Thursday, May 21, 2015

Kim Ha Neul To Be In A Movie Where She Romances A Student As A Teacher

However, she plays a teacher that romances her students.

If she was my biology teacher in high school, I would let her do experiments on me after class.

"Miss Kim, I don't understand the reproduction system very well. The diagrams don't explain enough."

"Alright," Miss Kim said as she started unbuttoning her shirt. "First, as you look at my rocking tits, blood will start flowing to your penis, which is how you get an erection."

I nod my head as my pants get tighter. Miss Kim had taken off her bra and her tits was hanging out in full glory. She knelt on her knees and started unzipping my pants. She forcefully pulled down my pants and underwear.

"Next, after the male is fully aroused, the woman starts pleasuring the man," Miss Kim said as she grabbed my cock and started stroking it. "You need to know that the head is most sensitive part," Miss Kim said she as licked the head of my dick.

Next, Miss Kim stuck her left index finger in her mouth and got it dripping wet. "The fastest way to make a guy cum is to massage the prostate gland."

I was confused as she said this, as I remembered the prostate gland was on the inside. All of a sudden, I felt Miss Kim's index finger up inside my asshole. "You have to massage the prostate gland from the anus," she said as she kept fingering my asshole while sucking my cock. I didn't last very long since it was my first time and jizzed in her mouth.

"Normally the guy would then start sucking on my tits and licking my pussy and asshole, but since you're my little bitch, I have a special prize for you," said Miss Kim. She pulled out a strap-on dildo from her desk...and the rest is history, which is how I got turned onto pegging in the first place. Later on, Miss Kim said she wanted me to give her an Alabama Hot Pocket, but at that age, I wasn't into that stuff.


  1. Anti kpop-fangirl - High quality discussion.

  2. Oh, so that's why you keep talking about pegging.


    Because everything is funnier this way.


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