Saturday, September 26, 2015

..And You Thought Kim Kwang Soo was Retarded

We've all ragged on the dumb decisions Kim Kwang Soo has made, such as putting Hwadog in T-ara when it was absolutely unnecessary or proposing Dani (a half-human, half-Giraffe) to be included in T-ara, but Kim Kwang Soo has never made a decision this retarded.

Taiwanese girl group Popu Lady is going to have a reality show to kick out a member. I thought all of this shit was just for one of the members to have a shot at solo activities, but no, they're actually going to kick a member out.

However, the girls are writing "5-1=0" on their Facebook pages, but they should know that kind of math doesn't work. Just ask Jessica of all people.

This seems like a media ploy to gain attention for Popu Lady, but I see no reason to kick out a member. Outside of Popu Lady, Dream Girls are the only other girl group really out there in Taiwan (S.H.E. members are too busy releasing solo music, plus their group music pales in comparison to each members' solo material).

I think this decision sucks ass because all five members in Popu Lady are fappable. There's no Hyoyeon, Amber, etc. of the group. Why reduce the fappability of a group by 20%? That is why this decision to kick out a member (most likely Bao Er since she's the least popular and this is a popularity contest) is retarded.


  1. Oh wow. This seems really retarded. Unless maybe one of them wanted to leave and they're trying to get some publicity out of it by "kicking" her out. And who knows, maybe the one they kick out will be added to t-ara, that's a win-win right there!

    1. How is it a win-win when T-ara does not need a new member?

    2. I don't know, ask Kim Kwang Soo.

  2. You know Bao Er was my girl from the start.

  3. This is a mindfuckingly bad idea.

  4. Replies
    1. "You're fired.

      P.S. It's because nobody likes you."

  5. Not just for fappability, I also think it's morally questionable.

  6. This sounds like a great working environment.


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