Saturday, August 22, 2015

Hayoung is hot as fuck

God damn!

A Pink had their concert today, and these pictures are from Hayoung's solo stage.

This article was basically an excuse to say "Yeah, I know SNSD and Big Bang released some gigantic pile of shits that I need to review, and I'll get to them, along with T-ara, Wonder Girls, and whoever else of importance that came back in July that I haven't covered yet." However, without any Hayoung pics, there would have been 74.396% less viewers to see that message, so I had to include her pictures. Anyway, the reviews will be scheduled and spread out. I'll have the important reviews done first (i.e., T-ara).

I have been feeling like utter shit this week, which is why I haven't written anything in about two weeks (the Jessica fanfic part two was written near the beginning of the month.) I do plan on trying to start the next part, but it's funnier to wait for more SNSD stuff to come out, because it makes Part 1 of the fic make me look more and more like a prophet. For example, I was just bullshitting that Jessica wanted some good songs and left because "Catch Me If You Can" was such a shit song. However, shortly after I posted part one, the original MV with Jessica came out and I thought that was hilarious. Now given all of the comments about how much SNSD's latest album sucks, and how fans are saying the songs are missing Jessica's touch, it's making my fictional pieces about Jessica look more like reality.

(Hopefully soon we see a video of Jessica squirting. I would like that part of the fanfics to be true.)


  1. I thought it was some male idol in drag at first sight and I'm sorry

  2. Holy fuck, she's dangerously close to Seobot level!


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