Monday, October 20, 2014

[MV Review] Teen Top - Missing

In an effort to try and review more boy band MVs, I selected the most recent one on Loen's channel (as of October 11), so I selected this MV. I am already regretting this, and I chronicle my horrifying experience below.

0:00 - Man, I fucking hate Teen Top's music...

0:20 - Now I have to pause and give my ears a rest already. This a sappy R&B song targeted towards teenage girls to make their panties moist. I am a dude in my early I'm definitely not in the target demographic for this piece of shit song.

0:30 - The chair choreography makes me want to watch Red Velvet's "Be Natural" MV again.

0:35 - Not the rapping, NOT THE FUCKING RAPPING!

0:52 - Thank God that shit is over.

1:15 - Is Niel the only one who sings?

1:35 - This beat is so monotone.

1:40 - Jesus fucking Christ, NOT THE RAPPING!

2:00 - Thank God the rapping is over.

2:30 - These guys need to learn from Red Velvet.

3:00 - Only 30 more agonizing seconds left!

3:33 - Finally!

I am glad I am not a chick because I would be listening to dull music like this all the time. 


  1. Some of us get it, Boy Bands fucking suck, I want to fap to female girl groups like a "Creeper" /antikpopfangirl.

  2. Boring song, Miss Right is the only good song I've heard by them. I loved following along with your commentary to the video

  3. song is actually quite ok, or my gay friends' bad sense of music is infecting me

    seriously all my gay friends either like jazz,blue jazz or r&b like wtf

  4. I liked the beat. The twinkle sound. But anyone could sing over this and I would like it only for the music.

  5. FFS, not this one again. I made the dumb mistake of calling this one a shitty song in the YT comments, and a whole slew of spanish "angels" zerged me! I fought bravely, but then I had to run like a scared girl eventually...

  6. A few of my favorite songs are from guy groups, but there aren't a lot of them that consistently release good songs. It's either crappy generic ballads or R&B snoozefests like this one.

  7. I actually quite like it. A lot. I had given up on Teen Top after "No More Perfume On You" but this song actually made me want to give them a chance again.

  8. I just can't take anything by a band called Teen Top seriously. and that one dude Niel creeps the fuck outta me


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