Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hyunyoung is in Rainbow Blaxx, Praise The Lord

Thank You DSP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had feared Hyunyoung wouldn't be in Rainbow Blaxx because she was already in Rainbow Pixie (a subgroup that we should all pretend doesn't exist). Now that Hyunyoung is confirmed to be in this subunit, well, fuck yeah!

At this point, I wouldn't give a shit if somehow SM Entertainment fired Shindong and DSP picked up Shindong to put in this group. He still wouldn't ruin Jaekyung X Hyunyoung.



Boo hoo. Hyunyoung is the hottest member in the group, so it would have been a crime to leave her out.

Edit 2:

I don't have to write shit.


  1. It's rumored that the last two members are Jisook and Noeul because of a recent picture of them all together.
    But Jaekyung + Hyunyoung is already enough for me honestly.

  2. If Ji-sook and the sekushi reppah aren't in this unit I'm gonna get very mad at DSP (not at the girls but at DSP)

    [No., wait, actually IDGAF]

  3. My bias is noeul but I'm not even mad if they didn't add her..

    this is enough for me.. http://i.imgur.com/F2ebxhF.png

  4. shamelessly stolen off reddit

    I'm loving the Gus Gus-like vibe

    1. Thanks to the GEMA those Trailer/Teeser are off limits here in germany so thank you for the upload.

      Now I have seen it all...I am a happy man.

  5. When it comes to Rainbow, I don't have a bias. I only know Hyunyoung because of this blog. The only song I like its 'A'.
    I had no idea there already was a subunit.
    Don't have much expectations about this song/subunit, just looking forward for gifs.

  6. Thank fuck I was wrong!
    All we need now is Jisook and Woori

  7. She's not JUST the hottest, she's also the best singer.

    It's only Tuesday and my week is already great !

  8. So what if she was in Pixie, That sub-group is such a flop anyway.

  9. I just hope they can make the sexy concept more unique than "Runway/fashion model shoot" sexy. I told KPOPKalypse how sexy concepts in Korea now are pretty much lingerie/fashion shoots than actual sexy videos ala Koda Kumi's Shake it or the 03-06 era of sexiness.

  10. The sub unit is official! Jaekyung, Hyunyoung, Woori and Seungah. A little messed up of DSP to spite No Eul like that but I have no complaints.


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