Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Big boobs in k-pop guide part 2: the boobs that Kpopalypse forgot

Ever since I did my big boobs in k-pop guide post, I've been inundated with people complaining that my list left out their fave.  I knew this would happen, after all such an exhaustive topic is never going to be "complete".  Not only did I leave out some people, but several new performers have also emerged as possible contenders of interest, so it's time for a follow-up post to address these concerns and educate the general population in the virtues of k-pop boobs.


WARNING: before you click to read more - this post is bigger than Puer Kim's rack.  Prepare your browser appropriately for a large deluge of images of k-pop boobs.

Note that we are once again grading female boobs in four separate key areas:

Size - the amount of raw "pearly volume"

E Factor - enhancement using push-up bras, padding, etc

PS factor - surgical enhancement, also that "other" PS, Photoshop

Fanservice - if a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around to hear, can it be said to have made a sound?  Likewise, if a k-pop girl has busty assets but never shows them in a positive light, is she in fact busty at all?  The answer to both of these questions is obviously "yes, so stick your Zen Buddhist philosophical wank up your ass" but we'd still like to see more fanservice from k-pop girls.

All k-pop girls will be given a final score for boob fapability which is a combination of all the above important elements.

Nominations were taken from ask.fm and also I added a few picks of my own.  I included most of the nominations but not all, so if your fave isn't here it's probably because I'm ignoring them either because they didn't meet minimum bustiness requirements, or maybe I neglected them deliberately just to be an asshole.  Feel free to complain about that on some forum somewhere or whatever.  I do not claim this list to be complete, merely the best that I am motivated to do.  Anyway here we go and we may as well get started with our header image k-pop schoolteacher:

Puer Kim


Also featured in the blackboard image at the top of this post, Puer Kim's assets are so formidable that apparently jealous netizens have been campaigning for her to get a breast reduction.  As if we didn't already have enough reasons to hate the hive-mind, there's one more.  It's safe to say that Russ Meyer would have started a k-pop agency if there were more girls in Korea with figures like Puer Kim.  Her broad shoulders suggest that the boobage is legit, too (natural boob volume is often related to shoulder span).  The question is though - how  much of this is push-up?


Maybe some extra volume is added from the industrial-strength underwear required to hold such boulders, and why wouldn't she want to present them positively.


In her "Purfier" teaser (which unlike 99% of teasers is worth a look because none of the footage is replicated in her actual feature tracks), Puer Kim lays a bunch of fruit out on the table and asks you to guess the most likely size of her tits.  Even though the photos sometimes show rockmelon-worthy dimensions, I'm picking the orange as the closest raw volume equivalent.  But who's complaining?  The only thing keeping her away from snatching Martina's crown is that I haven't seen any bounce yet.


Woohee (Dal Shabet)


When I first saw someone nominate Woohee for possible inclusion in this post I was like "you must be kidding me, she ain't all that".  But then I did some research and found some recent pictures that made me understand the nomination more clearly:


Okay, now we're talking.

Damn, are they absolutely sure it's even the same girl?  Anyway, whatever, I don't care who it is, I can definitely still fap to this.


Viki (ex-Dal Shabet)


I decided to make ex-members of groups eligible this time, and what a good decision that was, because I now get to include Viki in this list.  Viki quit k-pop seemingly to pursue a career in the "erotic film" industry, and you can read more about that plus view some video links to exposed idol boobies here courtesy of Asian Junkie.  Don't forget to bring your popcorn.


What you will notice when you start watching the videos at the link however is that Viki's boobs are very much a surgical creation (I think the popcorn picture was from before she "upgraded her appearance").  Viki also gets shopped quite a lot, such as in this cover for Maxim which very obviously has some severe shop work on the boobs:


I'm not really into this type of look, but I guess in the world of k-pop everything is artificial anyway, so why not go with the flow?


