Friday, May 8, 2015

Stupid Things Fangirls Utter 77

This week's photo comes from zephyr:

But wait! There's more...

Thank you for your submission!


The person texting these random people practically used his/her entire phone's battery to pull this shit. This took real dedication. Probably was too busy fapping inbetween sending photos saved onto his/her phone.

I was not entirely sure what to write about for this post regarding these screen shots. I guess I am just going to share this because we cannot unsee this. So. Yeah. This is a thing... that people do.

But that one guy though who wanted more...

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  1. It's kinda wonderful the way that the fangirl (dunno if it's a guy, or a girl, but 'fangirl' seems the appropriate term in this case) is completely oblivious to the phenomenon of what-the-fuckery. They actually think someone WANTED to see their gay slash -- when that person is clearly just sitting there, looking at their phone going, "What the fuck? Okay, I gotta see more of this, because... WHAT THE FUCK?!"

    --Andrew S.

  2. Hahaha I used to do crap like this as well. I remember sending my friends some pictures of shirtless kpop idols just to piss them off. I was disappointed because the best response I got was 'don't send me pictures of naked asian guys' :(

  3. I remember seeing this on tumblr circa 2012 and the artist getting hella mad.
    It was funny af

  4. Replies
    1. If you do, please share your experiences.

  5. i am still not capable of understanding the mindset of those who ship others that far and still think it is the right thing to share their thought like that, even so far as to have the one that got shipped to know of such thing.
    i know that the internet is incapable of convey the emotion of shame, but there's a limit, goddamn it!

    that person is lucky i am not the receiver. we are going to have a fun time of me lecturing that person till that person decided to block me.

  6. What the fuck. They wanted to see more ? Is everyone secretly gay or what ?


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