Friday, August 28, 2015

Girls' Generation's 'Lion Heart' Plot Hole Count

Let me start off with the good things about this song: It had a nice chorus, the girls were styled nicely, the outfits were pretty, choreo had some pretty good parts, no funky hair colors, even the colors in the music video weren't too overwhelming. Good stuff. Great stuff. But I can't help but notice how poorly thought out this plot was (just like almost every other plot-based Kpop music video out there). Did more than 5 seconds of thought go into this storyline? This plot has so many holes, it might as well be a prostitute. Go ahead and re-watch, and you'll see what I mean.

Just so you know, I'm not gonna point out that typo in the beginning because, honestly, who cares?

So basically, it's about this creepy guy wearing a lion mask who goes around making girls fall in love with him. He is eventually discovered to be a douchebag. The end. That's all fine and dandy until you actually look at the many obvious flaws in this story.


First off, I can just imagine Lizzy shaking her head at the background while watching this music video. Why, you ask? Because these girls are SO. FUCKING. EASY. Honestly, it's kind of ridiculous.

  • Creepy guy wearing lion mask saves a book from falling to the floor.
  • Creepy guy wearing lion mask helps pick up gifts when he was the reason they fell in the first place.
  • Creepy guy wearing lion mask randomly joins you in a picnic.
  • Creepy guy wearing lion mask randomly joins you in a train.
  • Creepy guy wearing lion mask randomly joins you while having tea .

The only one that made sense was Tiffany's case where her car broke down in the middle of the road and he fixed it. But the rest, what the fuck?


Looking at Taeyeon, I'm gonna assume she's at home peacefully having tea when this random guy shows up at her balcony. I don't know about you, but I'd fucking call the cops on this fucker! He just barged into her damn house, and she looks way too damn happy about it! 

Also, judging by the view outside the window, the balcony is not on ground level, which meant he probably had to climb up the air vent or some shit like that, which only solidifies the fact that this guy is indeed, a perverted creep.


So you're telling me this guy actually had the date stitched onto this handkerchief?

AND he exchanged her licence plate with a fake one with the date on it?!

From the looks of it, this guy has a lot of money to waste, so you'd think he'd be in a good financial position to have had some proper education. If he really was planning to go somewhere with this whole eight-way-cheating project that he suddenly decided on doing for no damn reason, he might have wanted to consider, I don't know, giving the girls different dates (as anyone with a sane mind would), perhaps?

So, yeah, this guy is either really dumb or really dumb.


Granted, date and time is very important information but it doesn't do much good when there's no location.


Wow, this guy just fucking ruined her painting! That's ... a dick move right there.


It said clearly that the meeting time was 8:05 p.m., yet it's way too damn bright outside for it to be 8:05 p.m.


It makes sense that the guy would hide his face since all eight girls were in the same room, but wasn't he the one who gave them all the same date and time in the first place? Let's just assume he's just really dumb and didn't think it through. So if he knew all the girls were there, why didn't he just GTFO? Why bother hiding behind a newspaper? Which kind of makes you wonder ... what WAS this guy trying to do in the first place? My best guess is that he's a dirty masochist who wanted to get beat up by eight attractive girls. Then again, why did he bother hiding? And this is SM — I don't think they'd endorse in promoting (subtle) BDSM symbolism in a Girls' Generation music video because that would only get them hate. I know SM's management is dumb, but they're not THAT dumb (right?). Let's face it: This whole script was written in haste and doesn't make the slightest bit of sense.

Oh well, why put in effort in a music video anyway? After all there's millions of SONES out there, and not to mention lots of people simply looking for a good fap (I'm looking at you). My opinion though — don't make a plot-based MV if you're just planning on half-assing it anyway (heck, I wouldn't even call that a quarter-ass). Tell me if I'm missing something because I don't really get what this music video is trying to say. Looking at the bright side though, Yoona almost, almost looks mildly interesting (still fades in the background compared to the other members, but I think we're getting somewhere). I don't know if it's the makeup or the hair, but it's working for her.

Bottom line, SM needs to learn a thing or two from Orange Caramel.

*Shakes head along with Lizzy*


  1. I laughed from start to finish. Most plot driven SM mv's make no damn sense.

    1. And yet they become the most popular, the amount of bias in this community is sickening.

  2. that's a lot of evidence

    i'm starting to think some of it was staged

  3. Clearly this is just a metaphor for I Got A Multiple Personality Disorder

  4. Plot Hole #8

    A scene where Hyoyeon straight-up murders him with body parts in several boxes, manages to make itself onto daytime Television.

    1. I was going to include that but I got too lazy.

  5. I think the most disturbing thing is just… well… WHY the guy in the lion mask? Why a lion mask? Trying to appeal to furries now sm?

    well… the girls looked good IMHO the styling was pretty on point, esp compared to the shitstorm that was IGAB, Taeyeon in particular has been looking amaaaazing this era.

  6. Yoona is clearly in the MRS zone here!


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