Saturday, October 18, 2014

Younha - Wasted

I wanted to write a full review for Younha's song, but this is my seventh article I'm writing in a row tonight (I'll most likely only write once a week, but all at once from now on), so I'll just sum up everything below.

Like I wrote in my Akdong Musician and Jieun articles earlier tonight this week, I really enjoy songs like this when done correctly. The song starts off slow, gradually adding the instrumentals until the chorus kicks in, and then the verses slow down a bit in the first half of the song to contrast with the chorus, and then the song builds up more and more in the latter half of the song.

I find this song to be an apology for the lackluster remake of Umbrella, which Younha released earlier in the summer. The song wasn't bad, it was that the original was really good and half of the good elements (i.e. Epik High) were removed from the song, making it sound lackluster in comparison.

Apology accepted, Younha.


  1. i was so happy when i listened to this (well happy about the fact that at last somebody was able to release a ballad to which i can give multiple listens) coz the song itself is pretty sad.......wonder when she will stop releasing singles and albums in japan and make a full album comeback ?

  2. Younha's is the only ballads I can actually listen to so this was quite excellent.

  3. Younha's elated that you received her apology well.

  4. Her songs are one million times cooler, better and more well-sung than IU's.
    But she loses in the looks dept, and only that.
    Well, I'll still be a Younha fan.


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