Jaekyung (Rainbow)


Jaekyung was chosen for the Rainbow Blaxx "sexy" subunit and it's easy to see why.  She also sure takes a lot of motherfuckin' selcas.  Some look like this:


And some look more like this:

Maybe it's all in the angle.  Who knows how much boob is really there?  It could be one of k-pop's greatest mysteries, but the variance in boob size probably rules out surgery in favour of different types of support.  What's less of a mystery is that Jaekyung looks good so nobody really cares.


Woori (Rainbow)


Rainbow groupmate Woori also meets required standards and is happy to display cleavage, a sight which is thankfully becoming more and more common in k-pop due to trainblazers like her.  She also looks pretty busty in the photo above but there's clearly a bit of smoke and mirrors going on, this casual selca while sleeping on the train probably reveals the correct proportions:


It's still quite an amount even in worst case scenario, and hopefully the above image fulfills your JAV-style public transport molestation video fantasies.  Now that's fanservice on another level.


Hyunyoung (Rainbow)


Rounding out our Rainbow trilogy is Hyunyoung, who probably has had her cleavage Photoshopped slightly in the above photo for Maxim (who should be required by law to photograph all k-pop girls) but here's a sleepytime photo to give you a better idea:


Posture is of course very important when displaying boobs so for someone to still look busty and maintain most of her volume even in this decidedly not-glamourous photo with a crappy hunching over position is impressive!  It means that we're dealing with the real deal and not a Photoshopper's fantasy.


Rainbow aren't exactly a hugely successful group so you know that it must be the songs that people don't like - because the girls sure are likeable!




Clara was excluded from the first boobs list because she wasn't in k-pop at the time, but since that list came out she's done a song with House Rulez and she's also working on a solo song of her own apparently, which I'm sure is going to set the k-pop world on fire, or at least apply to it some significant warming friction.


We all know Clara is going to score big in this list here especially with regard to fanservice given that that's largely all she's famous for up until this point.  The big question is however - are they real?


Looking at video evidence, I see a lot of firmness and I don't see a lot of bounce happening even during very bouncy dance routines, so I'm tipping some hefty implants (even though she reckons she just "got prettier").  Still, it's not like I gotta feel them when I go to sleep, so I don't care that much if they're real - their positive impression during photoshoots is still real, and my thirst is still real.




Ivy was some k-pop singer who had a controversy so she went on a career break for a few years to "reflect" as netizens are so fond of making people do - then she came back a few years later and netizens resumed the bashing anyway like she never left.  Just goes to show that nobody should ever listen to those pieces of shit.


Don't ask me what the controversy was about - I think it was some bullshit because she fucked some dude when she wasn't supposed to or whatever, but I dunno.  Add it to the ever-growing list of things I really don't give a fuck about, a list that some of you have noticed is getting pretty long:


I DO give a shit about some things though, such as spreading the cause of boob appreciation, hence me spending days of my life selflessly making this post for your enjoyment and entertainment.  I thought that would have been fairly obvious to everybody but I guess some things are never obvious enough for some of you deadshits out there.  Anyway here's a picture of Ivy plus some dude.


That should please any of you people craving some saucy man-meat objectification to balance out all the female-perving.  You can't even see his face - can't get any more "reducing 'em to an object" than that.  Don't ask me who the guy is though, I'm too busy staring at Ivy's boobs anyway.  To think that she retreated from the public eye for years due to netizen cyberbullying, denying herself a career during k-pop's lucrative golden age and denying me fap value... and then netizens have the hide to go and accuse others of bullying, like the hypocrites even have a leg to stand on, while this hottie gets locked up without even a webcam to strip in front of.  It's a crime, I tell you.  How pathetic is k-pop internet culture, pathetic enough for me to blog about it, that's for sure.  Support Ivy and troll a netizen today.  Or if you can't manage that, at least fap to Ivy and ignore a netizen today.


Dahye (BESTie)


I'm pretty sure Dahye is most people's fave in I-can't-believe-they're-not-nugus BESTie, one of those great new groups where everybody meets required standards.  Unfortunately, Dahye insists on wearing 2267 layers of clothing in every photo of her ever, so determining true breast size is difficult.  This means we have to go to selca land to get a true indication.


