Tuesday, August 25, 2015

8 Absolutely Atrocious Songs That I Am/Was Addicted To

I never exactly considered myself as someone with great taste in music nor am I an expert, but I do know this — I am a person who sticks by my opinion. Or to be more specific, I used to be a person who just follows what other people think is good music and shit on what other people think is bad music — just following the trends rather than having an opinion of my own. Yup, I was a sissy like that. But eventually, I grew out of that stage and began to enjoy music on my own terms.

Now just a quick warning: This article is probably going to shock you (or you might find it relatable, what do I know?). The songs I am about to mention in this list are either one of these:

  1. Songs that I forced myself to like just because I had no personality/liked because I had terrible taste in music (probably applies to the older songs on this list)
  2. Songs that I am well aware are indeed horrible but just can't stop myself from listening to
  3. Songs that I simply downloaded because my 100-year-old playlist is desperately hungry for new songs so again. I force myself to like them.
Now that we have all that cleared up, read at your own risk, and let's keep our comments section clean! Just remember that these are songs I am very much ashamed of listening to. So, without further adieu, leggo. 

(Listed in no particular order)

Jay Park - "Mommae"

Now this is one of those songs that when I first listen to, I was like "Meh, this sucks." But something, something or the other happens and I end up listening to it again (for example, stumbling upon an MV review and deciding to listen to it again for reference purposes). Then I find myself listening to it again and again. Next thing I know, I'm downloading it and BOOM, hey playlist, please welcome your new friend!

"Mommae" was that kind of song.

It didn't last in my playlist for too long and is now floating around in a pool of 200+ songs, never to be stumbled upon again except for when I'm clearing out storage space.

GD X Taeyang - "Good Boy"

Let's just say it didn't take too long for that headache-inducing beat to turn into a terribly addicting one. Nor did it take too long for that terribly addicting beat to turn back into a headache-inducing one.

And just as a side note, ladies and gentlemen, you should know that you're never getting your R&B "Wedding Dress" Taeyang back ever again — GD's fucked him up on too many drugs to the point of no return. The sooner you accept that fact, the better off your life and your children will be.

SISTAR - "Touch Ma Badey" 

Ah good ol' "Touch Ma Badey." Such a shitty song. Luckily enough for my own sanity, this one didn't make my playlist. But that doesn't change the fact that I watched the video countless times, sang along to it countless times, and did the weird shaking-poop-off-your-butt-because-who-needs-toilet-paper dance also, countless times.

Don't judge me. You know you did it too. It's okay, we're all friends here.

CL - "The Baddest Female"

I have no excuse for this one. This was back when I had shitty taste in music (or rather, had worse taste than I do now). I guess I was just hopelessly following CL like most of the blackjacks these days do.

We all have our dark days, don't we?

Skrillex, Diplo, CL, GD - "Dirty Vibe"

Refer to Reason 2.


To be honest, the verses in the song were fucking awesome, and I'll even say the "AYYYY Let the bass drum go!" anthem-esque part in the end was pretty good. But the rest — meaning the chorus — was just awful. As time passed, though, I began to accept it, and as more time passed, I began to sing along to GD's "bi-ang, bi-ang, bi-ang" where he just sounds like he's on drugs. This song had a considerable long turn in my playlist, too.

SISTAR - "Shake It"

What I noticed about this song is that it starts off well. The verses are listenable but hardly memorable. Even Bora's rap was okay! But the chorus was just a bloated mess of bird shit mixed with goat semen and camel feaces. Basically, it starts off going in one direction, then it suddenly stops and goes the other direction, repeating the process. Then there's the annoyingly endless repetition of the words "shake it." I just wanna say you've made it very clear that "Shake it" is the title of the song. But yeesh, they really got carried away with this one. It's kind of like when you learn a new word and now you just keep saying it.

And here's the best part — I still have this song on my playlist until this very day, and I have no fucking idea why.

Now this song is going to be the most shocking and the one I'm most of ashamed of. Before I reveal what it's gonna be, I want you to take a wild guess, and tell me if you guessed right. If you already saw it then ... I have nothing to say to you.

