Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Interview with Lim Kim

Hi! Soyeon Friend here with an exclusive interview with Lim Kim. Lim Kim as you know has experienced a huge surge in popularity with the tracks "Love Game" and "Awoo". Recently, she was kind enough to take time out her busy schedule and record this interview where we reminisce about old times.

Well, since we're short on time let's jump right into it.

I've missed you too. Not many people know this but we used to date. How long has it been?

Do you remember why we broke up?

We had problems in the bedroom, do you remember?


Oh? I didn't know that! Well it was a learning experience for both of us then.

What was your favorite part of our relationship?

Ah, yes!

Do you remember how we used to play dress up?

Great times!

What one word would you say best described our relationship?

Well, I'm not sure I'd go that far. But the cat costume definitely added another dimension to things. Would you ever consider another type of costume? What about an octopus?

Just the cat?

But enough about us. Have you started dating again?

And how is that going?

May I ask how things are going in the bedroom?


Well, I'm pretty sure I can relate.

It reminds me of the phrase I still think of when I think about us...

Well as we're running short on time I think we should wrap this up. Did you notice I did this interview without pants on?

Any final words you'd like our audience to know? About you. your costumes, or anything else?

OK well you've been a good sport throughout this interview but it looks like we've got to go. I'm sure our audience learned way more about us than they wanted to. Anyway, thank again, bye!


  1. This is awesome ! Time for me to listen to some of her songs =D

  2. "My role was being... cat". Nice work.

  3. lol
    what is the source of the audio cuts though ? even her talking voice is super-sexy
    plus she looked A+in that love game mv

  4. A coup de force!

    Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

  5. That was creative and funny! The award of excellence goes to you.

    "It's not gonna cum" was my favorite, BTW.

  6. This is the freshest thing since international versions.

    1. Please bring those back





  7. Nigga is retarded. LMFAO you win ftw

  8. Truly a success story. The things you did to that sweet girl.


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