Even these photos, which is about as much cleavage as I've ever seen from Dayhe, don't really tell us a lot of accurate information.  It's just as well that Dahye is cute and therefore easy to forgive.


Someone needs to tell this girl that "There's Something About Mary" was just a film, not an instructional video.  I'm suspecting a fairly modest boob size, but then maybe Dahye is just playing them down so as to not make the other members of the group feel jealous.  Not that any of them are really all that far behind her in terms of hotness.


Qri (T-ara)


Qri may be hot enough to get on my bias list but that doesn't mean that she actually has boobs of note - if anything it just goes to show that you don't need to be busty to be considered hot by Kpopalypse  (it's just an advantage, so there is hope, non-busty Kpopalypse fangirls!) .  I can't believe Qri was even nominated for this, surely she's the least busty member of T-ara, certainly in terms of proportionate height-to-boob ratio.  I mean okay, some of you linked this photo, and her boobs do look huge in it:


But so does her hair braid, and her lips - and even the button on the dress, so that should tell you something about the illusion that the camera is generating here.  And these are the only photos of her with anything even vaguely resembling cleavage.


She can layer up with thick leather and bras on the outside of her clothing in "Sugar Free" all she wants, nobody is fooled.  Well, almost nobody.  You guys nominated Boram too, but I'm not even gonna go there.  Come on now, are you that easily hoodwinked?


Hyomin (T-ara)


Even more ridiculously, nobody nominated Hyomin.  Look at her smiling like the cat that swallowed the cream, she's all like "ha, it's so hilarious that I'm so fucking hot and I'm promoting my new song "Nice Body" and it says "Nice Body" on my shirt, can you uggzilla haters feel the burn yet?".  Even the other hotties in her own group are jealous, I can only imagine how everybody else feels.


She's even got her fucking measurements on her clothing.  It's like she knew she was destined to appear in this post and only wants to make my job easier.


Looks at the shadow under that shirt, outstanding boob clearance.  If she did the IBC the result would be similar to Sunny's, but unlike Sunny, Hyomin hasn't really grappled consistently with fanservice yet, which is a shame and maybe why she slipped under your radar.  Or maybe you folks didn't nominate Hyomin because you just felt that her inclusion was a foregone conclusion.  If so, you were right!


Hyoyoung (F-ve Dolls)


I was going to write about T-ara's ex-manicurist-seeker and bathwater-hogging specialist Hwayoung, but then I remembered that she has a sister with far more determination who at least two people still actually care about, so I thought I'd write about Hyoyoung instead.  They have exactly the same rack anyway.  The key difference, of course, is that Hyoyoung hasn't really discovered fanservice yet, which is a pity, she's another k-pop girl with nice boobs who is determined not to show them, she's always hiding behind 6872 layers.


Hwayoung on the other hand flops out her heavily propped-up titties for the public at any opportunity given to her, usually when T-ara are having activities at the same time so she can ride off the T-ara fame a bit more, probably because it's literally the only thing she's known for these days besides having a piss-poor attitude.  But you've already seen all Hwayoung's pics and videos because she's thrusting them in your face all the time in desperation so no need for me to link any of them here.  Maybe Hwayoung could teach Hyoyoung a thing or two about being determined to show tits, and Hyoyoung could them return the favour by showing Hwayoung how to play nicely with others.


Minhee (Stellar)


As the most busty practitioner from the group who most heavily flew the "sexy concepts pay the bills so STFU" flag in 2014, Minhee was heavily requested and it's easy to see why.  Her boobs are so nicely displayed that even other group members can't keep their hands off them.


However I do suspect a lot of padding, because Minhee wasn't rocking this much boob until recently.  It's true that she may have "got prettier" but Minhee's "Marionette" outfits even incorporated exposed padded bras into their design.


Hyoeun from Stellar was also requested, and although I actually find Hyoeun a lot more attractive generally, she's got a long way to go to reach Minhee's level of cleavage exposure... and so do most idols, unfortunately.  Let's hope Minhee can keep blazing that trail and doesn't get closeted back up with some stupid concept where she has to wear hanbok and do heart signs and shit.


