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POSITIVE post - Siwon (Super Junior)

Kpopalypse is back one again, fighting against the forces of cynicism and negativity in k-pop with another POSITIVE post!  The subject of today's POSITIVE post is Super Junior's Siwon!


It's tough when you're a celebrity in a strictly conservative country and you have views and lifestyles that are not accepted by the majority of the population.  Nobody know this better than the Rock Hudson of k-pop, Super Junior's Choi Siwon.


Destined to a life in the closet due to the ignorance and mean-spiritedness of k-pop fans and Korean society at large which would make Super Junior unmarketable if he was openly gay, Super Junior's icon of gender fluidity has no choice but to keep his sexual preferences a secret.  Nevertheless, he does his best to teach acceptance and love of people all across the sexual spectrum within the strict limitations of his public image as an SM Entertainment superstar.  Let's take a moment to share and celebrate some of the ways Siwon is sticking up for the rights of the LGBT community!


The first and most obvious way is by openly promoting the gay lifestyle through Super Junior's concert appearances.  Siwon's copious skinship with other male k-pop stars is no secret and frequently on display for all.


Guys with dripping wet bodies is a noted homosexual fetish - rest assured this type of man-on-man action isn't just for the ladies (although the gender-inclusive Siwon won't mind if they appreciate it too, of course).  He might not be able to say it, but he can still spray it - or whisper it quietly in someone's ear.


Some may be surprised by Siwon's openly gay behaviour onstage, especially given his devout Christianity - but unlike some Christians, Siwon has actually read the Bible and fully understood its message.  Let's take a look at some relevant Bible quotes which I have no doubt Siwon is familiar with.



Some people think that Siwon is against same-sex marriage, and that's probably true: after all marriage means commitment to one sexual partner, and Siwon is nothing if not a traditionalist, so therefore marriage would limit his opportunity to play the field amongst other Super Junior members.  He wouldn't want monogamy to catch on so let's not blame a man for being a bit selfish and instead appreciate his commitment to sexual freedom.  Siwon doesn't judge others, here he is getting up close and personal with SHINee's Jonghyun, SM labelmate plus a fearless defender of gay rights.  Jonghyun wants nothing more than to play with Hitomi Tanaka's boobs but Siwon still has time for showing camaraderie with his SM brethern as well as helping his fans understand acceptance and tolerance.


(okay so that’s actually Zhoumi but if it’s close enough for a SHINee fansite it’s close enough for me)

To this end Siwon has done his best to raise awareness of the disgusting and illegal homophobia present in the case of Kim Davis, by retweeting (and tellingly, not favouriting) one of her supporter's misguided Twitter statements.


I understand Siwon perfectly here - I also like to retweet misguided statements on Twitter in order to call them under greater attention, scrutiny and criticism.


Of course, people inevitably misunderstood Siwon's intentions and got a bit sensitive about it, but rather than try to self-righteously explain himself and potentially cause further anguish, Siwon felt bad that he hurt people's feelings and so he apologised:


What a nice man, certainly a nicer man than me.  But Siwon isn't just about sticking up for gays, he's here to do what he can to broaden acceptance for all sexualities.  Here he is bravely donning a dress in order to show his support for transgender people and drag queens:


For those complaining "isn't this reverse discrimination, as a straight person why am I left out in the cold?  Does Siwon not love me?" - fear not, Siwon is looking after your interests also!  A shining beacon of gender tolerance, here's Siwon getting cozy with SNSD's Tiffany.  Siwon knows he's a role model for young people so he does his best to roleplay a straight person so young heterosexual k-pop fans don't feel alienated.  Note that Siwon's arm isn't actually touching Tiffany, he's carefully avoiding any physical contact with her - but he gets as close to her as his sexual disposition will allow.  You can practically see the sweat on his brow in this picture, he's clearly uncomfortable and this is hard work for him - but Siwon cares about his fans and he's a professional, so he tries his best to look as relaxed as he can.


Another similar picture.  Notice how he touches the cup, not her body.  Clearly Siwon is uncomfortable posing so close to an actual woman here, but he's thinking of the heterosexual fans first and about how they would feel alienated and disenfranchised if he didn't pander to their wishes to see him with an attractive woman every so often.


Check out the expression on his face below where he actually has to touch a woman.  Siwon is clearly holding back some serious angst here, he looks like a balloon about to burst with the energy of "fuck this shit get me outta here".  The poor guy, I bet as soon as this shoot was over he had a long hot shower and several deep breaths.


Stunningly awkward photos of Siwon cosplaying as a heterosexual posing with women are all over the Internet, it's hard not to feel for him in what surely must be confronting moments for him.  In the following photo he's clearly a little closer to the young lady's face than he is comfortable with, it's only her iron grip on his scarf that's keeping him there.


Is there a more virtuous and self-sacrificing man in k-pop than Super Junior's Siwon?  Let's all share and spread this rainbow picture of Siwon across social networks in order to show our support for his consistently kind and caring nature, and his endless work to bring about pan-sexual tolerance and acceptance!


That's it for another Kpopalypse POSITIVE post!  More positivity will be returning to Kpopalypse blog soon!


  1. Siwon is a fucking douchebag homophobe with no shame whatsoever

    But he's hot so I guess thats k :)

    1. You're just a hater, Siwon is a blessing for kpop fandom!

    2. fangirl logic 101

      even if I do think he's attractive I don't approve of his homophobia smh but kcelebrities are just regular people beneath the glimmering idol life, not shocking that they have vices. Quite hypocritical that he'd be saying this given how ghaaaaay suju can be, but whatever.

  2. funny thing i notice most of time SJ members look uncomfortable when he tried skinship with them but they do it without a care with other members. like that pic where he was holding Eunhyuk. next second he was rejected awfuly. I also came across another pic where Sungmin almost karate him for touching his chest. Poor guy... (but really i don't mind skinship among guys and don't find it gay but his attemps make me cringe)
    also don't forget he would be accused pervet if he tries to be like how he is with his group members with those females :)

    1. What about with other member? The one is often Siwon did the skinship with? For surely he didn't reject Won's act even felt comfortable. There is 1 time when SM music concert Won huged this member wich dressed as a cross gender, passionately and intimately. U can see Won didn't feel akward at all.

  3. Siwon is Gay or not, not important for me. Even a straight guy can be not good as a gay man. Just don't judge a book by its cover. One that i don't like is Siwon always says something from bible or act like a very religius mn. Please stop Won, don't be like that. It would be very funny and ridiculious if u real r a gay. Just be ur self, no matter what happend i still love u and Suju and happy for u. Fighting!

  4. He's definitely in the closet!

  5. so ridiculus, maybe he is or not, that isnt our issue, but those girls examples, are because in Corea man-woman dont do skinship, he should show good manners, not touching any girl, comme on thats the way corean culture is.


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