Sunday, March 15, 2015

The things I would do to Seulong

I've recently come to appreciate the example of human perfection that is Seulong. I'd known about him for years through his inclusion in 2AM, but I'd never paid him any attention because, ew, 2AM. He caught my notice lately, though, with his overshadowing of almost everyone in the Uee drama "Hogu's Love" and his appearance on "Unpretty Rapstar."

To satisfy my newfound craving for all things Seulong and in response to HAM IT UP U BLASPHEMOUS BEAUTY's recent request for moar dick* on this site, I present this gift of Seulong pics to everyone.

In extra large photo size, because I know how you like it

* DISCLAIMER: No visible dick appears in this piece. My Google image search for "Seulong dick" only turned up random clothed photos of him and this link to a particularly disturbing OH thread on Chanyeol's bulge (something I did not, in fact, need to see in my lifetime.) A search for "Seulong's long dong" proved equally fruitless. 

While compiling the pics for this piece in my "Hot male idols" folder, which up to that point contained only a single photo of Hyunseung on the one day he looked attractive, I was struck by just how hot Seulong is.

Look at this glorious piece of Photoshopped perfection.
If I cared about abs, I'd be moister than a Pillsbury cake.

Also known as the Seulong Special

It's not just that he's attractive, he also makes me want to do things. So many things ...

With that in mind, I've carefully curated the following photos and present them in ascending order of how strongly they make me feel things. Enjoy.


  1. Replies
    1. Can I request one for Jaehyo?

    2. I don't know if I could do an entire one for Jaehyo. But I might be able to pull something together for Block B as a whole. Surely, somewhere online there exists a leaked Zico sext.

    3. Just have Jaehyo come first.


  2. Replies
    1. Your approval means so much to me ;___;

    2. An article just the way I like it...tons of pics and relevant sentences!
      Next request...Choi Tae Joon PLEASE!

  3. That last photo...I guess you like men with drinking problems. Kappa

  4. he changes from ugly to hot so idk, changmin(2am) is still my fav

    1. But Changmin is the worst one of the group. I would do nothing to him.

  5. I wholeheartedly support posts of this nature

  6. Replies
    1. The sky's the limit with Seulong. That's part of what makes him so inspirational.

    2. I'll assume that you would give him a rimjob before you would peg him.

  7. Let's get married Fany Pack...oh wait I can't.
    I'm not male.
    Anyway, I went to Alaska once.
    Fave place out of all the places I've ever visited.

    Strangely, I kept thinking of a certain Mr Plastic Pants while scrolling this entire article.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the post, Ham It Up, and Alaska, as well. It's a pretty awesome place most of the time.

      I only thought of JYP once while making this post, when his excruciating little face showed up in one of Seulong's photos. 0/10 would do nothing.

  8. For a vocalist of a ballad group, he is unexpectedly hot <3

  9. This is disgusting.
    Everyone knows pussy drowning occurs when JoKwon arrives.

  10. Since a few people are requesting can I request one for Infinite (mostly Sunggyu and his small eyes)?


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