Thursday, August 20, 2015

Why Jessica Really Left SNSD, Part Two

Finally, part two of the fic is here. I was really busy over the summer, so I didn’t have the creative juices to continue writing a fic like this working the hours I was given.

Read part one here.

After EXO had finished their practice, Jessica walked through the door and greeted all of the members. The rest of the EXO members started salivating, because this was the first scent of pussy not from a zit-covered fangirl that they’d been able to smell in a week. The EXO members had spent the entire past week cooped in a cramped dance room, where they would practice their choreography upwards of 16 hours per day. Sweat perspired from their ball sacks constantly, enough ball sweat to end California’s current drought. Given that the members had very little time to shower throughout the day, the dance room reeked of ball sack and ass crack sweat. Even a sweaty vagina from Jessica would be more preferable than the ball sweat of 11 other dudes.

Kris took notice, and he was already rocking wood in his pants. Everyone in SM Entertainment knew that he wanted to fuck Jessica badly – it was even rumored that he would let Jessica peg him if it meant that he could finally have sex with a woman instead of gargling on several different flavors of kimchi dick.

“Hey Jessica,” said Kris. Jessica glanced at him and looked at the other members. Kris was a little distraught, as he wanted more attention from Jessica. Jessica knew that all too well, which is why she was paying the other members more attention.

“How are things going for you guys?” asked Jessica. The members looked back up with her, not even uttering a word. The massive amount of perspiration and dreary looks on the members’ face were adequately conveying how the members felt.

“I was wondering if you guys wanted to hang out later tonight,” uttered Jessica as she looked at each member. The other EXO members looked at each and nodded. Baekhyun stepped up from the crowd and cleared his throat, as if he was trying to remove Taeyeon’s pussy juices that were causing him to cough all day.

“I’ll have to politely decline,” started Baekhyun. He glanced over towards Kris and slightly nodded. “Taeyeon said she wanted to pee in my face tonight, so I have to go prepare a bunch of plastic bed sheets.” Baekhyun walked by Kris and put his hand on his shoulder before heading out the door.

Tao looked around while no one was saying anything. “The rest of us want to go watch this new gay porno from Japan that we almost were cast for.” The other members nodded their heads and followed Tao out of the door. Kris was the only one who didn’t follow Tao.

“Well, it looks like it’s the two of us,” stated Kris, beaming with a grin that was genuine, unlike the many fake grins he put on for Lee Soo Man while licking his asshole.

“Just what I wanted,” thought Jessica to herself. “Kris, meet me out in the pool in 10 minutes.”

Kris nodded and quickly ran back to his dorm room so he could shower and get his swimming trunks. While in the shower, he looked down at his dick, and it was harder than a final exam in Calculus 3. “Should I have a quick fap and get it out of my system now?” Kris asked out loud to himself.

He decided not to fap and and quickly got out of the shower and put on some boxers and swimming trunks. He was ecstatic to go out to the pool to meet Jessica.

Kris opened the door that lead out to the pool and saw Jessica in a red bikini. He saw Jessica turn around and saw the bottom of her bikini barely being able to contain her ass within. Jessica noticed and quickly stretched forward to grab her ankles. She was making it look like she was stretching her hamstrings, but her camel toe was clearly visible to Kris. Kris noticed and his dick was throbbing, ready to conquer Jessica’s wet pussy.

Kris walked over to Jessica and put his left hand on her tit, but Jessica brushed his hand off and kicked the back of his right ankle, causing him to trip backwards onto his ass. Jessica stepped on his dick with her left foot and then knelt down on top of him.

“Kris, I have a real reason that I wanted you to come out here,” said Jessica as she grabbed Kris by the collar.

“I knew my dream was too good to come true. My dream can make me come, but I can’t make it come true,” he sighed.

“Whatever,” stated Jessica. “I wanted to know how you like it in SM and in EXO.”

“Honestly, I don’t like it,” replied Kris. “I hardly get any lines, I don’t get any solo projects in Korea, and I don’t see my career advancing here. Plus I’m tired of being butt fucked by the other members.”

“That’s precisely your problem,” laughed Jessica. “I can get what I want while someone like you wallows in pity, hoping that holding out will solve the problem.”

“Well, what can I actually do?” asked Kris. “The system makes me powerless. Sure, I make a better living than most people, but I’m just a cog.”

“Assert your will,” explained Jessica. “Only when you are assertive you can get what you desire. What is it that you desire?”

“I want to go to China and have an acting career. I can’t get any acting gigs in career because my Korean speaking ability sucks more dick than I do,” lamented Kris.

“Well, you just have to quit being a member of EXO,” suggested Jessica.

“I can’t do that,” said Kris. “I would be betraying EXO and SM.”

“That’s your problem,” said Jessica while enlightening Kris. “You’re being an altruistic dildo. You’re putting the interests of a group of people who butt fuck you every night instead of worrying about your own God damn self.”

“But I feel like I would be betraying everyone,” replied Kris.

“Fuck the feelings of other people,” said Jessica. “Do what is best for yourself and don’t worry about the feelings of others. Those who are altruistic are weak because they lack conviction for themselves,” said Jessica as she started taking her top off.

Kris’s eyes widened as he was having a hard time continuing to listen to what Jessica was explaining.

“Obtain what you desire,” stated Jessica as she also took off her bottom. She pushed Kris to the ground and sat on his face.

“Lick it,” she said. Kris could only comply as he started licking Jessica’s pussy.

“Finally,” thought Kris. He had to lick many orifices in his day, but this was the first time he wasn’t licking another dude’s asshole.

“Kris, let me show you how it is that I can get people to comply with what I want. This method only works for me, so you’ll have to find your own method.”

Jessica stood up and inserted two fingers up into her pussy and started spinning them clockwise and then counterclockwise while going in and out. A minute later, a stream of pussy juice flowed out of Jessica’s pussy straight into Kris’ face. Kris reacted by opening his mouth and tasted Jessica’s sweet pussy juices.

“Normally, guys love to have girls squirt in their faces,” smirked Jessica as she bent down and grabbed two pairs of handcuffs that were beside a chair. Jessica shoved Kris into the chair and cuffed each hand to an arm of the chair. She put the folding chair back so that Kris was lying perpendicular to the ground. Jessica grabbed a towel and threw it over Kris’ face. She stood with her legs spread apart and mere inches from Kris’ face.

“You’re familiar with waterboarding, aren’t you?” asked Jessica as she grabbed a vibrator. “It’s the preferred method of torture in the United States, and I found out that I can effectively waterboard whoever the fuck I want,” said Jessica as she ramped up the vibrator to full speed.

Jessica was spraying pussy juices by the quart, and Kris was screaming each time. Like traditional waterboarding, Jessica’s pussy squirt waterboarding was physical torture and psychological torture. Kris was feeling the drowning sensation that people experience when they are waterboarding, but with Jessica’s waterboarding, they are missing out of having their faces splashed with pussy nectar. Kris couldn’t take anymore, as he was violently shaking so that he could get out of the chair.

“Peg me, give me a Cleveland steamer to the face, whatever, just let me taste your pussy juices!” Kris wailed.

“File a lawsuit against SM and withdraw from EXO, and you’ll have an endless supply of my pussy juices,” stated Jessica.


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