Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Weekly Showdown: The Most Epic Solo Debut Ever

I can already tell this is gonna be the most epic showdown ever.

Yup, I'm putting Luhan's "That Good Good" against Z.Tao's "T.A.O" for the MOST. EPIC. SOLO. DEBUT. EVERRRRR. All you other solo wannabe bitches can get out the way. This is the real fucking shit! Can't you see how swaggerlicious Luhan looks in that red dollar-store training suit? GD, take note. And look at Tao's music video, with them tigers and shit that have nothing to do with anything. Goals right there. In fact, these solo debuts are so epic that I don't give a shit that it's not even Kpop.

Oh sorry, I was so lost in the epicness that I forgot to reveal the last showdown's results. As sort of expected, "Dumb Dumb" took the win with 58% of the votes on its side. It's worth noting that I liked 4 out of the 10 songs in Red Velvet's new album, "The Red," which is pretty damn good (for me, at least), since I hardly ever listen to non-title tracks.

Now, back to the awesome stuff! Drop a vote below for your favorite solo debut! 

Most Epic Solo Debut

Luhan's "That Good Good"
Tao's "T.A.O"
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I'm gonna have to go with "That Good Good." Even though it's repetitive, it's still pretty fucking catchy.


  1. Luhan's song is better, just about.

  2. i can't choose is like asking me to chose between being bald or having someone with a readio and these songs on repeat

  3. As expected, Luhan the Lovely is in the Lead.

  4. Tao because backing track is better and he doesn't sound like a Chinese Justin Bieber


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