Saturday, September 12, 2015

Your Summer 2015 favourites

It's late, but it's finally here. The results of the Summer 2015 Hits. Your favourites. Who got the most votes? Who didn't get that many? Let's find out in a very long, not very wordy, post!

Let's start with the songs that weren't that popular, with votes ranging from 1-5.
"My Everything" by Bumkey
This was a nice slow song that isn't terrible.

"Simon Dominic" by Simon Dominic
Other than the "oh oh" added after her spells his name, I actually liked this song. It has a nice back track, and the rapping was good. It didn't particularly stand out with all the group releases, but this was one of the better rap tracks released this summer.

"Yes or No" by Nine Muses
A cute song. If you weren't the biggest fan of "Hurt Locker," this is probably better for you.

"My Last" by Jay Park
Jay Park and Co. have a holiday where they drool over a girl. It's a nice tune, but if you aren't the biggest fan of Jay Park singing for long periods of time, I suggest staying away. Otherwise, this was a decent song, nothing special, but it's nice.

"Shut Up" by Baechigi
This was one of my favourites of the summer as I previously stated, a nice chill song. I suggest just watching the music video for Solji from EXID if you aren't willing to listen to it. It's worth it to see Solji.

"Love Shake" by Minx
Minx's debut was perfect. This song, not so much. It's your average bland summer concept song. If you liked Dal Shabet's version and wanted a fresh spin on it though, it's here for you.

"Where You At" by JJCC
These boys continue to be crimes against fashion in their latest comeback. But the song is a solid "heep hap" track. JJCC added two new members this comeback, and they don't ruin the group. So if you were worried about that and stayed away from this song, give it a go.

"Honey Summer" by NS Yoon-G
A fan service video to distract you from a bland song.

"Dream Candy" by April
April is like Kara if Kara were all underage and had innocent cute songs. "Dream Candy" is a nice song, but if you didn't like A Pink's latest comeback, it's probably not for you.

"Won & Only" by Simon Dominic
Better than "Simon Dominic," a nice chill song

"Love Me Do" by Jang Jane
You already know my thoughts — a very nice, upbeat slow song. If you like Lim Kim, this is for you.

"Respect" by Loco
Your standard Loco song, a solid track

"Choco Chip Cookie" by Gu Hara
This isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be, but it definitely shouldn't have been her title track.

"We Like to Party" by Big Bang
If you ever wanted a Korean equivalent of "Teenage Dirtbag," this is it.

"Dark Panda" by Hyolyn, Zico and Paloalto
This exists.

"It's Okay" by BTOB
BTOB showcase their vocals.

"Allday Allnight" by Jakop, Raina, WuNo and DayDay
Nice visuals. Doesn't really go anywhere.

"Yey" by Beast
"Yey" reminds me of most of Big Bang's stuff. But better.

"Zutter" by Big Bang
This song showcases that Big Bang is just better as subgroups or soloists. I actually like "Zutter." It's worth a listen.

"Doing It" by Verbal Jint
Actually a decent song if you give it a shot

"Chewy" by D.Holic
A solid release from a group that no one knows

That first group had lots of songs, including a few I liked that didn't quite rank that well. Oh well. Let's move on to those that received 6-15 votes.

"Sweet Girl" by B1A4
Not a fan of all the try-hard songs boy groups release these days? Then give B1A4 a listen. If you liked the earlier C-Clown stuff, this group is as close as you'll get to hearing anything similar.

"Oasis" by Crush
If you can ignore Zico, this is a good song.

"Love Me Right" by Exo
It's like someone took a SHINee song and gave it to Exo. Am I the only one thinks this? Anyway, if you didn't like "Call Me Baby" but like the rest of the Exo discography, this makes up for it, kind of.

"Petal" by A Pink
Tired of A Pink's title track? Then here you go. "Petal" is "same same" but different, and better.

"You & Me" by Kisum
Kisum was the best thing to come from "Unpretty Rapstar." This song is nice to listen to when you want to relax.

"Mannequin" by Primary
Primary did a great job with the track. To my surprise, Beenzino's rap break didn't break the song. Solid song.

"Gotta Go To Work" by Beast
This is also something that exists.

"Party" by Girls Generation
Better than "Lion Heart"

"Cushion" by Sonamoo
Don't read the lyrics. If you liked "Deja Vu," this is just as solid.

"Attention" by Wanna.B
A very solid release from a great nugu group

"Beautiful Liar" by Vixx LR
Nice song. A bit too dramatic.

"Devil" by Super Junior
"Devil" is a jazzy little hit that's not as terrible as the last thing they released.

"Shake It" by Sistar
"Shake It" is your standard Sistar summer song: catchy but not fantastic.

"Pippi" by 2Eyes
It's like CLC's "Pepe," but not.

"Bang Bang Bang" by Big Bang
All I can say is electronic farts. And also, because it followed the pattern of "Bae Bae," splitting the song into pretty much five different sections to suit each member, it's actually alright. If you wanted to like "Bae Bae" but couldn't, this is your song.

