Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Stuck in my Head ~ Song of the Day 8

Song Ji Eun of SECRET came back with another solo single a few months back.

"False Hope" is a hauntingly gorgeous song that I fell in love with no quicker than her first solo. I thoroughly loved "Going Crazy"; so when I was notified of another single from just her, I was ecstatic. So, I hope you enjoy her, too.

I think she does "vengeful (ex?)girlfriend" ballads very well.

Again, I am not doing a song critique or anything. Just sharing. I am also interested in what you guys are listening to (because I have no interest in searching for new Korean music myself). Show me the good stuff, please! =)

So if any of you have any recommendations, please send them to me via the comment section below, e-mail (, twitter (akf_shinbi), or ( Thanks, FISHies!


Since Korean music is in general very catchy, I find myself addicted to songs constantly, leaving them on replay for days hours on end. So I thought I would share some of the many songs that I have been addicted to lately. 

The whole point of this article is just to share music with each other. This is in no way one of our funny or trolling articles. I notice often in the chatroom (up top), many of us are telling each other what are good songs and which artists to listen to. So I felt that maybe posting them in the comment section below on an article would make it easier to navigate whose recommendations you trust. They can be old or new songs. Like I really care.

Feel free to post the song stuck in your head at this moment. You don't have to post your entire Top 25 play list right now either. These articles will pop up frequently, so you can share one song at a time. 


  1. Try it's cold by epik high and scent of a woman by ailee,

  2. Try it's cold by epik high and scent of a woman by ailee,

  3. When she had her comeback last year, I didn't even realize she had a solo debut, but it was a nice song.

    Side note, is the size difference between these two pieces of text in the article on purpose?

    Have some consideration for our eyes and the sake of readability, I beg of you Shinbi.

  4. Try to listen to LeeSsang's "Turned Off The TV (ft. Tasha & Kwon Jungyeol of 10cm)", K.Will's "Bluffing", Lee Seunghwan & Lim Kim's "Soap" or Geeks' "Raining (ft. Park Sumin)" :3

  5. i learned to love 희망고문 but it took some time. the moment it was released, i find it bland and boring. good thing i decided to listen to it while having my bus ride to school.

    my recommendation is a davichi song...
    the tile is "다신 찾지마" (Don't Find Me Again)
    i always love Haeri's belting.hehe xD

  6. I have been listening to Boa every heart, AoA miniskirt, and fx shadow all week

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  8. MAMAMOO'S Don't be Happy ft. Bumkey has been stuck in my head lately. It's a pre debut track, so I'm looking forward to their actually debut. They have a lot of potential. Take a listen I bet you won't be disappointed.

    And the actually mp3 track is a lot more R&Bish.

  9. AOA's Under the Street Lights has been on repeat all the time for me lately. It's a soft song for them but still with a mature concept and unfortunately a little too much rapping (any at all is often too much). May be boring to most but this is the shit I go for most of the time xD

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  11. Reminds me of older 2PM

  12. GLAM's In Front of the Mirror hits my insecure feels. Such a good song though!

  13. I have been listening to Gary's "Shower Later", IU's "Modern Times" (the full album) and Girl's Day's "Something" ever since they came out.

  14. I've been listening to F-ve Dolls' Can You Love Me, F(x)'s Pink Tape album(esp. Airplane), IU's Modern Times album, and anything by Hello Venus.

  15. ok, not gonna lie, i have been listening to c ute, so i am lost with Korean music too

  16. BNR's "Didn't Say Anything" is an excellent hip-hop song, and the video is pretty unique too:

  17. I've been really into
    -Girl's Day- Something: it grew on me and with Minah's vocals, the song is almost flawless
    -TVXQ's Something: this shits on Keep Your Head Down
    - Secret's Telepathy: pretty old but refreshing
    - Secret's Neverland: OLD BUT REFRESHING
    - Ailee's How Could You Do This To Me
    - You're My Destiny- Lyn
    - Sistar's Crying: Hyorin wrote this and she did a pretty good job
    - Song Jieun's Datemate

    I'm almost lost with Korean music too, but I think it's because 7/10 of new releases suck and I'm pretty picky.

    1. Oops, I forgot to mention Ailee's Ice Flower and Evening Sky. Her ballads are better than her promotion singles, tbh


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