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[MV Review] Girl's Day - Something


Girl's Day's latest offering is a semi-storyline + dance MV that neither breaks new ground nor manages to put anyone to sleep. The basic premise is your tried and true "girl is sad because guy is a shitter" kind of deal that doesn't really get explored too well, but no one's really here for that shit in the first place.

The storyline, if you could call it that, is extremely bare. The most we ever get is Minah driving around with a camera to take some photos of what I assume is her man cheating on her with some bimbo or going for a massage parlor quickie, but let's be real here. The real strength of Girl's Day MVs have always been their sleek visuals and somewhat interesting choreography, and that hasn't changed since they ditched their aegyo concept.

The outfits and styling is clearly inspired by Park Ji Yoon's Adult Ceremony (which has surprisingly aged fairly well btw)

Okay, this is the white version of the outfit, and you can't really tell, but take my
word for it if you're too lazy to watch Adult Ceremony.
Individually, the ladies have looked outstandingly good in the MV.

Some good ol' Sojin for those inclined.
Minah is not to be outdone either.
We all knew there was going to be a certain level of sexiness to the MVs, especially when the teasers suggested we'd get Sojin and Yura in lingerie-esque outfits.

This will always be relevant to a discussion.
We don't get too much of that in the random closeups or the contrived plot bits, though. It's quite the waste of a concept, to be honest but thankfully, the choreography does not disappoint. Although it gets a little lame in places, or downright boring at times, Girl's Day does manage to bust out some pretty interesting moves with the vavavoom you've come to expect/demand.

Okay, the cat slink isn't exactly groundbreaking but no one will take your complaint
seriously with one hand in your lap.
According to the official dance tutorial, this and the previous gif are supposed
to be one whole point dance move called The Cat or whatever.
What a tease.
Also happens to be the second of the three official point dances.
You know how I said there were some stale moves in here?
The feather thing is a nice touch, but lame is still lame. Especially for something
that's supposed to be the last point dance...
This has got to be one of the lamest dance moves for a sexy MV to date.
The song itself is fairly solid, but to my untrained ear, it lacks that solid umph to take it higher than that. Maybe it's just me, but I've come to associate Girl's Day with more upbeat electropoppy dance tracks so this mid-tempo piece is a little lackluster in general for me. Instrumentally, I wish they had done more with the piano backing. There's a bit in one of the verses the piano gets a flair that really stood out to me.

Minah does stand out as putting the whole damn team on her back and singing essentially 70% of the song. I'm not exactly a fan of the breathy falsetto-ish bits that threaten to overwhelm the ear in the bridge either.

All in all, it's definitely a solid track and not a dud at all, but it'll take some growing on you if you don't initially like it. If anything, watch live performances of this on mute.

  • Choreo
  • Styling
  • YURA
  • it's a grower
  • the falsetto tho
  • it's lacking some kind of umph
  • stale moves in places
I give this MV a solid 3.5 out of 5. It's not bad, but it doesn't wow either.

AKF's Take On The MV/Song:

I decided to split the review into two parts instead of trying to intertwine with what Zaku wrote, hoping that this makes it easier to read and follow along as opposed to how we normally write MV reviews.

Just a little back story here, but I thought Girl's Day had a great thing going for them with Expectation and Don't Forget Me, just to see all of that go by the wayside in Female President. Female President is a great MV, but the song is pretty bad after the one minute mark. So, I didn't have major expectations coming into this MV when it came to the actual song. I was psyched when I saw Sojin's teaser, and the MV didn't disappoint in that regard since the thumbnail of the MV is Sojin's tits. Can't get any better than that.

However, the song...just man. What. The. Fuck? I was digging the instrumental when it started. I find it nice when a group changes up their sound a little bit without completely changing what works for the group. I thought we were going to have a great mid-tempo song...until the girls started singing. It's a total mismatch. It's basically aegyo singing to a sultry instrumental. To explain this further, picture this.

Imagine Boyfriend with a death metal concept. Picking the gayest gays to ever gay in gaypop, and sticking them with a hardcore death metal concept where they sing about ripping your spine out of your asshole and shoving it straight up through your dick. Then they jack you off, so the next time you jizz, you're jizzing out little bone chips that belonged to your spine. Then they take the rest of your spine out through your dick again and put it inside of Shindong's asshole. After he has explosive diarrhea all over your face, shitting out your spine into many separate bones, you are force fed to eat everything that came out of Shindong's ass. You see remnants of corn that he didn't digest, beans, Kibum (the former Suju member who "became an actor" but was actually eaten by Shindong), and your spine. All of this comes from a song that Boyfriend sings as they make you suffer all of this at the same time.

Huge mismatch, right? Well, that explains the instrumental and singing in a (nasty) nutshell.

I like parts of the choreography, but as mentioned by Zaku above, there are some retarded dance moves thrown in. That last gif Zaku posted where it looks like the girls are doing the reverse cowgirl standing up seems to be a major diss at Sojin. She's 27 years old, which I guess would be 72 in Kpop, so Dream Tea probably thought that doing a move like this would be too much on Sojin's arthritic knees.

Nigga, ma knees won't let me go down that far anymore. Fuck you, and fuck me while standing up.

And that is how that awful "sexy" dance move was created. I think that dance move explains the song in a nutshell: it could have been great, but "Something" is missing to make it great.


  1. MV is soft porn and song is ear rape, that is all.

    1. I wouldn't call it ear rape. It's more like ear boredom-inducing-thing.
      Same as with their previous two singles, it's over-sexualized.



    3. yeah ear rape is an exaggeration, it just makes you snore

  2. doing that thing with your knees all the time can actually be a bit painful if you don't eat right and have enough vitamin d etc, especially because of the fact that you're very likely to sprain an ankle or something in those heels when you move quickly

  3. They aren't using falsetto throughout the song tho, it's mainly an airy modal voice.

    1. I had no idea what the technical word for it was, but thanks for the assist. l0l

    2. That's what I'm hear for ha.

      On a side note, I actually really liked the song.

  4. as much as i love everything that i'm seeing (i hate that bouncing at first, but... xD), i wish they just reserved this song for Minah's solo. I think it perfectly fits her. Well, not that bad though when we have all of these xD

  5. It did indeed take some time for me to get into the song , and just like AFK I was totally digging the intro until it started, the first time around. But now I'm totally in love with the song and dance ( I don't really think dace is that bad). Minhas voice totally shined in this song and all in all I think it was a great comeback.

    1. There's obviously two reviews in the same post...

    2. Wow, how did I miss that ?
      I read this article and everything seemed kinda consistent, as if it's from one person. WTF

    3. There's even a heading and paragraph about splitting the review. I must have been distracted or something, because I do NOT remember that at all...

    4. It's okay, Yura's tits are a good enough excuse to use for as to why you missed that lol.

    5. I tried hard to not be distracted by that udder !

  6. I felt like this song and vid was too much of the same for Girl's Day. Meh

    1. I kind of feel the same way.

      BTW, are you going to post your Dal Shabet review here? If not, I can review it myself, but I found your's to be hilarious and great, so I would have no problems if you posted it here.

  7. It would be nice if they added some twerking but fangirls would be on their asses... lol.

  8. I like the song but other than that, they look cheap as fuck, and i don't know about you, but push up bras and shit aren't really attractive.

  9. Loved the song and MV. The falsetto's were a bit distracting, but man did it ever grow on me!!!

  10. When I saw "collaboration with Chuck" I was really expecting to see some of Chuck's great illustrations.


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