"Remember" by A Pink
Another song that just ... exists

"My House" by 2PM
If you liked "ADTOY" but not "Crazy," you'll probably like this song. It takes a few listens to really get into though.

A few surprises were in that category, like Primary's "Mannequin." Really? And "Shake It" by Sistar. I know the song was pretty bad, but I must admit it was catchy. Apparently, there aren't that many 2PM fans who read this blog either. Moving on though, here are the top 17, as voted by you.

"Playback" by Playback - 17 votes
My top song of the summer

"Just Right" by Got7 - 17 votes
One of my favourites this summer

"Ring My Bell" by Girl's Day - 18 votes
A catchy, repetitive, solid track that's better than "Hello Bubble"

"Me Gusta Tu" by GFriend - 21 votes
Everyone seems to be in love with this song/group, so try to join the club.

"Bad" by Infinite - 23 votes
I really did love this song. If you're not a fan of Infinite's past discography, try giving this one a go. Infinite has tied as the highest ranking boy group on this list.

"Married to the Music" by SHINee - 23 votes
This is a great song from SHINee and tied with Infinite for highest ranking boy group song on this list, which was interesting.

"So Crazy" by T-ara - 25 votes
T-ara continues to be amazing with this release. If you listened to it but didn't like it, I heavily recommend the Chinese version; although it's mostly in Korean, it really sold the song for me.

"Lion Heart" by Girls Generation - 26 votes
I'm not a big fan of SNSD. I don't want to offend, so I'll just say it's a decent song if you like SNSD.

"Um Ah Oh Yeah" by Mamamoo - 29 votes
It's Mamamoo. Not the best track, but they still manage to make it pretty great.

"I Feel You" by Wonder Girls - 29 votes
If you like '80s-style songs, Wonder Girls has you covered.

"Roll Deep" by HyunA - 30 votes
If you're wondering what the difference is between the first uploaded version and the "original version," it's about five two-second shots that show more fan service. This was one of my top 7.

"Don't Be Shy" by Primary - 31 votes
This song also was featured in my list.

"You Think" by Girls Generation - 32 votes
Contrary to Oreo Monsters Weekly Showdown,  You Think placed higher this time than Lion Heart. Make up your minds guys.

"Hurt Locker" by Nine Muses - 34 votes
I really thought this would've placed at No. 1 with all the hype everyone gave it, saying it was the best song of the summer releases. It is a great song though and does deserve its place as No. 4.

"I'm Ill / I'm Art" by Hello Venus - 39 votes
This was a surprise. I personally didn't find this as great as "Wiggle wiggle" or "Sticky sticky," which was why, even though I am a massive Hello Venus fan, I didn't cover its release. But ya'll seem to love it. So I will point out what I liked about this song. Seoyoung wasn't forced to sound terrible; it's a miracle. And the visuals were on point.

"Heart Attack" by AOA - 47 votes
Everyone disliked this song when it came out. I think the brainwashing got to us all, because somehow AOA has placed at No. 2, above "Hurt Locker." Shocking. All I can say is if you haven't listened to this song yet, play it around 10 times and you will be singing "badda badda baddaesoyo"

"Vibrato" by Stellar - 55 votes
Stellar takes No. 1, as the favourite 2015 summer k-pop song.
"Vibrator is simply a great song. I don't know enough of the technical aspects of music to express why it is so good" - HanYeSeul Fag
I quote others because I wasn't that into this song. A large majority of the k-pop world seemed to enjoy this song (I mean those who weren't ranting over its sexualisation).

So there you have it: the favourite songs of k-pop summer 2015. How do your views match up compared to the masses? Do you like the lesser voted songs? Or the more popular ones? Or are you all over the place? Do the top songs really deserve their title?


  1. A very comprehensive list, credit to you for going through all of it.

  2. I will never understand the hype of "Roll Deep." The song is basic and Hyuna doesn't even look that great in it. The original version was just a waste of extra footage.

    Other than that, aside from some turds that were released I'd say this summer was solid for k-pop, and part of that reason is Primary.

  3. Shake it was touch my body 2.0 for me and nothing amazing, I think we all saw it coming. Party remains unmemorable too.

    On the other hand Ring my bell still manages to repeat itself in my head even one month later. Don't be shy was a reminder my music taste can be all over the place, and damn was it good

  4. HELLOVENUS, AOA, and Stellar making up the top 3.

    There really is a God after all.

    1. Of course, Jiyeon has always been with us. It might be hard to tell elsewhere, but that is because Our Lady Cyclops gives wisdom first to those who visit this blog.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Didn't really care for Playback when it first came out. Decided to give it a second chance after reading it was your top song of the summer. Now I love it, what the hell is wrong with me. Also these polls always confirm that this blog is where I should be.

  6. i really liked mamamoo got7 and you think. thanks for introducing me to some other songs i had no idea about. i liked kisums release and 9muses hurt locker was great!


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