Monday, October 27, 2014

Tamaki Nami Is Still Living In 2002

Tragic. I don't think the song is bad, but it sounds very similar to the Gundam Seed songs she sang 12 years ago.

I was a huge fan of Tamaki Nami from 2002 to 2006 when she released her best music, but I find this sad to see an artist go back to a sound that is over ten years old. It works for rock bands in which all of the members are old enough to be mummies (such as Van Halen's latest album), but for someone in her mid-20s, it seems far too early to be rehashing a former sound. What makes is worse is that she had some great songs produced by Osawa Shinichi, one of my favorite Japanese producers.


  1. Great. Now i have to watch it all over again. KIRAAAAAAAAAA

    1. I only made it through 35 episodes of SEED. No idea how I finished Destiny. I loved it the first 1/3, thought it was okay the middle third, and the last third made me really hate the SEED franchise. The music was the only good thing to come from the SEED franchise.

    2. I started to hate it when Lacus and Kira became sluts as well. But the emergence of Freedom made it all better.

      The way I see it

      River>Find the way>Believe>Everything else

      I cried like a little bitch when I first heard of Mika Nakashima. The only thing I hate about her is the fact she did Nana.


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