Saturday, October 18, 2014

Short Version of Amuro Namie's "BRIGHTER DAYS" Released

Queen MILF Amuro Namie has come out with a new song, "Brighter Days," that is the theme song for the drama "First Class 2," starring Sawajiri Erika.

This is a mid-tempo song that is very welcome as Namie has spent the past two years releasing very awful EDM tracks sung entirely in English. This is the first song since "Naked" in 2011 that I liked.

Plus, she's a MILF. Yeah, I know that has nothing to do with the actual song. Most of guys here have that one friend who has a hot mom and would always say "I would do your mom." I'm sure Amuro Namie's son hears that all the time from his friends.

In other unrelated news, I find it kind of funny that Amuro Namie, a hot, unpure Japanese woman is singing the theme song for a drama starring Sawajiri Erika, another hot, unpure Japanese woman. Maybe this is how I could get a threesome with them:

"Hey, like both of you, I'm not 100% Asian. Therefore, we should have a threesome."

Then they would agree based on our mutual bond.


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