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[MV Review] TaeTiSeo - Holler

It's been a while since I did my last MV review (and Chuck is rightly yelling at me because I took so long to write this one), so I figured why not do it for Seobot?

Here's TaeTiSeo's comeback track, Holler.

I for one did NOT appreciate this MV very much at all. It's your standard dance-in-a-box + closeups MV from SM's usual playbook, but everything's so... fake and artificially put together, it's offsetting.

For one thing, SM was too fuckin' cheap to put together real sets, so a good chunk of this shit was straight CGI green-screen to cut corners. Don't believe me? Take a look at the title card in the Youtube preview and tell me how much of it is real. (*insert SNSD are fake plastic surgery monsters joke here*)

Seohyun still has trouble winking after all of these years, god bless her robotic soul.
MV production values aside, the visuals themselves are quite bright and vibrant if nothing else. The girls are well-styled (ASIDE FROM THE TRAVESTY THAT IS SEOHYUN'S YELLOW DRESS PANTS), though I can't help but think the Ariana Grande look should stay on Ariana Grande.

I must admit, revisiting this review in the wake of Jessicagate really changes my perception of the girls. Just look at Taeyeon.

I bet she "persuaded" SME's investors to kick Jessica with this technique!!
Or maybe she bullied Jessica out herself?!
It's also rather surprising to see such blatant product placement in an SM MV. Typically you only see nouveau rich luxury brands or shit for their stupid Genie app (did they discontinue that yet??), but here's several pairs of Razor Kraken Neons on the girls...

They (meaning Razor) later gave autographed ones away... I tried and failed to win a pair, l0l
The dance isn't that good either, Like you may have noticed in the Ariana Grande cut of the MV, there's not much to wow you as far as technicality or fanservice or even basic interest goes. Like I speculated back in the Twinkle MV, I'm pretty sure none of TaeTiSeo either give a shit or are capable of giving a shit about dancing anyway. That's never really been the draw of SNSD in the first place (shut up Hyoyeon stans, and you "SNSD has perfect 9 member synchronized formations" stans can sit down too), so I didn't really expect much anyway. That said, it IS kinda lame to see such a shit dance.

The song itself is pretty boring, man. You'll quickly get tired of the chorus ("HOLLAAAAAA, HOLLAAAA, HOOOOOOLLA"), and anything else that tries to get your attention will quickly be HOLLAAAAAAAAAA'ed out of your brain. Short of listening to the song itself, the only thing that'll stick in your memory is HOLLA. LiteraHOLLAly nothing else.

Chuck's thoughts since I co-opted his original post:
If anyone outside of SNSD sang this song, no one would have ever paid it any attention. The stock beat in which you hear the same fucking note repeated throughout the whole song is bad. It's there during the chorus and during the verses. The only way you really know the chorus has arrived is listening to TaeTitSeo shout "Holler" a few times. 
The refrain is just some vocal wanking, followed by an awful rap from Tiffany, followed by more vocal wanking. The producers made the song loud and overdosed on the vocal wanking to mask how downright boring the instrumental really is.
It is a shame that the song is so bad because the girls are so hot. Now that Sexica is out of the group, Seobot is back to being my number 1 again.

Again, mute the MV and fap away or whatever. f(x) really needs to make a comeback to save SM from having a really shitty second half of the year musically. TaeTitSeo's "Holler" did nothing for me.
I tend to agree with his points. HOLLA is a shit song, and it puzzles me why anyone would greenlight it as the title track, especially when ADRENALINE is on the same mini. Seriously, that song is so much better than HOLLA in every way.

At least we get the image of TaeTiSeo laughing at some brokeass scrub and his shit car + small penis.


Song sucks, do yourself a favor and listen to Adrenaline instead.


  • Seohyun is hot
  • TaeTi is hot I guess
  • song sucks
  • dance sucks
  • MV is cheap shit
  • this isn't Adrenaline
I give this MV a 2 out of 5.


  1. I saved this picture as "zakuisadumbfaggot.jpg"

    Upcoming Articles:

    10/24: [MV Review] TaeTitSeo - Holler

    - Anti Kpop-Fangirl

    Updated: 10/11/2014

    1. It's okay though since this took like 8 weeks for Zaku to review.

    2. don't let him off the hook! we need some drama in these parts

  2. It's not cgi
    Watch taetiseo ep 4 4/7 on YouTube to see the set

  3. Watch taetiseo ep 4 4/7 on YouTube to see the making. I don't recall seeing any green screens

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       ▀█▄▄▄█▀      ▀█▄▄▄█▀

    1. I see you posted another Dick pick on another post. Which one is real?

  5. Completely agree with the review except I would rate it 0 of 5. Terrible song, boring choreography, and complete lack of fan service skin or tight outfits. Yuri's not here to save them. I will never watch the MV or listen to the song on purpose again.

    Taking into account the Jessica assassination/ambush/listen all y'all it's sabotage, these three Macbeth witches make it impossible to watch anything they do without thinking "bitch" every other second. Welcome to irrelevance, ladies.

    1. Nothing makes me smile more than seeing a Jessica fan being salty. lol

  6. When they sing the chorus that dance move looks like they're hollering a cab. omo, and the song is actually called HOLLER! How very appropriate indeed! Whoever thought of this brilliant artistic touch should get a raise

  7. The song is an utter piece of shit, god save our ears, and the adrenaline song isnt that much better too imo.

  8. any track in the album would have better than holler..........adrenaline,whisper and stay are top choices
    SM needs to re-evaluate their idea of what makes a good title track because they have been sucking at it throughout the year.............

  9. Twinkle is better in ever single aspect. Song, album, MV, costumes.

    But I still love to look at Taeyeon, especially when she's slutting it out just the right amount.

  10. I'm one out of the five people that liked this.

    1. you and me both, actually.
      IMHO Tiffany looked and sounded the best and I totally disagree about the rap, it was WAAAY better than all the raps in IGAB and The Boys.
      The chorus sounded like "Hao le! Hao le!" in Mandarin, and saying it in an annoyed tone would mean "Enough! Enough!"

      Tiffany: 5/5
      Song and the other two: 0/5 (I agree that the jumpsuit must go)


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