Sunday, August 16, 2015

HYSF Bias List

I had a draft of this article six months ago when Kpopalypse and Zaku both wrote their bias lists. I thought it was hilarious that both of them wrote their bias lists so close to each other, so my original plan was to quickly write a list just to mock those two. Then I got sidetracked (i.e., fapped a lot) when looking for pics, and the post sat on the backburner for a long time. Then I decided that I should make a little twist, a HYSF twice, for a bias list.

10. Park Gyuri (Kara)

Gyuri makes the list for reminding me of hot Latinas. Who in this world doesn't love a hot Latina? The main problem with Latinas is that a lot of them are extremely fat. I have no idea if the tacos and enchiladas are that bad for them, but most of the ones I have seen are really obese. There's nothing wrong with fat girls, as they are perfect for fucking during the winter because they throw off extra heat, but if I had a choice between a normal-sized Latina and a fat Latina, I'm going to choose the normal-sized Latina every time.

Sexual Fantasy: Gyuri and I would go around Korea collecting the tears of all of Kara’s haters in Korea. I’d use those tears as lubricant to finger fuck Gyuri so that she could squirt all over me. Then I’d sell the video in Japan and become a millionaire overnight.

9. Naeun (A Pink)

Naeun, in another universe, would be my favorite A Pink member. She has one of the best faces in K-pop and definitely one of the best asses. I would definitely lick her asshole.

Sexual Fantasy: Naeun would dress up in a school girl outfit to keep the innocent girl guise. She’d wear a really short skirt and thigh high socks. I would rip her panties off and fuck her hard in the ass. We would preferably do it at her university so that even more people would be riled up that she “took someone’s spot” and all she’s doing with it is taking it up the ass from me.

8. BoA

I became a fan of BoA during her latest comeback, as I really love the “Lick My Pussy” song, music video and album. I saw how hot she was and wanted to do her.

Sexual Fantasy: BoA is performing “Lick My Pussy” during a concert, and halfway through the song I rise onto stage and start licking her pussy, making her squirt in front of 100,000+ people. She would proceed to dance her choreographies while I’m fucking her in different positions.

7. Lizzy (After School)

How could anyone not like Lizzy unless they're a douchebag? She's a porn addict like the best of us. That's really why she made the list. I also like that she's attractive, but doesn't fit the general beauty standards in Korea.

Sexual Fantasy: Make a porno together and make Lizzy the first KAV idol. The video would contain water sports, pegging, S&M, anal, a one-man bukkake from me, among various other acts that would make Lizzy extremely popular.

6. Lee Hyoeun (Stellar)

Hyoeun reminds me a cute Korean girl I met during one of my tax classes.

Sexual Fantasy: We’d have a book of the U.S. Tax Code out and I’d fuck her so hard that she’d squirt all over the tax code, making it unreadable for anyone who picks up the book. Sadly, there are probably millions of these books in circulation and in electronic form, so she would have a lot of squirting to do.

5. Song Dahye (BESTie)

Dahye just had to make my list. Aside from sulli_fag, I have the biggest ass fetish on this site and Dahye has one of the best asses in Kpop. It doesn't hurt that she also has the best face in BESTie, a group where every member is hot.

Sexual Fantasy: One day I join a yoga class as tax season is far too stressful some days. I need a way to decompress. I find that Dahye is in my yoga, and seeing her in her yoga clothes gives me the hardest boner ever. We then proceed to have sex in many different yoga positions, and due to my inflexibility, I end up in the hospital for two months. Dahye serves as my personal nurse during that time.

4. Seo Yuna (AOA)

AOA is my third favorite girl group after A Pink and T-ara, and Yuna has the biggest tittays by far in the group.

Sexual Fantasy: I want Yuna to smother me with her tits and I want to tittyfuck her. I would coat her tits with my jizz, and when it hardens, she could have a new bra.

3. Park Jiyeon (T-ara)

All hail the Cyclops Overlord. When I was first shown T-ara MVs by AKF, Jiyeon was an instant favorite of mine. Her cycloptic eyes make her unique in Korea, plus her body is really banging. Add in the fact that she's a superhero and how could I not like her?

Sexual Fantasy: I want Jiyeon to do a legit camming session. When she climaxes and squirts all over the cam, then she would shoot laser beams out of her eyes. Those laser beams would hit my dick and give it the power to fuck Jiyeon up the ass for hours at a time.

2. Oh Hayoung (A Pink)

Hayoung really blossomed in the past couple of years and I'm so glad she turned 18. She kind of reminds me of one of those hot Arab/Persian chicks -- you know, the ones who are actually not covered head to toe on a daily basis. The plus side is that Hayoung doesn't have sand in her ass crack and vagina, so that makes her even hotter.

Sexual Fantasy: Since Hayoung faintly resembles an Arab chick, I want her to waterboard me with her squirting pussy.

1. Han Hye Jin

This should come as no surprise. I've already explained it before. Essentially, I think Han Hye Jin is the pinnacle of Asian beauty. I would let her do anything to me.

Sexual Fantasy: Taking it up the ass from me the day before she gives labor right in front of her husband.

*Disclaimer: Han Ye Seul wasn't put on this list because none of us are worthy of her. Not even Teddy. Dude must have a 4 inch dick, which is like 13 inches in comparison to other Koreans.*


  1. B-but, I wrote mine like a month and a half after his...

    1. I missed out on being mocked in this list, damn. Feel free to mock me in a future post to make up.

  2. are you saying koreans have -9 inch dicks?

    'cos that'd just be a deep hole, and i'm fairly sure that's called a vagina. i've read about them on the internet

  3. Hyoeun is one of a kind, her looks stand out.

    1. She kinda reminds me of a pig (face wise)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Cutest troll ever

  4. Why not anyone from Rania or rainbow?

  5. Why.
    Jiyeon has a nice body, but other than that, I'd put none of these even in my top 20.

    How can two people's taste in K-pops be so different?

    1. You should have just put that in the article

  6. >Gyuri and Yuna are on the list

    I like this guy.

  7. Wow for a second I thought CarolinaPanthersFan wrote this. Then I saw the pegging part.

  8. Great list. Dahye is ridiculously fine.

  9. Best bias list. Except #1 (whom I don't even know), I like all of them.

    1. Dude. Some of the hottest Korean celebs are actresses. You are missing a lot of hotness.

  10. Hayoung: Confirmed Arab

  11. Jiyeon was originally supposed to replace Cyclops in Marvel Vs Capcom 2 but it never happened.

  12. Jiyeon was originally supposed to replace Cyclops in Marvel Vs Capcom 2 but it never happened.


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