Saturday, May 23, 2015

[Review] Diplo, CL, RiFF RAFF, OG Maco - Doctor Pepper

CL + a can of Dr. Pepper + rushing a song to get home = disaster

Normally when I review a song I listen to it a lot of times, but in this case twice was the most I could manage. It would seem unfair to give my verdict on it when I've heard it so few times, plus I didn't want to delve too far into the part of my brain that stores shit music for fear of remembering other nightmares that I wiped from my memory. Thankfully, someone else has already reviewed it for me.; anon: "will you be doing a review of CL's american debut?" CZ: "I can review it right now: It will suck."
Are you a wizard?

If you really must listen to a song about Dr. Pepper, here's a lower budget but much better one with actual rhymes:

At least there is still some semblance of hope left for Blackjacks because there is going to be a full album with more songs. I'm not too hopeful though.


  1. When I see the word Riff Raff all I can think of is Rocky Horror

  2. Ran out of lyrics? No prob: Just repeat the same few words ad nauseam.

    1. Also add some "bitch" and "shit" for good measure.

  3. So many names just for one song...
    I do recognize the name "Diplo", however. But only from one song: Robyn feat. Diplo - Dancehall Queen:

    Also, the CL song is obviously worthless trash. Barely even music.

    I never had Dr. Pepper.

  4. She needs to step up her game or get eaten alive

  5. Og Maco should have dissed Keith Ape to start a war, would have made the song more exciting.


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