Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Conspiracy on Conspiracy (in) K-Pop 4: Illuminati are everywhere! Part 3

Freemasons don't sleep, and they are stronger than ever. With the latest k-pop releases, they are trying even harder to gather minions and brainwash innocent teens to fight for NWO!

Let’s see which k-pop releases you should avoid if you don’t want to become a gay, satan-worshiping, Illuminati slave!

I chose four recent MVs and examined them. Here is what I found:

1. Beat Win - 'Stalker'

I must be masochist ... this song is sooo bad that even the biggest flops from SNSD can't compare, and that's the proof that Illuminati are as strong as ever! Really, it's bad, meaning bad.

Eye of Horus! It's like they couldn't be any more obvious about their connection to Illuminati!

Again! One eye!

Eye of Horus, Eye of Horus everywhere ... or maybe it's just advertisement for Vasco's club, "Secret Society"? Either way, they have clear connections to "bad stuff."

And to top this whole Illuminati symbolism, we have here a black and white theme! Not only are their clothes are black and white but also their hair! I'm pretty sure their hair are means to control them because no one in their right mind would be OK with being in this song :3

2. April - 'Dream Candy (꿈사탕)'

"Baby Kara" finally debuted ... but ... but this is bad. Not only is KARA (and the rest of DSP Media) almost as full of Freemasonry as SM Entertainment, but this song is bad (meaning boring) and made to induce a hypnotic trance that will turn you into a pedophile.

At the beginning, we can see the girls going on some kind of trip/adventure. Looks innocent, right? No! That's a hint about the Illuminati's "journey" to New World Order. The girls are going on a trip to burn and destroy our world, just to find promised land of NWO.

Here we can see darts pinned to a map of Switzerland. That looks harmless, right? You couldn't be more wrong! Let me explain this so you can understand. Illuminati want to create NWO, and to do this, they need wealth and slaves. The easiest way? Steal gold. Where's a lot of gold? In Swiss banks. They're hinting their planned attack on Swiss banks to take over their gold. You thought this stock market crash had nothing to do with Freemasonry? Think again.

A unicorn sticker under her left eye: Not only does she accentuates one eye (Eye of Horus) but she does so by using a unicorn sticker and unicorns have close connections with Illuminati.

You see this and think "Oh, how cute! Girls are playing and pretending to be unicorns. What can be wrong about this?" What? Everything! Not only, as I said earlier, are unicorns connected to Illuminati, but it can also be seen as "antenna" to control people and turn them into mindless slaves.

Well, I said a lot about unicorns, so you should know they're bad. Bu there's more. In legends, unicorns could be tamed only by virgins (young girls = pedophilia), but I bet you didn't know what those unicorns would do to those poor girls ... unicorn taming was something horrible.

3. Jakop (야콥), Raina (레이나) , ₩ UNO (우노), DAYDAY (데이 데이) - 'Allday Allnight (볼래)'

Time to check the "Illuminati score" of a recent release of Kpopalypse's favorite with some random dudes (Zico hyung, a Hyunseung knock-off and some random "rapper"). The song itself isn't that bad. But the MV is an abomination! It's full of images that will turn even the pope into a sexaholic.

From the beginning, we are attacked by vulgar pornography. It's no different than porn movies. What scares me the most is that this kind of action (promotion through pornography) is getting more and more common.

Not only is he surrounded by girls (premarital sex together with polygamy), but he's also wearing a pullover with a fractal pattern, and that's a typical Illuminati symbol.

Again, pornography and allusions to it. How do you control men to turn them into Illuminati slaves? Use sex marathons to brainwash them! That's what this "all day" sentence implies.

Here. we see more pornography and a spiral pattern to amplify brainwashing.

Again, not only pornography but also a reference to Aztecs (by the Aztec-inspired pattern on her "blouse"). And we all know that Aztecs are evil satan-worshiping pagans.

Raina is clearly insulting the Virgin Mary and the whole Catholic Church (Protestants are satan worshipers). That shows us that not only Zaku but also Kpopalypse are Illuminati agents! BEWARE.

4. 2Eyes - 'Pippi'

I never really cared about 2Eyes, because they were too "low profile" to cause any harm to the minds of young people. But now that they're back, I can see how wrong I was (even though they're still low-key).

The plot in this MV is quite simple. At the beginning, we have girls shown as typical Illuminati members. They try to brainwash and seduce an innocent man into joining the Illuminati. But he's smart and chooses a healthy, innocent-looking Catholic girl instead. The girls then go and disguise themselves. After their transformation, the poor man is brainwashed/seduced, then bullied and has no other choice but to become an Illuminati slave.

Let the MV serve as a warning for every young and innocent man reading this!

Here we have black and white themed clothes. That clearly shows that those bad girls are Illuminati agents.

Coincidence? I don't think so.

Every k-pop song and MV is more or less connected to the Illuminati. Beware and stay away from k-pop!


  1. The first song is fairly blatant, the other songs not so much.

    And if they like porn so much, they should hurry up and legalize it in Korea already.

    1. well, technically speaking it's legal in Korea but because of strict/puritan law, they're light years behind Japan

  2. If one eye is illuminati, then 2eyes is double illuminati.

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