suzy's titties in public, that doesn't let Yura be who she wants to be, that makes her a slave to appearances. 

I feel ya, Yura. I feel ya.

At any rate, this whole thing blew up so hard and fast that Dream Tea Entertainment was forced to make a statement on her behalf:
"Yura wasn't glaring at Suzy... Because of the angle at which the video was shot in addition to other factors, it seemed like she was giving off a bad look... Although [Yura] and Suzy do not have a close relationship, they've met a couple times before... Yura doesn't have any ill-feelings toward her, so she is sad that a misunderstanding like this has come about... Yura has said personally that she likes Suzy a lot... She also has various photos of Suzy saved on her phone."
  • Yura doesn't have any ill-feelings toward her?
  • Yura has said personally that she likes Suzy a lot?
  • She also has various photos of Suzy saved on her phone??
Various photos of Suzy saved on her phone?!

Like this one so Yura can fap to Suzy's boobies?!
Like this one so Yura can fap to Suzy using dat tongue on her?!
Like this one so Yura can fap to Suzy using dat dildo on her?!
That look on Yura's face is clearly sexual frustration and general horniness (hornyness?)!! LEAVE YURA ALONE!!!!!!!!11!!1

But, Yura should actually be a little thankful to the netizen overreaction to this mess. Why? It makes for a perfect conversational opener. Picture this:
"Oh hey, Suzy. Fancy running into you here." Yura says. "You hear about that uproar online between us?" 
"Yeah, Yura. Everyone's heard about it by now," Suzy deadpans, then giggles as she lightly slaps Yura on the arm. 
"Hehe, I can't believe everyone thinks I hate you." 
"But do you?" Suzy simpers, fluttering her eyelashes at Yura. "I simply don't know what to believe anymore. 
Yura's heart skips a beat. "O-of c-course not... Would I hate you if I had all these pictures of you saved on my phone??" She hastily pulls out her cell phone from her back pocket, fumbling and almost dropping it on the floor in her haste. Quickly unlocking it to show Suzy, she blushes a little when she remembers the wallpaper she had just set that morning. 
"Omomomo, that's a nice wallpaper you've got there," Suzy teases. 
"I uh... It was... a good picture of you." Yura curses the stutter and yammering in her voice. This was so unlike her! 'Get your shit together, Yura!' She mentally slaps herself, trying to regain her composure.
"So what pictures of me do you have on there? I wanna see!" Suzy grabs the phone out of Yura's hands, sticking a little bit of her tongue out at her in a display of aegyo. "Merong~" 
Yura blushes again, looking away. 'Stop that! What are you, a fucking virgin?' She unconsciously rubs the spot where Suzy's hand grazed hers. 
"Hey, these pictures aren't very good at all! Why'd you pick all of my gross cutesy aegyo ones?" Suzy asks. 
"I... like your cute ones more?" Yura says. 'Real fucking smooth, Yura. Way to go.' 
"What the...? I look WAY better in my more 'mature' photoshoots," Suzy laughs. She quickly narrows her eyes at Yura suspiciously. "Wait, you're not one of those people who don't think I can even BE sexy, are you?" 
"YOU ARE!!" Suzy gasps exaggeratedly. "You. Don't. Think. I'm. Sexy. Do. You." She punctuates each word with a light poke of her finger to Yura's chest, stepping closer each time until they're only a few inches apart. 
Yura finds herself at a loss for words. Never has she been so flustered like this before, it's an entirely foreign feeling. SHE's supposed to be the one in charge here! SHE's the unnie, isn't she? She came in with a very clear plan of attack-- nice and simple, like all of the other notches in her belt were. Like this one was supposed to be. 
"Unnie~" Yura is suddenly brought out of rapidly spiraling out of control thoughts by a breathy voice in her ear. "Do you want to see my... sexy side?" Suzy's lips just barely graze her sensitive earlobes. 
A faint chill runs down Yura's spine, and her skin breaks out in goosebumps. This is definitely not going according to plan. 
Suzy smirks. "Are you... sure?" She says, drawing out the last syllable. She runs one of her fingers gently down the front of Yura's shirt, tracing every curve of her breast, her body. 
"Yes... I want to see it..." Yura feels adrift in a sea of swirling emotions. Where had she lost control of the situation? How did this go so wrong so fast? 
"I want to hear you beg."



  1. i'd almost like this if suzy didnt look like she'd be in my cousins middle school class.

  2. Stop hotlinking pics you upstanding citizen of African American descent and upload them to imgur or minus. Anyway, I'll fix it for you since an image isn't showing up.

  3. Yura and hyeri checking out that giant badonkadonk but I'm starting to wonder what/who minah and sojin are laughing about

  4. Wow there Suzy, save some of dat Yurass for the rest of us!

  5. it's been so long since we had a good fanfic on here. I remember writing a Hyomin/Eunjung one ages ago, I might try again soon.

    1. also, lyk dis if ur penis cry every tiem

    2. Were you the one responsible for the one where Eunjung spanks Hyomin BDSM style, but ignores the safe word?!

    3. Imma need a link to that fanfic plz

    4. Yeah that was me


  6. tl;dr YET. But since I like Yura's ass and Suzy in general, I will at least look at the pics later on.

    Can we (as in "the adminguidos and us plebian commenfags") make a Gwiyomi ?
    I imagine there being a decent and very fitting amount of dicks, but you know salt'n'pepper did their same in their videos.

    If this seems confusing to you, s'cool.

    1. Please disregard that post, I was somewhat drunk.

  7. The vid clearly tells that Yura is busy checking out Suzy's butthole yet those K-Fags overdo it once again. I srsly want ship this couple, they would scissor each other like theres no tomorrow

  8. dat fanfic...ending it with a tease, oh zaku...i like how u leave the conclusion to readers imaginations

  9. blue! Get your ass over here! We need you to write another fanfic!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Please tell me there's gonna be a second part

  12. Oh really? I do think Yura is a gay, but I'm sure she'll end up marrying a guy... So sad

  13. You know Photoshop is all-powerful when it can actually make Suzy look busty.

  14. girl's gay

  15. They were so busy buggin about this they didn't notice T-ara being more obvious:

    Or all the oppars going like this:

    Or IU being gay:

    Or the straight girls being thirsty AF:

    1. Unf, I want to rip that shirt off of Nichkhun. I just want to touch a body like that just once...okay a lot.


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