Monday, January 6, 2014

Jooyeon Says Fuck Your "Levels"

So, last month there was a "dating scandal" between So Ji Sub and Jooyeon. And you know how Koreans are about their "levels"...

1. [+531, -34] After getting into a scandal with Ji Sub hyung, she's getting articles she never used to get written about her

2. [+149, -98] What a weird way to wear a snap back ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+48, -9] Jooyeon benefited from the scandal while Ji Sub didn't

4. [+23, -19] People are so negative... It's not like Jooyeon-ssi caused a crime or anything. Are you jealous about her scandal? I've liked her since Invincible Youth, actually... ㅋ

5. [+16, -8] There is quite a gap in levels... how dare anyone even think of climbing over the wall that is So Ganji

6. [+15, -38] She is erally pretty... I can see how So Oppa would've fallen in love with her ㅠㅠ

7. [+14, -6] As long as she's not dating So Ji Sub

8. [+11, -2] Why is this article ranked #3 when there are 60 downvotes and barely any comments... is this media play.

9. [+10, -2] Definitely getting a lot more articles after her scandal with So Ji Sub.. She was practically a nugu in After School. I guess this is how she gets attention. 

10. [+10, -2] This is why she will never be on the level of So Ji Sub. She's using the scandal to raise her public popularity. Tsk tsk tsk. 


So Ji Sub would have to be one gay ass nigga (how would the politically correct version of this go? UCHO-UCAAD sounds clunky. If anyone has a good abbreviation for a politically correct term for 'gay ass nigga', write it in the comments section below!) to not want to bang Jooyeon just because she's supposedly on a "lower level". Hell man, I would pull a sulli_fag and sniff Jooyeon's butthole -- that's how fucking hot she is.


  1. "Homosexual buttocks degrading term for African Americans" would be the politically correct term I guess. And she's on a level all on her own I don't know what they're talking about XD

  2. I don't even know these people !
    I guess the girl is from After School, judging by the picture.

  3. Upstanding Citizen of African-American Decent of Homosexual Orientation or UCAADHO... Close enough

  4. Any guy who claims to have "levels" is a liar.

    If Jooyeon was a homeless woman, every straight guy on this planet would still want her.

  5. She looks 12 in the first pic. Even looks younger than the Crayon Pop girls. But then jumps back to womanhood in the following pix.


    yeah, obviously "lower level"


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