Nam Gyuri (ex-Seeya)


You can tell that Nam Gyuri is another brilliant KKS recruitment choice, does the man have the eagle eye or what?  Of course, she had some issues with him or whatever so she's no longer part of Korea's second-most-gangster record label, and that's a shame because I'd like to see more of this in music videos:


This dress looks straight out of Stellar's "Mask" video.  However such a loose-fitting dress plus very firm boobs underneath also leads me to suspicions of an "upgraded appearance".  We may not be sure but we can certainly speculate on it and write blogs as if we know what we're talking about for the amusement of others.


Crayon Pop

I was about to do a big write-up of all the Crayon Pop girls but then I got a knock at my door.  I opened it and was greeted with this sight:


Choa and Way informed me in no uncertain terms that they heard that I was doing a boobs post and that they wanted no part in my shady objectification schemes.  They mentioned that any such postings on my part highlighting the boobs of Crayon Pop members might lead to other poorer people in the vicinity of my dwelling suddenly becoming somewhat richer at my expense due to them accessing wealth redistribution services.  Being a friendly, cooperative sort who likes his life uninterrupted by mishap, I hastily agreed to not include Crayon Pop in my boobs post.  Also note that Strawberry Milk's song "OK" is really good, why don't you click on this YouTube link and play it a lot, make sure you disable your adblocker so Chrome Entertainment makes maximum revenue, and note that there is nothing to see in this video that is boob related.  At all.  Also don't forget that if you ever see a Crayon Pop girl in a CF, you are legally obligated to purchase that product or service.  Thank you.  Moving on:

Hyerin (EXID)


EXID have been wearing a lot of form fitting clothing lately and that's a good thing.  I especially like Hyerin's form, sure she's muffin-topping it a bit but I honestly like that too.


Super cute.  Of course those turtleneck sweaters mean that there could be literally anything under there, but that's okay, I can just imagine that I'm this teddy bear:


What's softer, that teddy bear, or what it's up against?  Like all the best k-pop scandals, we'll never know the truth... but we can imagine - and fap.


Hani (EXID)


Hani definitely isn't as busty as Hyerin, and she's also not exposing any more than her, but you people seem to all like her a lot so here she is anyway, because I'm all about pleasing others.


At least she's got some good fanservice going on when it comes to props:

Someone really needs to help her out and show her which end of that thing is used for what purpose, she seems a bit confused.


Wendy (Red Velvet)


Fast gaining a reputation in k-pop circles as "Big Boobs Wendy", the bustiest member of SM's replacement girl group for the laughably redundant and utterly shithouse vocalfag wank-group CSJH The Grace, Wendy at first slid quietly under the radar of k-pop boob appreciators.  This however all changed quickly when she took on board some advice from yours truly and was snapped out and about in the following clothing:


I think her true bustiness is yet to be proven however.  Never understimate the power of horizontal back and white stripes when applied correctly as per Kpopalypse instructions to enhance boob volume.  So far other official photos have not yet backed up the busty impression of this street shot, suggesting that her company is playing their cards close to their chest... or at least too close to Wendy's chest to let us get much of a peek at it.


Whether Wendy will continue to remain of interest to boob connoisseurs remains to be seen, but I think she's off to a promising start.  It's early days yet!  Did anyone notice Sunny's boobs all that much back in "Into The New World" days?  It's doubtful, so let's give Wendy time and see what the future holds.


Haein (ex-Gangkiz)


I've always liked both Gangkiz and Haein, and I can't believe that I left her out of the initial boobs post.   Gangkiz flopped incredibly, but why?  The only thing wrong with them was that they were a marketing mis-step, Gangkiz had great songs and great girls but insecure fangirls don't want to know about a mature-age sexy girl group like this.  Also maybe "Honey Honey" was just a little too similar-sounding to T-ara's "Lovey Dovey", which had just been a huge hit so people probably felt like they were being sold the same song twice and understandably said no.  But who cares about that for now, let's talk about tits.


