Friday, August 14, 2015

'Doctor Pepper' MV drops

I just happened to refresh Twitter at the right time to find out the most anticipated music video of the year had dropped. I am ashamed to say that I don't actually mind the song, though I am quite aware it is of no quality at all. But ya'll don't care about that do you? What we want is the music video, and the answer to the question "Does it live up to the oh-so-high expectations of western culture?"

Yes, of course, it does.

Sex appeal? Check.
Product placement? Check
More setting changes than there are cuts in a T-ara music video? Certainly
And it even has the added bonus of "trippy" dinosaurs.
Really though, all you'll need is a gif from 2:23-2:25.

Oh, and it also copies Orange Caramel's "My Copycat" with a game inside the video. Find all the Diplo faces:

The music video is worth a few re-watches to find all the hidden Diplo faces,
but if you don't want to fall that far, here are some of CL's highlights from it:

The music video isn't terrible. I was expecting worse, but it's decent. It does unfortunately feature everyone who works on the track, though, which is unnecessary when obviously this track is only CL and the only people who are going to watch it are there for her:

Don't worry guys: CL and the crew are already begging for forgiveness. It's ok.

/Please western industry don't judge us on CL's fans. We are trying to be serious. We also want to beg for forgiveness on behalf of any trouble these fans may or may not cause/

Anyway, watch the video. Have a laugh, enjoy it, and let me know how many Diplos (just the cutouts) you found.


  1. I was kinda hoping that CL's Dr. Pepper was not an actual thing. The release of this music video, however, confirms that it is indeed and actual thing and they were actually planning on going somewhere with it. To start off, what the fuck do these lyrics even mean?
    'Put it on ice bitch, Dr. Pepper
    Feeling so clean, it don't get no fresher
    Chillin' in the freezer when I'm under pressure
    I put it on ice bitch, Dr. Pepper'

    Video was okay, nothing special except for the self-booby squeeze. CL sure is proud of her tits is all I can say.

    1. Knowing there has been a lot of thought, heart and soul put into the creation of these lyrics I've spent a good amount of my non-valuable time decoding them.

      Put it on ice bitch, Dr. Pepper: To put it on ice = delay sexual intercourse. Thank the red velvet gods for urban dictionary.

      Feeling so clean, it don't get no fresher: This line reveals how they were able to hire so many female dancers for the video, the MV was obviously funded by an anti-drug campain as what this line is saying is that being clean is being hip while consecutively defending member Park Bom's drug allegations (which we all here know to be false).

      Chillin' in the freezer when I'm under pressure: she doesn't care about what people tell her to do or put her under pressure with, she will happily squeeze her boobs to keep her body temperature above 10°C. I could have included Fahreheit here, but I chose not to because I don't approve of those temperatures.

      I put it on ice bitch, Dr. Pepper: CL is revealing her dominatrix tendencies as she's letting us know that she's in charge of when you can fuck her or not.

      So basically this whole thing is about CL defending her lesbian partners' drug allegations while processing their complex sexual relationship in a very creative and unique way.

    2. No wonder that ugly dude looked scared of her in the BTS pics.

  2. Why does it look lime a LiVii music video? I like how at the very end the word "decent" flashes on the screen and I'm like "no, it really isn't". A good effort though, CL seems to be the only kpop idol who's debuted in the US who realises there's no demand for anything to do with kpop so she changes her image to suit

  3. I've always wanted to see a Kpop idol squeezing her boobs for some reason, but I didn't think it would happen. I usually imagine Seohyun doing it, but that's probably just wishful thinking.

  4. I seriously thought those cutout faces were some kind of Photoshop joke at first ... I wish I had been right.

  5. You could harvest material from the next 56 STFU segments from that comment section alone.

  6. I have never appreciated hip-hop due to the lyrics. Yes, I care for that.
    But at least CL has improved vocally and I'm being serious.

    The MV was humorous, feels amateurish as though it were filmed by some bored university kids while skipping classes, hence the t-shirts and shorts while rapping.

    IDGAF, nexxxt.

  7. No one should be hugely proud of this song, but OG Maco was the best in it. A significant improvement over his opus 'U Guessed It'

  8. Is doing sex to the floor a new trend in the USA?

  9. This isn't music, this is worthless trash.

  10. The synth beat is good I just wished Diplo put more into it. He was able to mak2 GD&TOP's stuff good, why not CL? I don't know why but I feel like Dr. Dre could've produced it better with it even though he's pretty much in the headphones buisiness now. Also I wish it was just all CL, screw the other guys I didn't enjoy either of them. CL looks good in the mv, but was knocked down by the two bozo's. I do wish the rapping was generally better but I think we have to take what we can get at this point.

  11. The good thing is she doesn't twerk. Te bad thing is she's chewing gum.

  12. Like all of CL's solos, the beat had potential, and then she comes in and somehow ruins it.
    I dunno if rabid kpop fans will be enough to overcome rabid hip hop/rap fans who refuse to let anyone who isnt black or raised by Dre into mainstream hip hop media.
    She should veer to a more Pop-rap route.

  13. Ugh! My eyes and brain need a decontamination shower.

  14. Terrible.

    Now when's Tiffany making her US debut.

  15. only liked CLs bit in the song, the rest ruined it. Beat was pretty chilled out. works well for the western crowd.


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