Thursday, March 12, 2015

Best of the Worst: March 12, 2015

Hello again, friends, haters and social misfits! The week was a standout one for Clara. She avoided a lawsuit with advertisers, the CEO of Polaris Entertainment was arrested, and she released this book:

Available at a grocery checkout near you

  • Ailee's a WHORE for new sexy photoshoot. After that nude pix leak, girl should have known she can't ever take off her clothes again. That's her punishment for someone leaking her private photos to the world.


  1. Jihyun is the true AD Carry of 4Minute, can shoot arrows and throw darts with pinpoint precision... Why love anyone else?

    1. Jihyun is a really good leader as well, she looks after her girls.

  2. Fuck! I was hoping Clarallah would be discraced and deported by the overracting Korean public and be forced to give $20 blowjobs in my neighbourhood to survive.

  3. @Ailee comments; "What a shameless foreing bitch." - Shit like this makes me want to bomb South Korea so good Korea can finally free those mind criminals.

  4. When I was watching the CF, I was like "this bitch is crazy", and then she said "yes, I'm crazy". It startled me so much that it gave me a boner.

  5. She must really hate vampires...

  6. All that cooking looks delicious. Very gif-able.


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