Haein is genuinely busty - you know someone's got serious boobs going on when they hunch over in a poor posture and it actually enhances rather than detracts from their boobpearance (that's a new word I invented just now, feel free to use).  Her body shape is the kind that you see on more busty women too, so surgery is unlikely... and she looks busty in every photo, even the ones where she's got her arm in the way:


According to the wiki page on Gangkiz, there's only two girls left in the group and Haein isn't one of them, but even that's optimistic - chances are they've been permanently disbanded.  I can only hope that Haein gets in some more bikini videos like the crappy one she was in for T-ara last year.




"G is for Guess" according to the shirt, and IU has been a popular nomination for this post - it seems she the one who's been making you all guess as to whether she is a late bloomer, "got prettier" YG style or is just wearing more padded bras lately to fit in with her more mature post-illness image.


I'm tipping the third option.  Girls can do amazing things with bras, pads and tissue paper - but that's okay because I can do amazing things with my penis when I look at the result.


IU approves, look at that smile.  Or maybe she doesn't, I don't care.  May she be continue to be hot and enjoy her "close relationship" with male k-pop idols.


Lee Hyori


Lee Hyori has an impressive rack.  But how real is it?  Inquiring minds wish to know.

This picture would be better if the deceptive clothes were removed.

Ah, that's better.  Okay, it's a pretty safe bet to say that there's no padding in this photo.  Her boob profile pretty much fits those of natural boobs too, i.e there's a lot more weight at the bottom of the boob.  If only all k-pop stars were this helpful.


Thanks Lee Hyori for making my job here dead simple, I appreciate it.

Nam Young Joo


Nam Young Joo is a relatively new singer on the k-pop scene, who some of you may not have heard of.  I certainly hadn't heard of her until she was suggested for this post, and so I promptly did some research to see if she was eligible.  The results were.... amusing:


Someone over at her agency is clearly in love with Photoshop's "liquify" filter, because every official Nam Young Joo photo has got crazily obvious Photoshop all over it.


I can't fap to this, my brain is too confused, it's like fapping to that Dali painting with the melting clocks.  Please stop messing with her proportions, whoever you are.


Nada (Wassup)


It has been called to my attention that Nada of twerktastic 2013 nugus Wassup has some nice boobs.

They're probably a bit shopped in this photo, or she's arching her back a real lot, but hey whatever.  At least the shopping if it's there actually looks reasonably believable, Nam Young Joo's photographer take note.

I like Wassup because they don't play the game by the k-pop rulebook in a lot of ways, such as their commitment to fanservice which goes above and beyond what most k-pop groups and individuals can muster.  They seem to be pretty focused on an international audience only, and I say good.  Never mind Korea, send these boobs directly to Kpopalypse, thank you.


Dain (Wassup)


Wassup's best kept secret is Dain and she is cute as shit, and her boobies are fucking nice.  I know she's a well-kept secret because Nada got tons of nominations for this list, but Dain got none.  Even this duckface photo above is tolerable.

Holy fucking shitballs she's cute.  Honestly her great rack is just a bonus.

The fuck.  How come Wassup's company can find girls like this and other k-pop agencies can't.  BRB fapping.

Seo In Young


Ex-Jewelry member Seo In Young's boobies are just fucking weird.  They always look bizarre in every single photo.  I've tried to figure it out and I just can't, I honestly don't know what's even going on in that dark space between her boobs which is at least as scary as Taeyeon's.


Maybe it's Photoshop, maybe it's a botched surgery, maybe she's one of those girls who has had really fluctuating weight in the past and it's altered her chest area a bit, or maybe it's a portal to another dimension.  We can call it The Large Hard-On Collider.


Look at her all-knowing stare - only Seo In Young knows the secret, and she's not telling.  In the meantime, she continues to taunt us with her cleave, prodding the deepest wells of our subconscious, inviting us to stare through the gaping chasm of flesh into the void beyond.  A creation Lovecraftian in scope that pure science cannot comprehend.


