Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Shinsadong Tiger Samples Public Enemy in DIA's Teaser

The combination of netizen tears and little hype there was about this group is enough for anybody to want to check out what DIA will be all about. Yes it sounds like A Pink, and yes, they look like a more girly/hip-hop version of T-ara. But what caught my attention was the homage to PE @0:06, which, I have to say, is very befitting for what MBK is trying to do with them.

DIA is being marketed as T-ara's "little sister group." T-ara is practically Public Enemy #1 in the world of k-pop (according to netizens that is), so this is basically MBK shitting in their faces letting you know that DIA will follow in their big sisters' footsteps. If DIA gets booted out of their popularity by a bunch of angry netizens with fabricated "evidence," just know that I told you so first. 

The sample is awesome, but I wish they would have sampled more than just Flavor Flav going "Yeaahhhh Booooiiii!!!" Imagine if a k-pop girl group took on a sample of "Rebel Without a Pause""Welcome To the Terrordome""Raise the Roof" or "Louder Than a Bomb"? Now THAT would be one hell of a debut. 


  1. someone please stop this music style

    1. I semi-agree. A lot of cute groups had great songs this year but a lot were boring.

  2. I would like Run the Jewels to debut as a cutesy duo.

  3. Sounds like old school (like 2007 old school SNSD stuff.

  4. teaser makes it look like the group is seunghee + no-one-cares

    at least dani didn't make it in

  5. One of the members, Yebin, looks just like Jaehyo. Other people ask their plastic surgeons for the Sica or the Minah (someone in Sonamoo), or the Nana (Nahyun in Sonamoo & some girl in April), but Yebin asked for the Jaehyo.


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