Friday, February 5, 2016

Fancam Appreciation #20 - Twice's Momo

Okay, I'm surprised I waited this long to post a Momo fancam here. Did you see Momo's ass? You certainly did.

Are there fancams that you want to nominate? Email them to or tweet them to @antikpopfangirl.


  1. She's really pretty, very attractive and has some sharp dancing skills. It's a joy to watch her perform.

    Uh, I always hear "let me see, how you're gonna drill me" instead of "treat me".

    1. I definitely have Momo as my bias. Japanese, outstanding pre release material and current looks reminded of a sexier version of Ayase Eli.

      Its proof that every Japanese Girl who can sing or dance worth a shit has gone to Korea for fame since the only option in Jaoan is to be a dancing robot or indie band performer

    2. "the only option in Japan is to be a dancing robot or indie band performer"

      E-Girls, though?

  2. Blonde hair does her no justice tho. She'd look really good with dark red or dark brown hair


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