Monday, January 20, 2014

Soshi manager Chapter 4: "Let's do it slowly... and easy..."

I walked in the door and immediately remembered why I had been dreading today for some time. That stupid festival... I don't have anything against Vietnam or anything but I knew that it'd be quite the chore to round up all the girls by the time their flight left. Who knew what ridiculous acts of trivia answering or shoe finding I'd have to undertake to get them in the car?

I checked with Mr. Kim who told me what 3 of the girls were doing. Thankfully I wouldn't have to worry about Yuri who I was still annoyed at from before. Maybe I was wrong, maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all. I left for the academy.

I wasn't sure who she was talking about, but maybe their notes would give some clues as to what they were up to. I looked around the academy to see what I could find.

Checking in the lounge I was accosted by another member of Super Junior. The academy really is infested with them, someone should do something about it. I simply nodded and left Siwon alone to enjoy his sunglasses...

In the practice room I met another person who isn't a member of Girls Generation. Key apparently thinks I have something for Krystal and offered me some sage advice about winning her over. I once again simply nodded before excusing myself. I was hoping he had forgotten about our little competition from earlier but I guess not. I asked him if anyone was in the changing room to which he replied, "Eww I can't go in there, there could be girls in there!"

Just like Mr. Kim said Taeyeon was in the recording studio. I told her we had to get going for the flight but sure enough:

Another stupid test. I thought about telling her I didn't have time nor was I getting paid to do this kind of shit. But I knew it would be pointless. We weren't going anywhere until we got this out the way. "Hurry up and let me fail", I told myself.

Try as I might I couldn't get it right. Oh well at least she was able to leave now. After that unpleasantness I headed to the dorms.

Of course!? Why shouldn't we just be able to leave. I told her I'd find her phone. Not like I have a choice...

At least she was a little helpful. I said I'd check all the usual spots they might go to. (Note the dev mistake.)

Well that was the easiest task yet. I turned around and there it was. I'm not sure why Sooyoung couldn't see it sitting right there.

Yes, maybe you might need more food I said to the virtual skeleton standing before me.

I thanked her for the directions and was happy I was happy to make at least one person happy so far. I wrote down her directions so I wouldn't forget them and added Sooyoung to my girl collection.

I said...

Seriously? Though at this point Yoona's ridiculous request hardly surprised me. In fact I left extra early in anticipation of just such a thing.

She challenged to win 5 games against her. I easily won the first 4...


Anyway I finally beat her again to complete her little challenge.

"No, I definitely noticed" I said. I noticed we were running out of time and I was going to be without a job soon if this kept up.

At any rate I was curious as to what they bought. Oh, something for me? I vaguely remembered Seohyun saying she would buy something for me. Something that started with a 'p', if I recalled.

Ah, that must be it.

I told her I'd enjoy and that it'd taste extra good coming from her. ^-^

Fine I will, I don't care anymore.

With that we were on our way to the airport. Because of my expert planning we arrived early and what better way to pass the time than more stupid quizzes? Seriously, what is it with these girls and always quizzing me?

I answered questions as best as I could trying to remember all the various things I learned from gossip magazines. I knew reading those someday would pay off.

Another person I managed to make happy. I was just starting to feel good about myself when all of a sudden...

I think Taeyeon was still upset from before. She still had that same stupid look on her face.

Whatever. Sooyoung could tell something was going on and said I would hang out with her. Who was I to turn her down?

We had a fun time before it was finally time to get on the flight. I managed to get a tiny bit of sleep before we arrived.


  1. Is there really a Krystal ending? The anticipation is almost too much to handle.

  2. I wish you stop teasing me like that... I know that nothing's gonna happen, but deep down I can't help but expect something... T.T

  3. am i the only one who can't find her LG Chocolate? aish ahahahaha

    1. I thought I was the only idiot trying to actually find the phone.


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