Monday, January 13, 2014

Younha - Not There

Last month, Younha graced us all with her latest mini album, and I recently got around to listening to it since she made her comeback during my finals week, so I forgot about until someone on my brought it up again.

I really, really like this song in both versions. The MV version here is the version without the rap segments by the Eluphant members, and the album version contains the raps by Eluphant. She has performed both versions live, and I find both of them to be jjangbak.

This isn't a proper MV review because there really isn't anything to review in the MV, so it would be forcing jokes as if you were watching Modern Family.

Here's the album version.

Props to Younha for letting her vocals mesh with the instrumental instead of trying to overpower it. That's why I can listen to Younha all day and Hyorin for 15 seconds.


  1. i don't get the deal with hyorin. korea need more younhas.

  2. She is a pretty underrated singer in my opinion. That being said, I know her from Epik High's 'Umbrella', and none of her solos really suits my taste, so I kinda stopped following her. This song is just ok.

    She reminds me alot of Navi.

  3. I am a huge fan of Younha.
    So happy someone else in this blog cares about her music.

    1. I've been a fan since Houki Boshi haha.

    2. Hello ~ another Younha fan here! Her resonance is no joke *spazzes*.

      Let me be a vocal and just say Younha >>> Hyorin

  4. Hyorin is too much lol, She does high notes every 20 seconds in her songs.

  5. I need more of this in my life... Time to do more research about her.


  6. And here I was thinking AKF doesn't recognize Younha.


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