Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Minah Fails to Grasp Korea's Hottest Spring Fashion Trends

Recently solo-debuted Minah of Girl's Day is making the rounds for the promotion of her hit new single "I am a Woman Too." We all knew she was a woman already, but I'm sure she had her concerns from being seen as the derpy kkap queen with a side of aegyo all the time. Not that she isn't a derpy kkap queen with a healthy serving of aegyo, but you get my point because I'm getting off-topic.

Her recent street performance outfit has been drawing criticism for being behind the times.

At first glance, you might think her nude blouse and high-waisted shorts are simply par for course in Korea... But there you would be mistaken. Times have changed, and it's not about the high-waisted shorts anymore.
1. [+357, -18] The pictures are uncomfortable to look at

2. [+286, -15] Her shorts are shorter than my panties...

3. [+278, -25] Really? They're making her perform on the streets? Did they get rid of the concert stage at Migliore or something?

4. [+27, -18] Those pants make you look so cheap... it's gross
I want to bring your attention to the second highest rated comment on the article. "Her shorts are shorter than my panties."

Clearly, the netizens are not amused by Minah's fashion faux pas. Let's take a look at a normal sized, normal pair of panties for reference.

Pretty normal and comfy for daily wear, right?
(I wouldn't know, I'm just assuming. Pls no judgerino)
Minah's shorts are definitely not shorter than these, this is objective truth. If Minah's shorts aren't shorter than these normal-sized panties, and if netizens are the infallible source of truth/fashion/pop trends we all know they are, that leaves only one possibility. In order to maintain the veracity of the statement "Her shorts are shorter than my panties," the only explanation left is that netizens are wearing longer panties than what we previously expected or thought to be normal. What panties exist out there that would make this statement true?

That's right. Granny panties.

If at least 278 people agree with that statement, we can assume by Law of Netizenbuzz Associative Property that at least 2,780,000 million people agree with this statement as well because we all know Netizenbuzz's readers all agree with whatever the hottest Korean trends are saying. And if Netizenbuzz's readers all agree with it, then it's pretty safe to say there are many more people sitting behind their computers nodding in agreement but too lazy to log in to upvote more. For those reasons, if we have at least 2.7 million people on board with a fashion trend, I'd say that's more than enough to establish a hot trend.

Minah's clearly behind the times as far as fashion goes, and while I'm embarrassed for her, I'm more disappointed with her management. How could they fail to realize that panty fashion has swung back from the risque to this more modest form of underpant comfort? 

The irony of it all is how Girl's Day used to catch shit for diaper fashion, but now Minah is catching shit for not being aware of granny panty fashion. Truly poetry.


  1. She was dressing to her dancer's tastes:

  2. The only bad thing about it is the top looking so fucking stupid and wearing high shorts is of course absolutely disgusting.
    WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH KOREA that they think those hight cut shorts is in any way acceptable?

    1. The most disturbing thing is that I like the design of the granny panties far more than what she was wearing.

    2. Welcome back to the conservative hellhole of Korea. President Roh's liberal rule was a golden age for kfaps. Now it is all gone...

  3. Those netizens are just so ready to hate on anything Minah does (#3 and #4) that they could not see the elephant in the room.

  4. The other possibility is that netizens are full of crap.

  5. It has been going on for a while. I call this the safe sexy approach


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