Yewon (Jewelry)


Yewon from Jewelry is here with her magic wand of boob appreciation.  She should probably turn her magic abilities to helping her group not flop for a change, but hey if she's not going to act in her own best rational self-interest and instead is just going to show us her boobs I'm not complaining.


She seems pretty happy about it.  Yewon isn't shy of a bit of fanservicey underwear modelling and certainly does a better job of modelling for Yes than Hyosung who won't even show us both bra cups.


Even selcas come up very nice thanks to sensible Kpopalypse-approved application of horizontal black and white stripes.  I never really paid much attention to Yewon before so thank you to whoever nominated her, for making me aware.  Also I am a bad person for not supporting this girl more.


Gain (Brown Eyed Girls)


I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that I don't think Gain's boobs are really all that big.  I just think she's very, very good at presenting what she's got appealingly.


Gain's especially good at presenting herself appealingly for molesters and perverts to fantasise about her.  Lots of her music videos seem to depict people forcing themselves on her and doing rude and legally ambiguous things.  Here she is defending herself against an attacker with a vicious guard dog.  Gain's body language and the scary dog's gnashing teeth say "no" but the mind of the viewer (represented by the sign on the left) says "yes".


Another picture taken after the molester/viewer has attempted to have his/her (not all perpetrators of sex crimes are male, you know) way with Gain, tearing off half her clothes off and exposing her boobs before the guard dog's gnashing teeth finally sent them on their way.  Gain's face looks sad and dejected, and the guard dog also seemed displeased having been unable to protect Gain from a thorough humiliation.  However the sign saying "yes" still remains, suggesting that in the mind of the attacker she really wanted it.  This is fanservice on a completely different level, known as "rape fantasy", or in k-pop as "classy sexy" (and just to clarify I think "rape fantasy" is okay as long as it's with consenting folks and doesn't become "rape reality").  It must all be the same thing, because Gain gets called "classy sexy" all the time, and never gets hate for her sexy concepts.  It's probably because she gets raped in a lot of them, therefore in the minds of crazy fangirls who can't separate fantasy (aka their "young emotional story") from reality she's being 'punished' for being such a 'slut'.


Gain has tapped into the thinly-veiled misogyny that underpins k-pop and psychologically mined it to come out on top of everybody in the slut-shame-game.  She's five steps ahead of you at all times.  She knows what you're thinking, before you think it.  She's already put your hate letter in the mail to herself before you even picked up the pen to write it.  She's already made you jizz yourself before it even occurred to you to unzip your pants.  Are you even reading this?  Probably not, which just proves my point.


Kota (Sunny Hill)


Kota impresses me as a Gain 2.0 with a similar sexual vibe, bigger boobs and great potential but unfortunately nowhere near the same level of fanservice, which is a pity almost as enormous as her rampant boob squeezing in the visually fantastic "Monday Blues" video.


Appealing and fanservicey Kota boob exposure is extremely difficult to find anywhere.  Somebody needs to get on the phone to her agency and tell their company that we need more of this type of thing and less of... not this type of thing.


Here's Kota dialing the emergency red phone to boob appreciation HQ, demanding more fanservice and Maxim shoots.  We hear you, Kota!  We'll do our best here to influence the k-pop loving population!


Baek Ji Young


Baek Ji Young has been in the k-pop as well as the k-entertainment game for a while now, and guess what?  You guessed it, she's got some bustiness going on, so here are some pics of her.


This picture was shot in Australia, and for a brief second it looked like she had a pistol-grip on some kind of weird space gun before I realised that it's just her beach shawl or whatever behind her right hand creating a very strange illusion in my overactive mind.  A massive disappointment, I'd love to see a film where Baek Ji Young runs around in a bikini showing this level of skin exposure and saves Australia from space aliens.  Somebody with money and the right connections please make this a thing that happens.


I don't know much about her singing career, I got the vibe from the photos that it's mainly a bunch of shithouse ballads but this isn't really true as it happens (thanks AKF!).  Her boobs look nice so maybe I'll consider listening at some point.  Yes, the entertainment world has come to this, I'm just more honest and candid about the reality of it than most folks.


