Tuesday, October 21, 2014

LABOUM - Pit-a-Pat

Sharing the same name as BESTie's debut song, I had high hopes that this song would also feature a lot of ass shaking. Well, I am sorry to disappoint you all.

Now writing my tenth article in a row (in addition to two articles I translated for Hallyu Interview), I needed something upbeat, especially after listening to Teen Top's shitty song. I had seen Laboum's name mentioned, but I haven't had the time to check them out.

This song is both really good and really bad at the same. It has a very addicting chorus with a nice melody, but the verses are really fucking dull, as the beat slows way down as if the song was a ballad. This song is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but at least this song isn't as bad as the game.

I think Laboum might be a nugu group to look out for those of us who like nugu groups. This song could have been really good, and that's really the only reason I am interested in this group.

Okay, I would pee in their butts.


  1. the autotune is killing the song hard

  2. And what about the coke snorting at 2:33, was that normal to you? This place is full of sick people, I swear...

  3. I appreciated whoever choreographed the dance since they actually split up the group into smaller sections to do different routines instead of having all 6/5 of them perform one action while 1 of the them is singing. The song is okay, but one of them sounds like a child.

  4. I Love the stage presence but TBh the instrumental is a lot better to the ears . The Choreo is fun especially at the high note where the other members are acting like crazy fangirls and shit

  5. Hyeri 2.0 is fucking hot. She's one of those girls who I won't mind to do a rimjob on. Even after a poop

  6. They're hot, but the red haired girl looks like a retard when she flings her hand around in the chorus.

  7. I like when the cyclopes mugs "surprise, look at me" for the camera.

    I look forward to when they debut a sexy concept; It will either be hot or hilarious.


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