Monday, September 16, 2013

Exotics Even Try to Ruin League of Legends

If you didn't know, or you missed my earlier post about League of Legends, the Season 3 World Championships is going on right now. 14 teams are playing for a shot at $1 million dollars ($2.2 million prize pot total).

One of the teams playing is called Mineski, a team from the Philippines (pinoy pride, yadda yadda), and one of their player's gamer tag is "Exo." I think you know where this is going.

This is him.
When I first heard the guy's name, it honestly didn't even register with me that Mineski's Exo shared a name with Kpop EXO. Who the fuck even cares that the two share a name? Exotics, that's who.
With the LoL world championships kicking off, a lot of the pro gamers were coming up on search rankings. EXO fans noticed that team MSK had a player named Exo and started a campaign on internet communities to report his ID to the LoL website to get him to change his name. 

Netizens commented, "Do these fans think the LoL cup is a local PC room competition? The prize is $2.2 million, money that you kids will never be able to make in a lifetime. Stupid EXO fangirls causing a fuss over an ID," "These fans are going to terrorize the LoL cup," "These fans are embarrassing our country and their singers", etc. 

1. [+100, -7] There is seriously no solution to these fans...

2. [+77, -6] Even the journalist sounds pissed at the fans in this article ㅋㅋㅋ EXO cockroaches, do they really not know that they're ruining their own artist's image

3. [+62, -4] Finally a journalist who wrote the real netizen response in his article

4. [+61, -8] No solution to these stupid EXO fangirls... They're a menace to society. How could they report a player over his nickname;; and who cares what his nickname is anyway, what's it got anything to do with them? I swear, only 1 in 100 fans are normal beings... ㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+27, -2] As an EXO fan, this is so embarrassing ㅠㅠㅠㅠ I hope these so called fans will leave the fandom once the group goes on hiatus ㅠㅠ

6. [+23, -2] Are there more lol fans or EXO fans
These crazy bitches want some poor guy (I say poor because Mineski are getting smashed in the group stages if you're not watching or paying attention to the tournament) to change his name because he shares a GAMER TAG with EXO? Do these people have any limits? What's next? Are they going to demand that the eXo Platform software change their names too? Fuck the Enriched Xenon Observatory (commonly known as EXO) too while we're at it. I may not have the most accurate or long-reaching memory, but I'm pretty sure the EXO fandom's insanity is pretty unrivaled at this point.

I will say that it's pretty funny that Exotic shenanigans is getting the online community pissed off because they dare touch the eSports scene. If this is the response to a foreign team's player getting harassed, imagine how bad the backlash would be if a player from a Korean team playing in the tournament was in that same position... I for one would love to see an SKT T1 Exo or something like that, if only for the collective rage of eSports fanboys clashing with Exotic fangirls.

But if you don't care, here's another attractive girl in League of Legends cosplay.




  2. I hope he speaks out about it and tells these worthless shits to fuck off.

  3. Girls on the right looks like she's 10 years old.

  4. I'm from the Philippines. The "Pinoy pride, yadda yadda" was funny! lol. But yeah, why do they even ask him to change his name.? Is the name of EXO group copyrighted or something?

  5. I see lots of car number plates with EXO on it those that mean they're going to make them remove it

  6. I like how you implied that anyone could ruin League of Legends.


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  8. Watch out, they might go appeal to have the word exotic redefined next!

  9. Faker renamed to Exo, just imagine the madness.

  10. Boo, why did you post Miyuko's Sona cosplay instead of her Ahri cosplay, it's much better!

  11. Exo's fine for me. The fangirls are retards.

    Annyeong haseyo yeoreubun. Silent reader since 2011, Jaejung-oppars future anae. :">
    Please take care of me. ._.

    1. People who generalise are idiots,
      I find your comment more stupid than "sasaengs"...
      hope you've matured in the last 2 years and dont write "korean" with Roman letters anymore ....

  12. Pretty soon they'll be petitioning the International Astronomical Union to change the name of exo planets to something else. EVEN THOUGH THAT'S WHERE EXO GOT IT'S OWN NAME.


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