Saturday, May 2, 2015

Jiyeon's Fancam In China Is Just Amazing

I normally don't write liking articles like this one, but I have finals next week, so I haven't had the time to continue my Jessica fanfic. However, I would let Jiyeon sit on my face and give me a Cleveland Steamer. Just GOD DAMN whenever I watch this fancam. My dick is more raw than Bobby's deep lyricism.

I hope this helps you forget Eunjung's terrible solo debut.


  1. I think we need to talk about that Elsie thing. I've never been much of an Eunjung fan, but instead they throw us some RV landwhale-tier face in front of us? Funny idea, terrible execution.

    I hope we'll one day see a T-ara solo that isn't generic R&B ballad trash.

    1. It does seem pointless to give her such a throwaway song for a solo and then focus mostly on some other girl in the MV.

  2. The worst part is that Eunjung wasn't even IN the video.

  3. I likey likey this fan cam! But ELSIE's solo meh. I hope the LONGER version of the mv will be more intresting.

  4. Cleveland steamer, Alabama hotpocket... where the hell do you guys take these terms from? Do all major cities or states in the US have some sort of twisted sexual act that involves shit associated with their names? I'm afraid to say "belgian waffle" now...

  5. There needed to be a much better camera work for this to be good, you don't even see below her waist 90% of the time.


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