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare your eyes.

Keep scrolling~

I'm still here!

And the song is-

Hey, by the way, did you know I liked pizza?

Alright, alright, no more stalling. Here goes nothing.

Girls' Generation - "I Got A Boy"

Yup. You read right. Now as I listen to this song, I feel nothing but regrets. I ask myself, "How did I ever come to like this piece of garbage ...?" I have no fucking idea. It only took some maturing of mind and soul to realize that this was indeed a very terrible song. 

In my defense, it had a few good parts, or more specifically, one good part that was from 0:53 to 2:04. But then, that Tiffany bitch had to go ahead and "put it down another way," and it all went downhill. For shame.


Oh well, that's the end of my list. There is actually one more atrocious song that I am in love with, but this one I'm not ashamed of. And I don't love it because it's a good song, but because it's fucking hilarious. And that song is:

ZE:A's "Mazeltov"! Honestly, this song is fucking awesome. And whoever wrote down those lyrics gets a medal and a gold star from me. Because meaning? Who needs that? Just write down the days of the week and call it day (no pun intended)! Just brilliant!

Okay, I guess that's enough. You can clean your ears out with Stellar's "Vibrato."


  1. wait, so these are songs you actually liked but now are ashamed of liking because you learned to think you're thinking for yourself by internalizing the opinions on AKFG, and... ahh, my head hurts.

    Also, IGAB really bumps, you should wear your love of it with pride.

  2. You should be proud of your taste rather than say it's atrocious. There's only one rule for music, which is if it sounds great to you then it's awesome, and if it doesn't then it's shitty.

    Oh, except "Cherry Blossom Ending". Fuck that song.

    1. Honestly, it's more like I'm not even sure if I like these songs or not. I know they sound terrible, but I can't stop listening to them.

    2. Earworm is the term you're looking for... It's not a bad thing, it means that you have a love hate relationship with the song, but that doesn't mean you should dislike it.

      I really like "Where Are U Now" by Jack U even though it features Justin Bieber... Music is Music to be honest, don't take it too seriously :)

    3. K-Thony Poptano with his two cents: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCuvTiXUI8U

    4. Oh come on, liking Baddest Female is incredibly embarrassing.

    5. Oh come on, liking Baddest Female is incredibly embarrassing.

  3. Ayo GG! That mess of a song could have been semi-decent which somehow makes it worse than something that is just terrible from the outset.

  4. I only even know two of these.

  5. SNSD's IGAB is awesome. There's no reason to say you dislike something just because others dislike it. I still think most of Big Bang's songs are disgusting lice infested pieces of shit.

  6. Don't worry I liked all of these too, except for "Shitty Vibe." God that song is terrible to me.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. "Me+U" by f(x). This song is cheesy as hell, and I'm pretty sure that other f(x) fans cannot stand it, so why am I so addicted to it?

  9. The IGAB demo was a lil more cohesive than the released version, and it was still a fucking steaming mess. original demo was little less choppy, despite the cringeworthy lyrics - IM ABOUT TO HAVE KITTENS MROW. still shit, but at least there's no tiffany rap (ing my ears).


    admittedly i had a slight guilty pleasure for igab for a while, but it's still a mess and i don't deny that it's a mess. i'm a sonefag but the IGAB era had to be the weirdest and worst in terms of styling, concept, and titular song.

  10. i listened to i got a boy a lot back in 2013, it was one of a few kpop songs i used to test out some audio gears

  11. baddest female is my fucking jam tho

  12. i also have a highly tuned ear for songs everyone else seemed to hate

    b2st - bad girl
    fx - chu
    exo - overdose

    1. Chu and Overdose are two of my favorite songs of all time, so you're not alone.

  13. You exactly summed up my feelings about Bang Bang Bang - the verses slay, as does the anthem bit, but the chorus is a major letdown on many levels…. heck even the choreo for that bit isn't great =.=

    1. True. This dance cover by Waveya (https://youtu.be/52hh8gsCTKo) is so freakin good but when the chorus kicks in its just like -____________-
      Still a great cover.



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