CL (2NE1)


It's often been overlooked by all but the most courageous boob appreciators, but CL has been busty ever since 2NE1's debut.  Time to delve into the latest extreme sport sweeping the k-pop world, a pasttime so extreme and dangerous that it may never receive full safety accreditation from sporting regulatory bodies - "extreme CL perving".


I guess it's fortunate for me that CL's boobs are on display very rarely; it's telling that a Google image search for "CL 2NE1 boobs" mainly brings back pictures of Bom.  However when CL does decide to show the world how good it feels to be bad and bring out the gizibe cleaveage, she arguably out-busts all her groupmates with clearly natural assets plus copious amounts of push-up.


I know what you're thinking - "Kpopalypse, how can you be so certain that CL didn't get a boob job"?  Come on, of course I'm sure - think about it.  If CL was even remotely inclined towards any plastic surgery at all, surely she would have started with her face?


Hong Jin Young


The cute singer of "Love's Battery" has amazing boobs.  Hong Jin Young clearly appeals to the older boobs pervert demographic so I guess that would be me.  Yeah trot music certainly gets a bit repetitive but then so does fapping and I enjoy that, so why be fussy about it.


I don't know what else to type, I'm kind of busy right now.

Oh that's right - this girl releases like one song every four years or some shit.  She needs to get out and about in front of cameras some more.  How come she has hardly any good MVs.  That's all, really.  Sorry I don't have much blood in my brain right now.


Sojin (Girl's Day)


I was surprised to see Sojin nominated so heavily by Girl's Day fans for this blog post.  Yep, Sojin was definitely the Girl's Day member with the most nominations, no doubt about it, which was weird because along with Minah (who wasn't nominated at all and won't be included here despite being my fave in Girl's Day) I always felt that she was one of the not-so-busty members.  I mean sure, sometimes in photos Sojin looks like this:


But then when I look at fancams she's always more like this:

Sojin's bustline is never very consistent, and always bigger in still images for modelling than for stage shots, which is a sure sign of large amounts of shopping.  Every day might be Girl's Day but it's still not every day that you can fool Kpopalypse!


Hyeri (Girl's Day)


I'm forgetting someone of course, aren't I?  Why yes - Hyeri is often noted for her appearance.

I really don't think Hyeri is all that busty either, she just has a really skinny frame which makes her boobs look bigger in proportion. I'm just including her here anyway though for the sake of being a completist as much as is possible and making sure I didn't leave out anyone obvious.  After all, I wouldn't want anybody complaining.
 And that's it!  Nope - definitely didn't leave anyone important out this time!


That coffee girl in Bikiny's "Take On Me"

I don't know their names so I can't do specific ratings but that girl making coffee from 0:25 onward is an iconic moment of extreme k-pop push-up boob fakery and needs to be included in this blog.

Also I like that other girl in Bikiny with the face that looks like a rabbit.  Rabbit faces are cute.  If you've got more information please leave in the comments below.

Juhyun/Sihyun, Narae and Bohyung of Spica

Noticing that Jiwon was in the prequel to this post, everyone hurriedly nominated all the rest of the girls in Spica.S, the subunit that was created so Spica's BoA could take time out to go and get a boob job to keep up the boob volume pace with the other members.  You might think that's just my wishful thinking but when the full group comes back in a few months and she's got an "upgraded appearance" remember Kpopalypse called it first.  Anyway here's Spica.S for your fapping pleasure just because it's too much work to do an entry for all the Spica.S members, they're all about the same anyway in terms of fap.  This post took multiple days as-is so I'm being lazy here.

Anyone who is or was in After School

Yeah.  Just me being lazy again.  I write about those girls enough as it is and I don't wanna do like 5 entries.  You all know what these girls look like anyway.  Here, have a video.

AOA (Areolas of Angels)

Nobody from AOA was nominated, which is good because they all look damn fine and I don't want to do a post for all these members either.  Also, Jimin isn't that busty, don't let this group's expertly-deployed optical illusions fool you - she's just short.  And hot.

