Monday, September 7, 2015

The Crayon Pop Twins Identification Test

Avid k-pop fans are having the trouble telling the difference between Crayon Pop's twins, Choa and Way.  Kpopalypse is here to help!


There are already several helpful guides available online to assist Crayon Pop fans to tell the difference between these two girls, so a simple websearch should give you all that you need to tell Choa and Way apart under normal circumstances.  But what about those more unusual circumstances in life where the distinction may not be immediately obvious, but where it might still be important to be able to differentiate between the two girls?  Read on for a helpful list of questions and answers that I've prepared, which will help you and the people you love differentiate Choa and Way in those crucial important times of need!


Scenario 1: You're at school, talking among your friends.  One of your friends says that Crayon Pop is great, and you reply that you've never really been all that into them, and you're concerned about their iljin thug lifestyle influencing k-pop fans.  Later on that day, a posse of 100 girls is waiting for you at the front gate as you leave for the day and they kick your ass all the way home.  Who organised your ass-beating, Choa or Way?  Click the picture for the answer.


Scenario 2: You're a well-known western pop star, and a big Crayon Pop fan, so you've hired them to open for your big arena tour of the USA.  You stand at the side of the stage and watch their show, one of the twins seems more hyped than usual and carries the crowd in the palm of her hand.  Then you go backstage, and you realise why - all the lines of methamphetamine that your backstage handlers had prepared for you have already been snorted!  Which twin is responsible for the theft of your valuable hard drugs supply, Choa or Way?  Click the picture for the answer.


Scenario 3: You're an uncle fan pervert and you're at a Crayon Pop concert, watching the Crayon Pop twins'... twins.  In a frenzy of extreme sexual frustration and loneliness, you jump onto the stage and attempt to grope one of the girl's boobs.  Prepared for your advance, the girl in question expertly dodges the grope attempt while the group's security block you, escort you outside and beat the shit out of you.  Which twin was the target of your misguided creepy affections, Choa or Way?  Click the picture for the answer.

Scenario 4: You're at a scenic lookout on top of a high cliff face, watching the sunset.  There is also a big crowd of tourists here, and the Crayon Pop girls are here too, looking at the view.  You can see the twins are getting frustrated as they are shorter than most people here and it's hard for them to see over the shoulders of the taller tourists in front of them.  Suddenly, you hear a scream as a man falls over the guard rail to his death.  He was standing right in front of the twins, who begin whispering to each other and acting suspiciously.  Which twin is responsible, Choa or Way?  Click the picture for the answer.


Scenario 5: You're at home minding your own business when suddenly a horse's severed head flies through the window and lands on your bed.  Obviously Crayon Pop are responsible so you call the police, who arrive quickly and detain all five girls.  The Crayon Pop members cooperate with the police and allow themselves to be handcuffed, knowing that they can buy their way out of jail later.  The police then get out their clubs and start savagely beating one of the twins, even though she is not resisting arrest.  Is the victim of police brutality Choa or Way?  Click the picture for the answer.


Scenario 6: You're in the front row at a Crayon Pop guerilla concert at a shopping centre when suddenly you realise you need to do some Internet banking, so you pull out your phone and check your bank balance online using the shopping centre's free wi-fi.  The next day, you notice unauthorised withdrawals on your account, debited to "Way's Girls Redistribution Fund".  You know Crayon Pop are responsible, but who performed this cybercriminal activity, Choa or Way?  Click the picture for the answer.


Scenario 7: You're at home minding your own business when you hear a loud shout of "keu-ray-eon-pop!" and then your front door is kicked in.  The Crayon Pop twins have invaded your house, and you remember that you never did get around to making that Western Union money transfer to Way's Girls.  With nowhere to hide, you use your amazing ninja powers to cling to the ceiling in your hallway, hoping that the twins pass under you and don't look up and detect your presence.  One of the twins doesn't notice, but the other one sees you hanging down from the ceiling out of the corner of her eye.  "Jumping, jumping, I see" she says, staring up at you.  Who has spotted you, Choa or Way?  Click the picture for the answer.


Scenario 8: The Crayon Pop twins have invaded your house again, so they can attempt to recover your large accumulated debts to Way's Girls.  Now knowing that the threat is real, you've prepared for this raid in advance, and you are hiding in a basement part of your house underneath the lounge room floorboards, accessible only through a secret door hidden behind your bookcase.  After a long scan of the house, the Crayon Pop girls are about to leave, when you accidentally cough - you try to suppress it as best you can, but one of the twins shouts "Wait!  He's under the floorboards!"  Which of the twins has heard you - Choa or Way?  Click the picture for the answer.


Scenario 9: You're a man with an abnormally large penis and you're down at the toilet of your local strip club getting an anonymous blowjob through a hole in the cubicle wall.  The person giving you the blowjob in the next cubicle seems to be having trouble fitting their lips around your cock.  Eventually the person gives up and someone else starts, the fit of the new person's mouth is just right and you cum quickly.  After you clean yourself off, you exit the cubicle and you see Choa and Way, both wiping their mouths and talking about the large cock they just sucked.  Who did you cum inside of, Choa or Way?  Click the picture for the answer.


Scenario 10: You failed to meet your monthly protection payments to Way's Girls yet again and you are being tortured in the basement of the Chrome Entertainment building.  You are strapped into a chair and the masked girl in front of you asks you again where her payment is.  She produces a small saw blade and explains that it is a medical-grade saw especially designed for sawing into bone, and advises you that you will be given a practical demonstration of this shortly.  She waves the blade in front of your face, and you notice engraved on the blade are the words "with love, from Jessica - hope you find this as useful as I did - keu-ray-eon-pop!".  Who is torturing you, Choa or Way?  Cllick the picture for the answer.

Perhaps you got all the questions right, but if not - don't worry, at least this was a "dry run" and your life wasn't really in danger!  Hopefully this guide has been helpful and you can now differentiate between Choa and Way in all circumstances!  Feel free to bask in your newfound wisdom and enlightenment!



  1. Already had "Choa has a bit bigger boobs than Way" in the comment field, until I got to #3. hah
    On the other hand, Way is way lewder.

  2. They both look like they have Down Syndrome, so it's impossible for me to tell these two apart.

  3. It's fine. I accepted the fact that I will never be able to tell them apart. Like hikaru and kaoru from ouran high school host club. 😂

  4. How did you know all the 10 times I met the Crayon Pop twins?


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