Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Takimoto Miori Joins Band "Lagoon" And The Band Releases Short Version Of Debut Single

This news came out of left field all of a sudden the other day. Japanese actress Takimoto Miori is returning to her roots and joining a rock band named Lagoon, in which more details are in this article from Tokyohive.

Miori is no stranger to music, as she was part of a nugu idol group before she became an actress. As per the norm, the band's music was such ass that I can't even find any of their songs on YouTube. Not even a short version of some obscure song.

Anyway, I've always liked Japanese rock and Takimoto Miori is hot.



  1. Love me some navel and nekogirls

  2. MUCC is the first and the last Japanese band that I will ever listen to. Everyone else just pale in comparison after listening to them

    1. Try Dir en Grey.
      I actually spend money buying their records, and I'm a stingy one.

    2. And btw AKF, pls do more of such articles like these. Your music and artist reviews and POVS are actually good cos they actually make sense.
      And IDGAF that it's not Kpop yeah.

    3. Nah. I'd rather listen to Miyavi than DEG. They just don't mix well with my ears.

    4. Not a fan of screamo. if you take out the vocal, i could probably listen to their songs though


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