Anyone who is or was in Nine Muses

Fuck no.  Half the female k-pop trainee population of Korea has been through that group.  I'll be updating this post every week for the next six months if I commit to putting Nine Muses members in it.


Hahaha no.

Oh wait... wait... stop the presses!  There's just one more girl that I remembered to include just now:

Yura (Girl's Day)


Seriously though, try searching for boobs of any other Girl's Day members besides Yura and good luck as Yura keeps appearing in the search results anyway.  She certain has an ample rack.  Some might say it's surgery but I doubt it judging by the high amount of jiggle-friendly footage out there (I won't link any because I've linked several Yura jiggle GIFs before and you've already seen them all).  I think she just eats boob-enhancing food more than other group members.


I've been ignoring Yura for months in fap posts and it must have been the idiotic and borderline-illegal behaviour of Yura fans acting like spoiled, entitled children that temporarily erased the will to post Yura ever again from my brain.  Don't make me get the law involved.


Yura fans, you're on probation.  Remain on your best behaviour from now on if you want future Yura content.

Okay so that's it.  Don't ask me to do a third one of these posts before at least two years have passed.  This shit fucking took forever!  Happy fapping from Kpopalypse!


  1. That picture of Yura in the police outfit *_____*

    Bless this post and bless you

  2. Hyomin's first pic is scary

    where's Minah

    also Amber where

    and one thing I notice about the guy's body in IVY's last photo is how disproportionately small his legs are.

    1. Neither Manber nor Minah have any business on this list.

  3. woohee does have some goods in the boob department...


    ...but things with her are mostly about nicely balanced proportions overall and qt face, like naeun.

    dahye is really an ass girl, don't know who mentioned her boobs or why.

  4. some puer kim (fan of both her boobs and music) :

    1. Damn I was hoping you had a previously unseen stash of brand new pictures but these are just from the "Bank" video.

  5. "The boobs that Kpopalypse forgot" - I don't know why exactly, but this made me laugh.
    It's as if you have some kind of enbooblopedia in your head. hah

    1. Hong Jin Young is turbo-plastic, mate!
      Like the Bikiny girls!

      Just how I love it.

  6. Large Hard-On Collider. Ha! That'll make the geeks happy.

  7. sorry but look at this qri pic https://twitter.com/mqrie_/status/516193644169027584 (and https://twitter.com/b940722/status/516957236082388992 btw)

  8. Clara's boobs are definitely silicon made. I'm not exactly a boob guy but I know a thing or two about boobs.

  9. Watch Sunny Hill's "Is The White Horse Coming?" MV if you feel like it's a Kota boobs day

  10. I was hoping you would include Fiestar's Jei:

  11. Apink bomi and eunji have some OK boobs as you can sometimes spot on variety shows, but i think they might be enhanced by the E factor, the are a cute concept group nonetheless so let's not pick apples from a banana tree

    1. i've always admired Bomi's perky chesticles


    2. a blink is worthless shit.

    3. Bomi has nice tits and it has been known even though they mostly tried to hide it till recently.

    4. Even back from My My:

      They really did try to hide them tho because Korea is much more sensitive about boobs than other things and they wanted to have a pure image.

    5. It's only because of their songs. They give the masses a grand delusion that they're actually doing a REAL pure concept. They were shaking their butts in their choreographies for My My and No no no.

    6. Waste of time to include Apink because they would score so low on fanservice that it would negate all other factors.

  12. I really lost my shit at seo in young part xDDD btw,Nine Muses's Kyungri got some nice boobs

  13. Han SoA!!





  14. Apink no (nono)?

    Clearly u have not been educated in the wonder that is Bomi boobs

    1. It doesn't help the cause when you don't provide some (photo) evidences to back your claim

  15. Rainbow should have stuck with the A concept so we can have much more fanservice.

  16. I hope you do this again next year, so I can vote for Serri:

    I also wanted to thank you for mentioning Dain (I thought I was the only one that noticed her), and for bringing Viki's skinemax scenes to my attention. Merry Christmas

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